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  1. I have been around weed my entire life and people that use it. People do not smoke weed and say "lets go steal something or rob somebody". weed is not a drug you need to get an extra job just to use it or need to steal something to buy it. Its cheap its everywhere and has always been everywhere. Some of you act like things are different now that its legal but the only thing that has changed is you can buy it from a store if you like. The sad part is alcohol is 10 times worse.
  2. for real!!! nobody is using their stripe bass money to buy weed. How about minding your own business and not worrying about stupid things like what guys do with the money they make from fishing. Don't blame the guys commercial fishing blame the ones that allow commercial to happen.You hate it so much do something besides hot air.
  3. i thought squid draggers mid depth scoop up the squid??
  4. and what about commercial size? still 35 inches?
  5. They can survive out of the water for several hours breathing through their skin but they seem to be smart enough to be in the water always.
  6. Yes but only if they open up seal hunting again.
  7. Good luck in duxbury,i keep trying because its in my back yard but the amount of cormorants is astounding and i watch them every year devouring them all up.
  8. already seeing pogies and whales in plymouth,might be a repeat in the same area as last.
  9. best winta eva!!! Got my december,january,and february stripe bass without even being cold.
  10. caught my February bass pretty easy this year.
  11. I am not doing heirloom tomatoes this year!! too much of a pain in the butt for me. I will be sticking with early girl and big boy and that is it,easy peasy.
  12. I know i am a much better fisherwoman when i don't use marijuana. Getting up at 3 am is also much easier. I do enjoy growing it for my friend that has glaucoma and my friend that suffers bad PDSD from serving in the gulf war. I think its a terrible idea for a young person and will kill their ambition and make them lazy. The good, the bad and the ugly, no I'm not stoned.
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