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  1. the lunch sounds great minus the beer,unless someone wants to stick a pen in my throat so i can breath,i'm allergic to hopps.
  2. so far it was colder at the end of lobstering season (december) then it has been the rest of the winter,figures!
  3. can't wait to start this madness again,i am no longer a rookie.
  4. If i'm doing haddock charters the weekend before i can grab some haddock for anyone that loves it?
  5. I'm in sorry for late response as i have been in a netflix binge watching,donut eating coma.trying to gain some of the fat i once had before lobstering/tuna fishing.
  6. I think the cormorants eat them all or most.
  7. lobstering has been too good for us to stop and try to get a tuna.
  8. The fight was around 45 minutes.I had some tuna that fought way better,then again they were 700-1000 lbs.
  9. Lobstering has been very hard.My body feels like i got hit by a truck.Can we have one calm day??
  10. It is sad when the price is generally so low.The Fish deserves more.A truly awesome smart beast.Luckily this year i scored a few big dollar fish.
  11. and commercial is opened back up for two days.
  12. thanks Mam.
  13. 585lbs.
  14. yes,come and get it.