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    I believe in the goodness of people.
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    The fishing caused calluses---another crushed dream.
  1. Thanks very much. I hope that you and yours are well. Perspectives can change literally overnight. Life just happens...even if it's a gut punch sometimes. But it's the most precious thing we have. And lots of reasons to be happy.
  2. LowEnd, I totally get what you are living through. It can be a surreal experience . The major factor that helps people in our position: Do whatever we can do to bully the disease back. Sounds a bit out there, yet it's true. I am ruthless about doing anything that I possibly can to make my body inhospitable to leukemia. You would not believe the pains that I take to fight the disease right where it lives. Little by little, step by step, I have been pushing back. That doesn't mean that we can't take the time to be joyous, or to find calmness in our lives, but in order to defeat a chronic disease dramatically helps to attempt to optimize health spiritually, medically and holistically. It's not easy, but it's doable. Hang in there LE.
  3. Way 2 go my friend ! I just tried to like your comment....hope that came out as intended ..I am a little rusty.LOL Keep plugging and moving. I have a few type 2 diabetic people who I work with. Sounds to me that you are very physically active and that really can help. Hope that you have the whole diet thing going on, too. But most of all great to see you have such a positive outlook . And you are still catching and in the game big time.
  4. It's been a lifetime or so ago since I posted here! First and foremost, I hope that all of the anglers who I used to talk with here regularly are all doing well and are still slinging. Can't describe the insanity and personal growth I have experienced over the last five years-- I am living and living well with a type of leukemia called Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.(CLL) Oddly enough, the type of tests that the doctors do to determine whether you have this freaking stupid disease, all have fishing components to them. The test that determines the diagnosis is called the FLOW test( reminds me of the tide and fishing my favorite jetty) and the test that prognosticates how well you will do with your chromosome changes is called ( get this???) a FISH test!! So I guess this damn disease had my name on it from the very beginning. The disease itself has changed me probably for the better. I still fish and do my favorite walk in the rocks during the season, I fish 2-3x a week--but instead of fishing through a tide like I used to do, I do about 3 hours and then I walk back. Not because I couldn't fish longer, but because now i have to conserve my energy to help me keep the chronic leukemia in check. If I don't do that.....well my energy level is basically screwed for about 5 days.. Still I am 67 years young and I'll take being able to cast for 3 hours as being just fine, leukemia or no leukemia. Now it just means a lot to just be out there and stalking stripers. "Catching" is just the cherry on top of the ice-cream. I have had no medical treatment yet for my leukemia ( although I certainly would indulge in medical treatment, if my CLL medical specialist deemed it necessary) and it's been 5 years since diagnosis. As nuts as this will sound---I have for the last five years been practicing a type of anti-inflammatory dietary regimen that is plant based and also calls for eating specific types of ocean going whitefish and shell fish. ( again the fish connection). I have gone back to school to learn how to be a practicing macrobiotic nutritional health counselor. For whatever the reasons, all through what has been both a blessing and an ordeal, my general health has been excellent. Since CLL is a white blood cell disease that often causes extreme fatigue, unrelenting infections, scary changes to other blood cells, lessening of immunity and finds patients having an enormously high white blood cell count often into the hundreds of thousands, I have been very fortunate to have never gone above a 28,000 white blood cell value! I hang out at about 17,000 on average. So I am still reasonably fit, very active and walk or jog 2 miles daily. I feel pretty damn good, all things considered I was absolutely meant to have this disease. It was fate. Fifteen years before I was even diagnosed, a very close fishing buddy of mine was diagnosed with the same disease. So I knew pretty much what to expect. And I don't believe in just coincidences. My close friend and fishing mentor, Alex ,passed away from this disease just about a year ago. So like i previously mentioned ,"this condition had my name on it for sure" . I believe events in our lives happen for a reason. I now run a private FB page with 4,000 members that is devoted to discussing both medical and holistic ways to lessen the impact of CLL. So for now, that's where I am supposed to be. I am not looking ever for pity. I'll always take empathy though. Because I have been very fortunate in many ways. However, I was curious if anyone else here was fishing with leukemia or any other potentially life altering chronic or acute health condition? Particularly if anyone here has CLL ( the most common adult leukemia in the world) please never hesitate to PM me. I would always be available to encourage and advise you. And there would never be any fees attached to help offered. So in closing, I hope everyone had a good season. I managed a few in the 20lb category using bucktails from the sand. I probably had about 200 stripers this past season. I got great pleasure watching them swim away. To be truthful,I just felt blessed to have the strength to cast. Hang in there everyone. Life is precious and good!
  5. Some of the veterans here have been pounding stripers behind the South Hampton movie theatre, at the Slauson Cut. But if we tell you where that is located.....someone might try to cut off our Slausons.
  6. Some of the cheaper Penn spinners basically didn't last six weeks of casual fishing for me. Even the $150 category billed as being sealed,two months and all she wrote. The cheaper Diawa reels also exploded after very light usage. My favorite reel 15 years ago was a $70 TICA. When you had a twenty pound fish on, you'd see the side plates literally flex,as if they were breathing. It was then a 50% proposition if the reel would spin after said fish was released. I bought a hurricane 2 ounce swimming plug that CAUGHT like crazy,but the hooks literally were pathetic.
  7. I am not sure if this will be helpful,however, I want to say that I suffer from a presently incurable blood disease called CLL. A form of chronic leukemia. I have heard from a few sources that an anti-inflammatory diet has helped to dramatically alleviate many of the symptoms of Lyme disease for some patients. Before anyone says,"how the hell can the food that you put in your body really affect your health?",thus far i am living proof. I radically changed my diet a year and a half ago . I went from eating meat,poultry, sugar, white flour, crappy processed foods to an ANTI-Inflamatory diet that basically shunned that stuff. I was told that I had been walking around for 4 years with leukemia and that I had a moderately poor prognosis. There are 75 factors in my disease that determine one's survival. The bottom line, after a year and half on a strict MACROBIOTIC diet,I still remain medically untreated,although I see two of the top Oncologists/hematologists in the USA,one major CLL specialist, BOTH are thrilled with how I have slowed down disease progression,through my dietary practices. The macrobiotic diet for me has been a life saver and enhancer. And the biggest complaint that people with my disease have,is that they are so fatigued that they can't function. I manage to work full time and fish three x a week for 4 hour intervals. I dropped 45 pounds and feel reasonably well. My point here is not to brag about how well I am doing,but to offer anyone who might need dietary advice the notion that through eating certain nutritious foods and avoiding others,you may be able to slow down disease progression dramatically and genuinely strengthen your immune system to the point where LYME becomes just an annoyance.It's worked brilliantly for me and i would gladly point you in the right direction and at least set you up with macrobiotic counselor,if this does not sound too far fetched. I don't mean to pontificate and I am not a doctor. But now that I have been aggressively battling a potentially life threatening disease for year and a half, I truly "GET" what it is like to feel that you are between rock and a hard place when it comes to utilizing certain medically available treatments that may offer other side effects that you just don't want to add to your healing equation. BEEN THERE...done that! Yes, see the best doctors and if push comes to shove take whatever medical remedies that you have to take to survive. But don't ignore other things like diet,nutrition,avoidance of harmful things and the use of complementary healing methods that may pick up where strictly modern medicine leaves off. You might even heal quicker,because you have made your body stronger. If anyone needs any help...I offer my time for FREE. Just PM me and I'll at least tell you of a few great books to read on Macrobiotics and if after you read them,you feel comfortable,I'll guide you towards meeting the right people. It's not for everyone. It's a very strict regimen,if done right. It has failed some and contributed seemingly miraculous results for others. But it's worth knowing about,if you can fathom the notion that medical and holistic intervention often complement each other.
  8. I don't know if his makes sense,but I fish twenty different spots and have been logging them for 30 years. The trick for me has always been to figure out which wind statistically brings in the bait and what kind of bait reacts to the particular wind and the current created. I basically only fish along the eastern L.I. coast. In some spots along the ocean an easterly wind brings the bunker within casting range. In other spots located just five miles west,the only wind that brings bait close to shore is southwest wind. In my bays spots which are located near inlets,without a northwest wind the small bait never is followed by marauding bass. I hate to say this but I haven't truly found any particular wind direction to produce fish at every spot ,all the time. Each spot has its own unique fishy factors,structure and feeding attractants for different bait. But after 30 years of logging the winds that produce for me, a stiff south west wind that is mostly in my face,has been the most productive in the majority of the spots.
  9. The same knuckleheads will keep trying and they'll be thwarted once again. The appeal was expected and the town and the trustees have a strong initial ruling this time to back their case. Even so,it's just round two! Hope we clobber them again.
  10. Mike Not to worry,the guys that patrol the beaches are ex maul cops or college kids on summer vacation. Most would probably shoot themselves in the foot. The marine patrol would be like calling in the beach special forces. They might on a lucky day be able to hit the broad side of a barn.
  11. I checked with our local legislators and they feel that the color coding mandate goes against their jurisdiction,limits their home rule rights and is way too expensive to implement. Instead they have ordered local police monitoring the beach to shoot surfers on sight. Said Larry Cantwell, East Hampton Town supervisor and a long term advocate of the Dongan patent, " We already have the bullets,the determination and two guys driving up and down the beach to police 150,000 beach goers,why reinvent the wheel,if we don't have to?"
  12. Jim,in the first picture(under the flags post above) where you are that kind of like Babe Ruth pointing to right field when he hit his home run for "Little Billy???" In other words, you have become a Zen open ocean fisher with the skill to know exactly where the fish will hit. Looks like you are enjoying life! LOL
  13. if the truth really matters,I bet that any of us who drives on the beach would agree that we really don't see a lot of trucks on the 30 beaches where we travel. I certainly don't on the fishing beaches,even during the day time. Maybe when the fall run occurs and there are ACRES of fish, we'll see, tops, a hundred trucks chasing fish...but by that time most tourists have left and beach walking traffic in October is pretty light. I'd be surprised if there were even 5,000 people having/USING a current ACTIVE beach driving permit for E.H. The key factor is the amount that beach drivers actually USE their trucks on the beach. The frequency of usage ,to be clear. Frankly ,i'd be surprised if even 3,000 people use the pass for driving more than once a week on the beach,if at all. Remember the 35,000 unqualified permits date back to the year 2001.....who knows how many of those trucks are off somewhere rotting in a junkyard? Cops can spot the phony EH permits on trucks with out of town this is not about enforcement...unless the new passes are going to be color coded for easier spotting?
  14. Heres the funny thing,there are allegedly 35,000 beach driving permits still out there and no one supposedly has a clue which are current. That's not including a few hundred, at best ,"out of town" beach driving passes issued annually. But what's odd is that there are ( at last reported count to me ..and it changes radically monthly) over 122,000 annual BEACH LOT/street parking passes out there and no one has a clue which ones are ALSO current. There certainly is a larger demand for BEACH LOT parking than Beach why aren't the powers that be jumping on the not knowing about how many PARKING LOT permits are still active? The concern by those following the issue is what suddenly inspired the town counsel to investigate the actual amount of beach driving permits? The judge ruled on the Truck beach case that beach driving was not out of control and that the amount of trucks on the beach did not pose any problem, whatsoever! No bull...READ THE VERDICT. So why the sudden concern about how many actual truck driving permits were issued and about how many are still current? The cops can still see the magic marker changed con jobs and issue tickets,without having to know about the total of CURRENT permitted beach driving trucks. And why aren't they just as concerned about how many bogus BEACH LOT permits are out there? The answer is that this new motivation to figure out the exact amount of current legal beach driving permits are is politically motivated. It may be a prelude to capping the amount of trucks allowed on the beach. They may also be considering charging a fee to further discourage or limit beach driving. IT NEVER's the HAMPTONS. LOL THEN might just be much fuss about nothing. But generally this kind of stuff is done to provoke some kind of stuff. It's not usually done for book keeping or preemptive legal reasons.
  15. i have to respond to this. We are a nation of limited resources and we should take care of people who come here lawfully. Undocumented illegal and we simply don't have the cash to waste on people who come here and from the "get go" ignore our laws. Without enforced areas of entry, we are nothing more then a bed of illegality. My parents were immigrants,but they were legal immigrants and they paid their way by working hard and assimilating and by being lawful. Thats not to say that we can't be a compassionate nation and do what we can to identify nations that are abusing their people and then try to help them out by possibly suggesting ways that they can better themselves. We can try to diplomatically do what we can do to help people who are being abused by dictators,etc. But just opening up our borders and burying our heads in the sand is absolutely STUPID. Personally,I'd prefer to simply not allow anyone to come here illegally. I have mixed thoughts about what to do with the people who they can identify that are already here,illegally. I'd rather see the really bad people who have committed crimes here get shipped out! Perhaps implement very harsh laws for those who are allowed to remain. By harsh I mean make them pay a strict annual tax ,once they are discovered to be here illegally. They can stay,but they have to dedicate hours of working on special infrastructure projects or something like that. They should not get off ,without some reparations. And NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS...period. BUT we already have millions of people here illegally and for sure that can't be allowed to continue EVERY YEAR,if we wish to not go bankrupt.