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  1. yes king salmon.
  2. Tonight’s dinner.
  3. now you can't even say a town without someone crying?
  4. thursday 55 then sat 95, but the next 10 days is all strong wind so i better get use to it.
  5. This wind blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was doing better in the strong ne winds then this sw stuff
  7. I was casting with the wind at my back almost emptying my entire spool.
  8. 15 mph south is not gone.much better direction though.
  9. Summer for some,I bet 80 means 65 for us south shore and cape folks.
  10. I just finished a month of antibiotics,my stomach sure needs a brake.
  11. I picked a new one and one month later now she is leaving?
  12. The addition of rain and colder temps has me watching movies all day by a pellet stove.please stop wind.
  13. I caught a huge one on a charter when the mate tried to gaff the fish he gaff the line instead,snapolla.
  14. More proof of don't let the wind stop you. I was very pleasantly surprise how good today was with nasty winds for four days,cold water temps,and dirty water.
  15. I received a facebook memory from last year on this day and it said "too windy and cold for flounder today" and "its been so windy this week". So how quickly i forgot that this year is just like last year.