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  1. I'm afraid to count ... I was fine until I got into spey and then rod building and then fiberglass .... If you don't count the ones I've built I have 3: - Fenwick FF806 glass (my dad's) - Beulah 2 Hand Opal 10 weight - Reddington 13' 8 weight spey If you count what I've built .....
  2. Just discovered this a few weeks ago and it's been a game changer for me putting eyes on flies made with EP Fibers!
  3. Back to the OP, I'd go ahead and get a stiff 10 that can reasonably cast a 400 or 450 grain sinking head. That's how I used to fish the rips of Nantucket - similar water & scenarios. All comments above about casting up current, feeding line in, boat positioning etc. are key!
  4. Fooled by yesterday's warm temps, which I enjoyed not one bit as I worked all day indoors, I got out today. Blowing like the dickens, making the 40 degree temps feel a lot colder, especially with wet hands! But after 4 hours of flogging the water I finally got my first fish of 2019 - an auspicious start! Release video here: IMG_4991.mov
  5. Thinking of you BFD - sending good energy for a speedy recovery!
  6. You should ping HL - he often has some CTS blanks/rods around
  7. Google maps - there are a bunch of estuaries that empty into Boston Harbor that can be quite productive in the Spring .....
  8. Sending you lots of positive energy Dick!
  9. For stripers, blues, snook etc. I just use Berkley Trilene Big Game Clear 20 pound test. Can get 650 yards for like $9. Then add wire or heavier tippet for blues, snook, etc. Freshwater is a whole different question ....
  10. The one time I went Tarpon fishing in FL was around Everglade City. Had the great fortune of hooking a 70 pounder and touching the leader. Insane. And I was throwing a 1/0 grizzly/brown fly no more than 2.5" long.
  11. I've gone the opposite way of BFD on the 8 vs. 9 choice, interestingly, which of course means you should definitely follow his advice, not mine based on his skill set and success ratio! But ... I fished 8 weight for stripers almost all the time for 15 years, and Dick is right about their ability to land big fish - my PB striper was a 42" that I landed on an 8 weight, no problem. Bonefishing in the Bahamas I fished an 8 weight 99% of the time. About 10 years ago I found myself using the 9 more because of easier casting (for me) in the wind. And then about 5 years back I started throwing bigger flies for stripers and used a 10 most of the time, except when in really windy conditions, at which point I'd pull out the one-piece 11 weight I built, which I love with really big (10" & up flies). You asked for one rod - reading this thread I'd concur with those who said get 2, a 8 and a 10. Then you will need a 7 of course, and a 9. Probably an 11. Then you'll need back up rods in each weight. Then you'll see how fun it is to catch small stripers and bones when it's not blowing on 8 weight glass rods. :-) $$$$$$
  12. Just booked a Mexico trip for May, time for some Tarpon flies :-)
  13. Hi all I'm going to be building a backup 10 weight for a trip to Mexico in May. If anyone has any 9 foot 10 weight blanks in four piece configurations let me know! Thanks!
  14. Someone should jump on this - I had this rod years ago and loved it. Only sold it because I got addicted to building my own rods. Ridiculous deal @ $210 shipped!
  15. Nice pics Uncle Stu!