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  1. sorry i missed the trip.I own two vehicles just in case something happens to one i have a back up.Well i had two cars both with transmission problems on same day.The second car died on my way to the dock.When i went to call i realized cell phone was in other car.Cell phone was never found?I had a nice walk but missed you guys.
  2. yes,i do the same thing.
  3. I am getting the hang of it. This is 1 plant and fills the tent. This is also my own strain i made by crossing several berry variety's as well as a few other like "Missouri Big bud". I still have at least 3 weeks to flower.
  4. i need a crap load
  5. if you look close you can see a few hogs on the wall.
  6. This year i am going from a few potted plants outside my bedroom window to a 1 acre garden at my girlfriends place in Wareham.I have planted over 1000 plants from seeds.Some are doing great and others are well i may have to buy a few plants already started. I am looking for a great source of killer dirt/manure in the wareham area???, as i will need at least a few trucks full of good stuff. i have a few led shop lights set up and plants anywhere that a plant eating old cat can't get to.
  7. its was bath time,don't judge.
  8. and here is a perfect plant taking up a 4x4 tent
  9. I harvested everything except one small branch with tiny buds on it.I put the plant into veg stage and then into flower,it took a normal amount of time,10 weeks.
  10. it did sprout three more branches,4 branches in total.
  11. my experiment of harvesting a plant and leaving one small branch on the bottom to re grow worked pretty well.The plant was tiny but looks nice.
  12. a few weeks before harvest.
  13. My best weighed on a certified scale,19.9 and 18.5. These were caught about 8 years ago.
  14. they should be using mason jars ,especially for the money they charge.