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  1. You should have seen the head and shoulders on that thing. A 6 inch popper that she absolutely inhaled looked like a french fry in her mouth. I'll give you a ring today or tomorrow - hopefully work out some plans for the near future.
  2. KR- Always have a great time fishing with you, and can't wait to get back to the Nook, the Yards, and the rest of the stretch as soon as it warms up. Happy holidays and looking forward to bagging some bigg'uns in the spring! Linesides
  3. Al and folks, I'm looking to build a new boat rod this winter to ward off the shack nasties. The predominant use would be for three-waying eels, with weights anywhere from 2 to 8 oz. Other potential uses would include jigging, dragging chunks, and I even have delusional thoughts of being slightly undergunned against some school tuna (that would be an ancillary consideration at best). Would most likely be matched with something along the lines of a Calcutta 700, fishing 25 or 30 mono. I'm looking for a rod with ample backbone, especially in the bottom half of the rod, but with a relatively sensitive tip and an overall flex that enjoys a deep bend. Lami would be preferred, but would love to hear about any other ideas you might have for it. Thanks for the help, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Linesides
  4. Thanks for all of the helping information guys. All extraneous gear except for the rods will be checked through, and I'm going to do my best to get the rods through security. Richs, I'll be in Aspen starting tomorrow morning until Sun., and am looking forward to exploring the waters. According to some recent reports I read, we're in prime time with a green drake hatch going and fish gorging themselves (particularly in the evening). Hope to bump into you on the water.
  5. Hey folks, Just wondering if any of you have had any recent experiences flying domestically with fly rod tubes. I leave for Colorado early tomorrow morning for a wedding, but will have a bunch of time to fish the Roaring Fork and the Frying Pan, and am a little concerned about the issues that have arisen since security has been tightened. Any advice? I have one 4 piece travel rod that shouldn't be a problem to carry on board, but one or two longer tubes that have to come along as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Linesides
  6. I'll second all of what was said about Gary, only more emphatically. A terrific guy, amazingly knowledgeable, and fishes harder than most sane people would. I just fished with him this past Monday (hope to put up some pictures sometime soon), and we took bass up to 33 lbs. on some sweet humps around and between the Elizabeths. One of the better days of fishing I have had, and the second time of many that I plan on fishing with Gary. As an aside, after riding on his new boat, I now know what boat I am aspiring towards some day in the future: a 21' Contender with a 225 4 stroke Yamaha. The smoothest riding center console I've ever been in, cuts through chop like butter, and with an engine so quiet that when you're idling you honestly have no idea the engine is turned on. If any of you guys get the chance, GO! I wish you good luck, although Gary will show you a fantastic time for sure.
  7. smca, Any advice on good spots to rake up some sand eels around the Orleans/Chatham area? My few attempts haven't yielded a single one. Basically been raking on sand bars right as they begin getting exposed with a dropping tide. Any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated. Linesides
  8. How did you get the paint to stay on that herring?!?
  9. Hey Matt, Unfortunately we didn't fare well at all. Fished the Nature Preserve off of the rocks in the afternoon, but it was more for the entertainment of the nonfishers amongst us. Threw sandworms and tended to the people who were "using" my gear (my buddy destroyed the tip on my XRA 1083), and didn't get a bump from the end of outgoing to the beginning of the incoming. Fished sunset at Fortune's Rock just south of the Pool, and waded far out to the rocks throwing plugs, but couldn't buy a hit. Glad to hear you got some, and I'm sure glad I got to play on those rocks a little. I'll be sure to give you a holler the next time I'm up that way.
  10. Thanks for the pm's guys, and everyone seems to be pointing me in the same place. Hope to see some of you out on the ditch Sun. evening.
  11. Although it's not set in stone, the likely plan is to arrive up there mid-morning on Sat., fish the afternoon and most of the evening (my friends won't be too happy if I'm out there all night - damn non-fishermen). May put a quick shot in in the morning on Sun., and then probably heading south to the Canal or RI. When do you plan on being there?
  12. Does anyone know a shop where I might be able to find some skins around the Canal? JPowers, I thought I remember you posting something about them at one point or another? I'll be fishing the area on Sunday, and want to put a little practice in with the skin jigs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Linesides
  13. Mattb, good to hear from you. Just visited my younger brother at our alma mater this past weekend, and it was quite a throw back. The gut does like look a great spot, but from the sounds of it it's not too easy to fish. If and when I get there this weekend, I'll see if I can't convince any fish that should be holding right outside of it on an outgoing. I know the rocks just south of the point have produced some decent fish as well, so we'll see what happens. TimA, I'll see what I can do and give a shout here if I can manage any success. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Thanks Ish, it looks like things are opening up your way. Anyone happened to have ever fished the gut that leads out of Biddeford Pool? Seems like it would be a great place to do some bucktailing with some decent tidal exchange. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. Just wondering if any of you folks have seen anything happening up around Biddeford Pool or the Saco? May be up there for a day and a night this weekend and will have to do a little exploring. Is there much bait in the area yet? Macks, alewives, etc.? Thanks, Linesides