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  1. are you talking about after the plant is done flowering and you pick the plant?If yes you are doing everything horribly wrong.
  2. Lets try it and see.That is all fishing related topics only.
  3. i'm calling bs on the photo,who would be that stupid during a virus for a crappy shirt??
  4. they look nice to you have a fan on the plants?
  5. how is this non fishing politics??Charter boats docked,beaches closed,commercial fisherman anchored up due to everything closed that takes their product,etc..
  6. i have bad luck with clones myself.I am way better with seeds.
  7. or ride a bike,park near the beach and take a ride.
  8. i bleach my tent between every grow.I may have had mites once or twice but very small amount.My grows are on the colder side with many fans.I know mites like it warm and hate the wind
  9. I use elevation organics peak harvest products.I made many seeds which are so big i can sex the seed easy.I grow inside only, in a tent,never had a pest.
  10. Doing some super cropping experimenting,this plant split by itself.i have been pushing leaves out of the way letting lower branches get the light and this will produce more flower sites.
  11. i don't think it could be much worse.We are all hiding in our homes,wearing masks to enter a store that has been classified as essential.Many people are out of work.Many people have died.Many businesses have gone under.people will loose their homes.Many people are waiting in lines for food.Nobody is really living right now,just surviving.