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  1. I just posted a Shimano 3 tube bag. Used once. 40.00
  2. Used once. 40.00 Local pickup in Monmouth County
  3. Like new. Used 2-3 times. 125.00 local pickup in Monmouth County
  4. Century's site dosen't even show an 8' model of that rod which I found strange.
  5. Sounds good. Sold to Delarock pending payment/pickup.
  6. I can meet in the middle at 325 if that works for you.
  7. I have this issue also on occasion. Not sure it's operator error though. I rarely had this issue on my previous vsx but I guess the smoothness of the X2 maybe comes at this price. Dosen't happen too often though.
  8. Sold to Jettyhound. Thanks TimS and sol.
  9. None whatsoever. RB was sticking after a few mos of use and MS fixed it.
  10. All cables and wires included as well. Just have to fish them out from behind the TV.
  11. I have about 3 weeks in with the 150 size and I feel like it’s a step up from the original vsx.
  12. 125 Local pickup. Comes with afternarket alpine loop Located in Monmouth County.
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