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  1. I'm so happy its closed until september!!charters,lobstering,and tuna fishing is to much for me(maybe not for some)3-4 hours of sleep does not work with me well.
  2. I would like to add a few things to this discussion. I have seen on many occasions this year very poor fish handling of such a great fish.Not being bled,sitting on a deck of a boat in 90 degrees baking for hours before truck arrives,no blanket,no ice.These people know better,they are just lazy. these poorly taken care of fish people are much of the problem. Tuna are being farmed now,perfect sized,perfect fat content,perfect everything.there is no need for our fish. This total BS show wicked tuna has ruined things as well.Everyone now wants to become "rich" and a "star".
  3. I did land it,tuna fishing has been easy,too bad the money is not good right now.
  4. I was fighting a tuna when the tornado alert came on the radio.The sea was angry and the wind and rain was fierce.At least everything was washed off nice with fresh water.
  5. Last year we got a opilio crab(an alaskan species) in one of our traps.He was picked up by the state and lives in a display aquarium in Gloucester.They have no idea how we caught one here.
  6. thank you!!
  7. found some of those 20-24 inch size blues down the cape yesterday,perfect tuna baits.
  8. been watching schools of bunker for two weeks almost everywhere i have been,south plymouth to marshfield,all around the cape,p town and very little action as far as bass or blues on them.I have seen minke whales on several occasions feeding/splashing less then 100 feet from plymouth shores.I would think if there was a bunch of predators the bunker would be pushed into the shore or pushed away instead of hanging around flipping in big schools for weeks now.
  9. its nice to see so many pogies this year,tuna love them.
  10. has a 24 inch fish spawned yet?
  11. How many commercial guys are getting the limit each day they are allowed??I bet they are not getting a quarter of it.
  12. rock crab stuffing over flounder baked,yummy