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  1. Come across this article. In case you haven't seen it elsewhere.
  2. Hi all, I currently has a 2002 Nissan pathfinder. I think it has done its duty as family hauler and I want to turn it into a fish-mobile and buy another car(sedan). I probably do beach driving less than 10 times a year. Is there a way to buy short term insurance? Based on what I read from this topic from 12 years ago - looks like I can only cancel the insurance; turn in the plate; and do it over again each year by registering/insuring and then cancelling it. I read somewhere minimum length is 6 months. Has anything changed since? I am in New York also; by the way. Thanks in advance.
  3. Any update folks? I called permit office yesterday - hearing a recording saying new this year - needing NYS "Recreational Marine Fishing Registry". Has anyone gotten theirs and can confirm what's newly requirement?
  4. I bought this cargo carrier over the Christmas hoildays. My idea is to dump all fishing gear on it so that no fishing gear stay inside the SUV(which will make wife happy). Cooler, buckets etc could be tied down but I am not so sure about fishing poles. I got couple 2-pieces - still measuring 5-6 ft accross. The carrier is pretty wide at 60 x 24 inch. I read on the forum on a different thread - mounting fishing poles verticle might not be a good idea, especially when you have to go on highways. That's why I post here - to ask for ideas. Comments?
  5. Just an update- I ended going to the junk yard by Shea stadium and get a shop that do auto glass to fix it. $20. Hope it will hold up this winter. Cheers, Ken
  6. Hi all, Last couple of winters had take a beating on my 13 years old SUV. The platics strip on top of th windshield has been sticking out. I took a picture in the attachment - hope it will come out in posting. I just wondering if this is something I can fix it myself? I presume it just need some cleaning and then glue it back? Any idea what kind of glue can be used? Thanks in advance. Ken.
  7. Hi all, My old 2002 Pathfinder have serve me well on beach driving. However, it's showing its age and need to be replaced. With a new infant baby in my family, I definitely will have reduce my fishing days - probably only a handful a year. I can't justify keep an 4x4 just for fishing or buy another 4x4. Because 99.99% of the time, I use it for commuting to/from work. So I am looking at an used AWD - something like a RAV4 or CRV or Subaru etc The only place that are within reach for me to fish is Robert Mosses or Gilgo beach in Long Island- so my question is - have you or seen people driving these kind of AWD on those place? I did read the forum - note that some precaution should be taken; but I just want to find out specifically driving AWD vehicle to Robert Mosses/Gilgo. Thanks in advance. Best, Ken
  8. Hi, Just happened again to me this year, I will out of NY but be back in May; just missed the deadline for 4x4 permit. I searched the forums - and found an old post saying to the effect that there aren't any choice. But I posted here anyway, asking to see if there is anyway to apply for the permit by mail? by third party? I still have valid NYS vehicle registration and driver's license. Is it possible, say, to ask someone(such as a friend) to get the permit on my behalf? Not sure why one can't get a license during summer between May and Labor day. It happened to me once already couple years ago when I was working oversea during first half of the year and ending up not able to fish off beach for the whole summer. Thanks in advance. Ken
  9. How's the mosquito situation in Montauk at the moment? I'd love to try fish in the area too 'cuz I just got the 4x4 beach permit for the first year. I'll bring my wife along and definitely dont want the bugs spoil the experience for her. Are there any area that has less mosquito?