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  1. Same here, I think the last time the boat felt the salt was in the last week of June. I still want to creep into the flats but without a push pole it’s a little difficult. I can’t justify spending 600 hundred on a pole and another 400 - 500 hundred on shipping. Ive been searching arround locally for the past few months with no luck. Maybe I’ll get back out there soon and try my luck.
  2. Sure is!
  3. Yeah, hand is in the gill plate.
  4. This was the first blue I caught back in the days.
  5. This was one of the boats I was running out in Belgrade. Maybe you saw it out there.
  6. Thanks for the info. This was our first year on Long Pond, previous years were spent on Great Pond. I might try out Long Lake over in the Naples area. My buddies have hooked into some decent Salmon this year.
  7. My week at the lake has ended, no salmon or trout for me. Plenty of smallies though.
  8. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.
  9. Change of pace from the salt. We’ve been staying on long pond for the past week and I’ve been fishing mornings and evenings. All I can manage to catch is monster Small Mouths. Is there any chances of trout or salmon. I read long pond use to be a premiere destination for landlocked. Ive been trolling sinking lines and also using the down riggers with only bass to show.
  10. Looks great, have you hooked up using these? how do they cast?
  11. Me too,
  12. June started out well for me, a lot of fish in the mid 30’s. The bigger fish this past week have seem to move on, a lot of fish in the low teens to mid 20’s lately. Almost all fish were caught on the draining tide on the fly.
  13. I came across a huge school of them in the Kennebec this past weekend. There had to be hundreds of them surfacing. Nothing feeding on them.
  14. Just curious if anyone on the form has been apart of this research group. GMRI- Gulf of Maine Reserch Institue launched a program called snap a striper a few years back. They are trying to collect data for native striped bass here in Maine.
  15. Yea, still at it. Had him out this morning in the river. A lot of action with some decent fish mixed in. All fish caught on Lou Tabory snake fly.