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  1. Bit of a change from last weekend in Mexico, but gorgeous ....
  2. We did all guided, but given how much action we had up at the top of the Bay (towards Tulum) I've got to believe if you had a kayak up there and a way to get into the Bay you could definitely find bones and schoolie tarpon DIY My only fear would be getting lost - every freaking flat and mangrove island looked the same to me!
  3. Yep - did that a few days ago!
  4. Great blank - just used the one I built up down in Ascension Bay, Mexico and it's smooth AF and casts well even in non-stop wind!
  5. Guide was Louis - he was amazing!
  6. Just carried 3 rods, 4 reels and a box of bonefish & permit flies onto a JetBlue flight to Mexico with no issue. I've actually never had an issue, maybe I've been lucky?
  7. Just got back from 4 days of fishing Ascension Bay, Mexico. Of course I'm getting slammed being back at work, and I'm beat, but I had an amazing time. Too tired to write a lot, but will share some pics and I think you'll get why I'm still smiling! Special thanks to HL - the CTS blank I grabbed from him did yeoman's duty on the shark!
  8. Used to do this for years in late May /early June. That time of year more sight fishing (in general) up in the harbor than Madaket, as the water is warmer earlier in the harbor. The spots are pretty obvious - points on the North side plus weed beds everywhere else. Had some amazing days up in there .....
  9. This ^^^^^^^^
  10. I don't begrudge people fishing bait, when I was younger I used bunker for blues, blues for blue sharks, etc. So a shark for a bigger shark seems like the same thing, as long as the shark in question is not protected somehow. My question for you guys who know this guy and this type of fishing is will a fish like that hammerhead actually survive? I know that not every striper I catch and release survives, it's just math. I don't like it but I do the best I can, keeping them in the water, etc., and I believe (hope?) a huge percentage survive. What are the odds that hammerhead survived? That is a spectacular animal, and it would be a huge waste (in my personal opinion) to kill that thing, particularly if the intent was not to kill it (assuming that was the intent).
  11. I have not fished out there so don't know for sure, but I would imagine so - they tend to be pretty ubiquitous in my experience
  12. If you pick your spots you can catch pickerel from shore in the Charles out in the western suburbs. Finding pickerel in ponds should not be an issue - they seem to be everywhere around where I live (western suburbs of Boston).
  13. Fished a 6 a bunch of times on Nantucket for schoolies in Madaket Harbor on calm days - lots of fun ... And August for snappers I love fishing a glass 5 weight.
  14. Not at home so can't take a picture but I've done a combo in the past - duck breast feather (I literally have bags of the stuff from my duck hunting friends) with a cheap old school flat sticker eye glued on. Not quite what you're asking but a really inexpensive way to get a cool look.
  15. I'm afraid to count ... I was fine until I got into spey and then rod building and then fiberglass .... If you don't count the ones I've built I have 3: - Fenwick FF806 glass (my dad's) - Beulah 2 Hand Opal 10 weight - Reddington 13' 8 weight spey If you count what I've built .....