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  1. Anyone use this lure for surf fishing? It looks nice since it's a popper that can walk the dog. I've had it for a few years but never threw it
  2. I have this rod and I use it to chunking for sharks. It's great for 5his application and I'm very happy with it
  3. The metal tab broke so drag is silent. It's not listed as a part, any suggestions?
  4. I go braid into steelon that's it
  5. I use the 12 ft penn prevail 10 oz max with a shimano 12000d baitrunner. It's my best bang for the buck. 50 lb braid. Southern nj
  6. I feel that my 12000d was more than adequate for land based sharking and I didn't feel like was going to get spooled like I do when I used itsome smaller brother the 8000d
  7. I think it should work fine
  8. I'm talking about the hydrophobic stuff. I may try flex seal since my leak is minor, or the other wader repair goop they sell up at grumpys
  9. A rough tailed ray blew up my 8000d and they replaced the main gear and pinion gear under warranty. It did cost me 20 bucks to ship from nj to cali. They made the reel feel brand new. Ironically, this was the first first that the reel fought!
  10. anyone still working this fishery in september with any good results?
  11. Tons of browns
  12. It's been epic....
  13. Oxyclean
  14. Jbl flip 3