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  1. Nice. Let us know how they do.
  2. Nice, very nice. You guys have been busy.
  3. Ouch! That’s gonna take a while to kick out of my brain.
  4. Once you have them sealed you can wire them and test the weights at that point. Make changes til satisfied then go for the paint and finish.
  5. Lots of beautiful work guys.
  6. Good stuff.
  7. Good stuff
  8. Nice.
  9. I have not fished the ones I have. What part of the water column are you planning on fishing with them? I’m not sure what they are meant to do.
  10. What a neato winter project Phil. Can’t wait to see them reworked. and you certainly do find some really good old threads on here for us to read. Good job
  11. Forgot to include quote
  12. Good shape. Face slant. It’s not messed up yet. I like. Leave yourself room to clip onto the line tie. I don’t like the hassle of having to use a split ring to “clip on”
  13. Very nice
  14. When I started I was obsessed with paint patterns and finish. Not so much anymore. Fishing mine and other builders creations is by far my favorite part now. Learning some plug mechanics is fun but watching someone fish one as it was meant to be is a blast.