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  1. This is how i do it on the charter boat. fish are immediately cut in the throat,placed into a fish tote filled with salt water,after they are done bleeding out they are filet then rinsed in salt water,placed in zip lock bags and put into a cooler on ice.
  2. they make for a fun wet pet
  3. yes,i tried lots of edibles and never got any reaction.
  4. Last year we caught a half dozen of good sized ones,some had fantastic blue colors.They love a rocky bottom.Last time i ate one was in the 70's and i remember they were yummy.
  5. For big pollock you will need to travel far and fish deep.I'm looking forward to filleting 96 haddock a day,NOT!!
  6. everybody has different reactions to edibles as well.Back when i would use MJ my friend got some lemon poppyseed cakes.My friends ate one slice and were all giggly and stoned.I ate an entire loaf,5x's more then what they ate and i never felt a thing.
  7. caught a bunch of ocean pout last year in lobster pots,what i hate are those prickly redish eel looking fish.
  8. no,it is not a real number.
  9. here is another myth..Smoking weed will make you fat,Its bull crap.When i quit smoking weed i gained 25 lbs.
  10. if you read it,it must of happened.
  11. A MJ dealer that laces the product does not last long as a dealer or even live long after doing such a thing.
  12. is MJ even a thing with the youth??E cigs,opioids,salvia,might even be something else??
  13. i'm pretty sure the draggers will eliminate the fish before the ocean becomes to acidic.
  14. its right up there with smoking weed will make you jump off the top of a building.
  15. adding fentanyl to make the weed stronger.