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  1. Jimmy Sorry I've been out 'testing tackle' in the Bahamas... Just responded to your PM. The three reels are doing very well, to the chagrin of detractors. Here are a couple of videos made by the USCA guys. Enjoy Ray
  2. Hi John I did not read your comments before till they were pointed out to me and I feel I do need to add. It is obvious that you know a lot about reels, their components and their repair. However, you may not completely understand the world of contract manufacturing, production and design sharing that happens in just about all industries and the fishing tackle industry is not immune to it. That is when a manufacturer (Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, Quantum and Okuma (insert your favorite Brand if I missed it) actually contracts out their manufacturing to one of many production facilities in China, Taiwan, etc, etc. Many of these companies also outsource their product development as well. It is not uncommon for a (name your brand) reel to be manufactured next to (name your second brand reel) in a facility that also manufactures its own brand.. the world of outsourcing is not visible to the loyal Shimano or Penn customer. Regards Ray
  3. Thank you Jaspercane and Roddy. Great conversation. I just want to add, as a frequent visitor of China, that the view that most people in the US have of China is somewhat skewed. Fact is that many US companies have a very strong presence in the Chinese market and that is immediately apparent when one travel from the Beijing airport to the city. The modern highway is lined with modern buildings housing US companies and the billboards all promote US products to the growing Chinese middle class. The Chinese population idolize anything American, from cars (Buick is the brand), to sneaker (Nike), TV programs and movies, and everything in between. Same goes in any city one travel to. Now if you go to Shanghai, you will learn that it is the center of capitalism. Puts NYC to shame and every major bank, store, brand, institution is represented there. Communist China is not that communist as the average person in the US thinks. I cannot tell you that I have seen factories paying 80 cents a day to underage workers because I have not and I have visited many factories in different areas of the country. The factories I have visited have problems keeping workers not because of pay, but because the workers come from the countryside, stay at company houses, eat from company kitchens, wear company supplied uniforms and save money. After 2-3 years, they head back to the countryside to enjoy the money they save. That is the norm. The average Chinese worker or for that matter company owner (general manager) does not care about politics, theirs or the US. They just want to make a living, grow a family and enjoy what their hard work bring. Just like we do. As I said, the Ming Yang reels are made by a family owned operation. There are no children working in the factory. It is rather modern and comfortable facility and they thrive to make a good product they can sell to us at a good price. I am not at liberty to reveal the brands they produce for, but you would be very surprised how diversified their manufacturing is. Have a great rest of the weekend and celebrate Mother's Day. Ray
  4. I don't think we are whitewashing any Google search (we know better: Google has infinite knowledge). Fact is that for every negative comment you find, you will also find many positive comments. As I previously pointed out, the MYs are a product of evolution. Unfortunately there is a lot of trading of old models out there that although a great value, had a few shortcomings but there are many people that own them and are very happy with them. If you search for negative comments on any reels out there, you will always find them. From Penn, Shimano and Abu products. Google is a summary of the human experience. Then let's go to what makes this country great. Choices. You like and love your old Abus, more power to you. They are in fact beautiful reels. Your comment reminds me of a customer that walked into our store one day and asked if we carried Brand X lures. I told him we did not and he proceeded to tell me that was the only brand he used. That they always worked for him. Then I asked him what other brands had he used and he told me "well, no other. When I bought my boat I got a set of Brand X and I've been using them ever since'. That day the gentleman bought a small pack of our trolling lures, a couple of days later he came in and told us how fantastic they were. Moral is, don't knock them till you try them. Ray
  5. I am not going to argue with you on the quality issue. There are bad vendors in the US, Europe and elsewhere. Is a matter of choosing the right people to work with and working on developing expectations. China has bad and good manufacturers just like any other place in earth. Keep in mind that China touches our life every day and they do produce excellent products. I am sure your car, TV, iPhone, computer, microwave, etc. all have parts or are completely built in China. Also airplane parts, surgical instruments and the list goes on and on... Now if you chose your vendor from Ali Baba's free listings, you are on your own. Finding the right partner in China means long trips, bad Chinese food, endless meetings and developing trust. Just common business sense. If you want to source any fishing gear there, I can help you. This is not a new venture. We have been importing the MY reels now for five years. Over 30,000 sold so it has legs. Granted its been a learning experience but we improve with every model and revision. Thank you for your good wishes. Ray
  6. I could not agree more. With Ming Yang fishing reels you get a great reel for a fair price. You get in fact what you pay for. Thanks CPTJACK for pointing that out.
  7. LOL. OK let's start with a little history. The first record of a fishing reel is found in Chinese paintings and literature dating back to around 1100. Next time reels show up is in Europe (No Sweden btw) in the 1,600 and nothing in the US till the 1700s. So let's say Chinese have been making fishing reels longer than any other civilization. Now about ABU. Up till WW2 the Swedish company was making taxi meters. Facing closure because the war temporarily ended the need for taxi meters, they turned to making reels by copying some existing reels and improving upon others. By that time in history, China was already manufacturing reels with most of the basic functions common at the time (like gears and handle cranks). Reel development is a slow, incremental process. Companies improve upon other companies design. Like cars and everything else.So about copying, I guess it came full circle, no? Now for Orient and China. Come on now....Let's split hairs here. Fishing reel producing countries: Malaysia (attack them because they are extremist Muslims), Taiwan (it is China you know) and a few from Japan (that evil empire that killed millions of people a generation ago). Anyway so much about education. The MYs are great reels, the company is family owned. Patriarch is an engineer, family all work in the business, have long term employees, they all work very hard long hours and after dealing, visiting frequently, spending time with them, I can tell you that you would be shocked at how much they are like your family (assuming you have a normal family) or mine. Concerned with their children, grandchildren, food, employees, all that stuff. They could not give a flying elephant's ass about geopolitical issues.. Like the product or love the product, but for the right reasons. The rhetorical comments are good for a stimulating conversation and not much else. The brand is now six years old, thousands of reels have been sold, the reel design improves with time and it is here to stay. They are beautiful, well made reels. Try them or not, up to you...but if you try them, you may like them. BTW, 1/3 of the original CLX and MC500 production shipped out this week to customers that pre-ordered or placed orders between Monday and Tuesday. We expect to go on back order by the end of the month. Ray
  8. I am so sorry. Abu invented the bait casting reel. I keep forgetting...
  9. OK adding new life to this very long thread. We are finally introducing three new Ming Yang reels this week. I know we will be hearing from the usual guys about how the reels are copies, Chinese junk, etc etc. Spare us the usual arguments. Fact is that all tackle, with a few rare exceptions, are manufactured in the Orient.. Fourth generation reels and still a great value. We added BOCA ceramic bearings, magnetic cast control (on the two MC models), beefed up drag performance and more. These reels have been out in the hands of anglers being quietly tested for over a year. Now Tim for the benefit of stating the conversation, I would like to post the site or just direct the readers to do a search for Ming Yang Reels and go to the site for a look.