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  1. I have heard of people doing that but not me. But I do cure mine in a toaster oven after coating. I think I do 350 * for 20 minutes
  2. Depends on size of lead. Small jigs only take a couple seconds but when you dip you’ll know if it was enough or too much. I use an alcohol burner and they may be slower than a propane torch. I don’t use a fluid bed and have good luck stirring or fluffing the powder every couple jigs. Too much heat it will boil or cook. Not enough and it won’t coat. It’s a steep curve. Haven’t heard of a primer for them. Some colors need an undercoat of white to look right though. just my 2 cents.
  3. Weight hangin out the arse!!! hahahaha
  4. These are so fun but I had to quit joining because I have so many plugs that I haven’t got to swim. I take them every trip but have a lot of plugs I fish of my own. I throw a couple swap plugs in the bag every time out. Still fun to watch the swaps. Keep it going gentlemen.
  5. Excellent. Very sharp. Floaters by chance? Looks like it would be close.
  6. That’s the way to go for sure. And you can just nose hook them.
  7. I’ll be around there. I’ll find you. Do some swapping.
  8. I’ve not used dev 30 but have tried a lot of others. Good work on the trials. My question is are you just using the part A to mix the different brands? Or are you mixing part A from one brand with part B from another? very interesting. Thanks for sharing
  9. Wow what a break you have taken. those skinny pencils are looking good. That’s a good looking run.
  10. I mix by weight in one container. Small batches tend to be easier to mess up. I just mix way more than I need. I’ve never used a complete set of bottles. Always end up throwing out or use the old on sealing. Pour off into a shallow tin to keep it from heating up.
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