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  1. I love the rods I've built on CTS blanks - hard to beat given the not too insane cost. I also have a bunch of rods I've built over the years on Batson blanks I bought pretty cheaply on eBay and I've always found them to be really solid at a much lower price point than CTS. In a perfect world I'd only build on CTS, but those Batson rods I built 5+ years ago have really been great casting and fishing tools. And I don't sweat them getting a little beat up when I'm shore fishing in the fall among the boulders. Utmost Enterprises is a good source for Batson blanks at decent prices. (I have no connection to them, I hope I'm allowed to say that in a post?)
  2. That is awesome, nicely done!
  3. I've always used poppers, or really crappy flies that I tied that I did not like the looks of!
  4. Now that is an excellent take!
  5. Great pics!
  6. Smallest fish of the year, and probably the prettiest! Love brookies, made the early AM drive to VT worth it!
  7. I thought about buying a 12 before my first Tarpon trip years ago and talked myself out of it, figured I'd use what the guide had and then re-think afterwards. Guide had me throwing a 10/11 weight and I landed my first Tarpon with it - around 70 pounds per the guide. Felt like I had plenty of power. Based on that I did not buy a 12. Last May I landed a four foot shark on a 10 weight and about a 40 pound Tarpon on my 9. Both were fine, but both were in shallow water - no lifting required. If I were fishing big fish in deep water I'd think about a 12, but that's just not whatI end up doing (yet!).
  8. Love the sparseness of that bottom fly!
  9. Well I hope he is hearing what an impact he made on all of us! Peace to you BFD, and to your family and other loved ones
  10. I only met BFD in person maybe three times, all wading Morris Island. So generous on this site and no doubt in person. All I can say is for whomever is in touch with him and his family, please let them know how much he meant to this community.
  11. Thanks - did the hire a boat and pray thing, worst comes to worst my 15 year old gets some fish spinning and as long as that happens I'm cool. We'll find out Friday. In the meantime there are some rock outcroppings a short walk up the beach from where we're staying, so I figure I'll find something!
  12. Thanks - actually had found them, a bit far from where we'll be, but thanks! Found a local guy who is taking my boy and me out Friday, they've ben catching schoolie yellowfin tuna - hoping we get a shot at them!
  13. Excellent - thanks!
  14. I'll take either an 11 intermediate or a 12 intermediate Thanks!
  15. I'll take the XRL WF8 I id still available Let me know - thanks (also sent via PM)