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  1. Definitely a big decrease in bait up river. A lot of fish were still hanging around in the mud and grass flats. They were keyed in on something and would not touch any fly I threw out em. I could not figure out what they were on. It was so frustrating to seem them in large schools flashing on their sides while sipping something up. I tried herring patterns, eels, sand eels, clousers, shrimp/crab large garbage bag files and tiny ones as well. I had a lot of follows but no hits. These were nice sized fish in the mid-high twenties inch class with some larger girls mixed in. I believe they are focused on size. I would hammer on them in weeks past using 9” flies. Nothing else would work.
  2. Ripped into them good again this morning. A lot of fat 26 - 28 inch fish. As I pulled the last fish for the day it suddenly hit me. I can’t remember the last time of caught a fish with mycobacteriosis. its been a few years since I’ve seen that, but I do remember those fish being a lot larger.
  3. Decide to change it up today. fished the incoming tide later in the morning. Came across a large school of feeding fish around 11am. Landed about 8 fish in the low 20s. still looking for something over 30”.
  4. I’ve been heading out every morning into the rivers and producing fish from the 24” to 28” range. All fish caught between 4-9am. The past two outings have been extremely slow. 1 fish a day. All fish caught on large Dragon Tail flies. I may have to venture out and try new spots. The river is drying up quick, water temps showed 73 degrees (surface temp).
  5. Ahhhhh, I remember now. He tried to get a few people together to fish the beach at Popham. I was the only one that showed up. I believe he was from up there. Haven’t heard from him since.
  6. I can’t recall anyone from Searsport. It’s been awhile since I’ve been out with anyone from the forum. I think the last time was with Renagade6 hooking into blues on the Kennebec.
  7. Some of the crab and shrimp flies that I use to use.
  8. I used shrimp flies all the time for them on the mud flats. I’d coast in and shut the motor off. Best results were when I’d sit in about 6’ of water and cast to shore stripping into deeper water. I used redfish flies with a little chartreuse in them. I used to have a killer set up for fishing skinny water. Unfortunately I sold the boat last year and haven’t really fished the flats this year.
  9. Awesome catch- congrats!
  10. I’ve been doing fairly well this season North of Portland. Managed to make it out every morning for the past 10 days. Lots of fish in the mid twenties. I was lucky to see a large school of boiling fishing yesterday. actions lasted all of 5 minutes. All fish caught on the fly from a boat.
  11. Had a decent morning- slow start. hit the river around 0430 with no fish until 0600. From 0600 to 0900 non stop action. no fish above the 28” mark, but tons of aggressive 20-25” fish.
  12. Was once my go to fly in the rivers. I always called them the Tabory Snake Fly.
  13. I use to fish below the damn every spring. There are some very (Large) smallmouths and even pike to be caught in the brackish waters. Stripers are hit or miss. The closer you get into the Kennebec the better you are for targeting stripers.
  14. These are 30.5” by 22.5”.
  15. Mike Stidham 1989 limited edition- Bone fish on the Flats and Tarpon on the Flats 140 out of 950. I think I paid 100 each at a shop in Maine. Asking $150.00 shipped to the lower 48- PayPal prints have some marks on the white boarder from not being framed.