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  1. Great skiff, great fish!!!
  2. Played hooky with my mini me today, tried to get him his 1st striper on the fly. No luck in that quest, but he cast well in the wind and he got some schoolies on the spinning rod so all good!
  3. Had some fun in the sun yesterday morning - nothing big but the sand flats and crystal clear water helped me froget that I was supposed to be in Mexico last week fishing! IMG_7159.mov
  4. Congrats shoot2drill!!!! It's all gloriously downhill into madness for you from here!
  5. Gorgeous fish!
  6. Gorgeous fish!
  7. That is awesome - thanks for sharing!!!!
  8. Ha! Had just gone to the basement and pulled a barely used Lamson Velocity Hard Alox #3 to take pics and offer to you! Hope you find what you're looking for! Cheers
  9. I'm on the heavier side when it comes to trout fishing because I just love throwing big streamers, probably because most of my early fly fishing was in the brine. I have two 7 weights I use for 95% of my streamer fishing for trout, with sink tips. Agree with what others have said, when you're stripping a 4" plus articulated streamer with lead eyes, rabbit fur and rubber legs, there's not a lot of point worrying about tippet size - I rarely go below 10 pound test for this type of fishing .....
  10. Working on mine (courtesy of HL) - a "6" that'll probably throw an 8 with ease ;-)
  11. Gorgeous Steelhead! My quarry yesterday was much smaller, but more importantly to me my 16 year old got his first (and 2nd, 3rd & 4th!) trout on the fly! So cool for both of us!
  12. I've caught most of mine on dark (black or olive) wooly buggers, which just proves that I fish a lot of dark wooly buggers ... they're not picky, just want a speedy retrieve!
  13. I suspect The Fisherman may chime in in terms of floating line and getting flies deep. He is very skilled and one can't argue with his results. Being less skilled I'll confess that in the 20+ years I've been fly fishing for Stripers (from RI to Southern Maine) I've used intermediate lines 99% of the time. Of course I fish wading 99% of the time, so that has an impact. When on a boat and dredging deep holes or fast rips I will go full sink if needed.
  14. Nice ties Graveyard!
  15. What many have said - Dale Clemens' "Fiberglass Rod Making" was the book I started with. Lots of advice from people on forums like this. YouTube. Trial and Error. Best thing I did was start by rebuilding old fiberglass rods I bought super cheap on eBay. Never sweated the mistakes and learned a lot through good ol' trial and error.