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  1. Long Shot, looking for a drag knob first generation for a Van Staal 250 Black. thank you
  2. If you look at the attached schematics for the 6500bls you will notice part # 19B (pinion seal), Penn kept this part out of the bailed SSV for some reason . theoretically it should still fit inside part # 21, then again, I'm not too sure since I only worked on the 6500bls. Please note that the 5500 and 6500 share the same body.... 407-SSV5500.pdf 407-SSV6500BLS.pdf
  3. Just a bit more info on the rod. Its a custom made by Lou Caruso (the Rod Guru), it was build for over $600. Will consider trades close to the rod asking price... thank you all for looking.
  4. I only did work on the bailess spinfisher which include a seal on the bottom of the rotor. You will need a rotation seal if you thinking about sealing moving parts, I'm affraid bonded washer won't do it...
  5. Well, if you do it correctly, meaning you get the metal red hot and you insert a consistent diameter you won't have to worry about the taper. you only making a slight increase in the Diameter of the contact portion of the shaft , just enough to make proper contact.
  6. I will also accept VS Pliers and pouch as a trade...
  7. bottom part of the pinion shaft was enlarged, nothing to do with the upper part which remains untouched...
  8. Looks good, yes I would seal those two holes, silicone will do. I have done a few since then, the seals are holding up as far as I know.....
  9. I threw from 2 to 4oz with it with no issues, I would say 2.5 oz is the sweet spot. Stupid Effortless casting, tons of backbone.
  10. Hello, Relisting my CTS S8, Mint condition. $450 pick up near Westchester, New York. Willing to trade for Boga 60lbs and Mint Plug Bag..( 2 or 3 tube )
  11. Thank you for your offer, but I simply can't take less then $400 for it...since you owned one, you know what it can do, especially being built by Lou.
  12. Update: Mojo 10.6 sold, thank you Surf Assassin CTS S8 still available at $400. Thank you for looking...