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  1. Or...unless someone had personal experience on the giving or receiving end of that kind of tryst????
  2. It's crap like this that these mental and social rejects use to justify their worthless existence. If they can't stir up the "social media" pot to give their useless lives any importance, they should be "removed" from any position of power until they can prove their actually have even a spark of rational intelligence. Of course we know that'll never happen because it's racist, sexist or some other ridiculous "-ist" they can make up to give their asinine continuance validation.
  3. Maybe he was checking his "nanny-cam" to see what was causing the kid to cry...because he left it all alone while he was out doing his "thing"....
  4. Unless the coins are all silver, they are probably 90% for $1 , $0.50 and $0.25 coins. Dimes and nickels are less than that. Unless the coins are in VERY GOOD condition (which is not likely with average Joe collectors) they would be worth more for the silver content than the coin value. Check online and you can find various sites that buy and sell precious metals and coins. That way you can get a rough estimate of what you have and whether you want to save or sell. As for monetary collectors (hoarders) I agree that you should check around their property as many don't want their "treasure" in a bank (don't trust them) and will hide money in many places. My mother's aunt lived in Toronto, and after she passed my mother and some family members "cleaned up" her house. The woman was living like she was scraping to get by, but my mom and the others found that she had been stashing 100's of thousands of dollars all over the house. Under rugs, in vases, under the mattress, behind and inside furniture. I took days to find all the hidden cash. Growing up there was an old lady that lived across the street from us. She rarely ever went out, but sat at her window and watched the people in the neighborhood. After she passed her apartment was being cleaned out and when they brought out her chair the guy carrying it found a wad of bills stuffed into the back of the chair. Never underestimate the thrifty frugal nature of some older may surprise you! I find myself "squirreling" away some money here and there, but I know where it is and it's really not hidden....yet.
  5. Heard someone say that humans are the only animals that still drink milk after being weaned off it. I say that because we're also the only animals ......with COOKIES. Drank more when I was a kid, but now it's reserved for cereal, making French toast and tea. Pizza and milk? nah, I'm a pizza and OJ man.(or pizza and beer)
  6. EXACTLY! By having annual physicals and certain recommended procedures (scoping) you can usually eliminate many fears and if something is found down the line it's usually caught early enough to minimize your overall risks. My dad was one of the "I'll go to the doctor ONLY when something is wrong" kind of guy. When he finally went in to the hospital, he had brain and lung cancer. I've got siblings that are falling into that same mindset. NOT ME....I've told my doctors over the years that I want to be around as long as possible and will do what I can to ensure that I will..... An ounce of prevention....?
  7. Had my annual physical early this month, and had the prostrate exam. When I mentioned this to my younger brother he commented along the lines of "did he buy you flowers first?" to which I replied "my doctor is a woman." He had a puzzled look on his face, and I drove it home by saying "it's one time a year where I KNOW a woman is going to fondle my junk!" and left him with that.
  8. They were working on perfecting the "Brown note". But instead created a black out.....
  9. Just sounds like a "millennial" way to say "scooter". I don't think anything that is power-assisted should be called a bike. It's either a scooter of motorcycle. Calling it an E-bike is way for the marketers to charge you much more money because of the name. Wonder how many road races they'll have that will be screwed by people trying to use one of these? Then there's always the joy of having them stolen because of their new-found popularity (and value) to the crackhead scumbags of the world. Will there be some new "E-bike" line of shorts and tee-shirts just for those willing to dole out the cash?
  10. Sorry to hear. Oddly enough, We have a similar picture of my dad with the family mutt taken while he was waiting for my mom to come home from work. They would wait at the subway station and walk home together. Thank you for a great memory.....Hopefully you will have plenty of your own!
  11. What plight do you speak of? The plight of a guy that makes really good money, gets to see a lot of people's "dirty secrets" and only works a few hours a day? Then you add the (somewhat) optional tips from their route, and the new car/boat they're able to buy and it's sure a dreadful "plight" to be a garbage man.....
  12. You know where this thread is headed when the first suggestions are to "rub one out".... Is "rubbing compound" backroom slang for Astroglide???
  13. You're not really a man if you've never thrown something that stopped working properly. You're not a really smart man if you've never tried to fix it BEFORE throwing it. For the record, I've thrown quite a few things, usually things I knew would smash spectacularly. I've also punched a few things as well....
  14. If we're talking open ocean and the boat passed between the kayak and the shore then it more or less sounds like a "big boy" boater wanting to screw with the kayaker. If the boat altered its course to get closer to shore then that's it. In my travels (mostly freshwater) the number of boats that are completely unaware or intentionally ignorant of other watercraft is amazing. When you factor in the number of people that buy boats of all sizes, shapes and configurations without a single clue about its operation, it gets scary real quick. Most are what I call the "weekend warriors" that have more experience with their watered down drinks than actually operation on the water. Jet skis have earned their own special place in the aqua-moron's hall of shame! With this being stated, I will add that the majority of boaters that I encounter are courteous and considerate, probably because they tend to be fishing the same waters as I. But like everything else in life, there are always exceptions. Unfortunately the "exceptional" idiots are increasing in numbers.....
  15. 2X this...