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  1. Good looking stuff.
  2. It’s possible. We’ll see.
  3. There was someone on here using the easy chrome a while back. This has come up every so often. I haven’t tried easy chrome. I have went down this rabbit hole more than once. Not much luck. The problem for me has been the clear coating. They all turn dull grey.
  4. Nice. Hooks on 3rd one are different.
  5. I like how the shapes of the poppers differ. Good looking plug. Everyone sees it slightly different.
  6. Third for braid. Topdress with a color you want or paint it.
  7. Very sad news for sure. thanks for sharing the pics.
  8. My granddaughter painted and signed some plugs. She sure was proud of me. Told me good job.
  9. I’m on the board on home front. They were late this year. Long bomb baby pencil is in the groove today.
  10. I’m throwing one of those in the bag this week. Size is right on.
  11. Good looking stuff. I like single trebles on the smaller ones.
  12. F-14’s at 5 o’clock?
  13. They are working good. Had to put more weight in the one made from NWC. My AYC is working better for me. I also got some of the big Colorado blades and they work too it’s just a different action. I like the flaps better. Gonna try some small ones next. I want to try the charktail blades (look like a V) on them too for the hell of it. I think they are lighter.
  14. LB Those are 7”.
  15. Good looking stuff guys. I got a few done but still tweaking. Did anyone find any larger tails? All I found were the same size but Moore’s had 2 thicknesses.