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  1. I don't see any problem with you needing a muzzle...It wasn't like you asked to "push in his stool" or asked to go dress shopping with made a congratulatory statement. Basically you acknowledged their being a "couple". As for your family dynamics, with the amount of time and love spent on the kids, I think you can skip the "step" part and just call them sons and daughters. You've certainly proved you deserve it. I believe that every child needs a reliable adult mentor in their lives. Not always a direct parent, but someone they can talk to who can impart some common sense wisdom and allow them to learn and have fun.
  2. Anything you would logically think would work would end up failing. not because the plan didn't work, but because the lawsuits claiming "profiling", "Racial bias" and "emotional scarring" caused by being made to adhere to rules of conduct would negate any benefits. A start would be to tell the welfare recipients that the state will be starting random drug testing. Positive results (after a double check) will result in total loss of benefits. They could pick likely suspects they are sure will fail as examples of what will happen. Hell, I can recall as well when welfare (food stamps) was a social stigma when you made it a lifestyle. I can recall when we were on welfare, after my dad lost his job back in the 70's. We did food stamps, gov't food and HAD to give time at the local food pantry. Needless to say my family had too much pride to leech off the system for very long. Now it's not a negative to be "on the dole", but rather a way of life. There's no incentive, no pride in being self-sufficient, no "giving back to the community" just a boatload of "gimmie-girls and guys" all looking for their monthly free money!
  3. I fished a section of the Charles River in Dedham on Saturday. Was planning on heading up river towards Needham but couldn't even get through the first bridge. The current was so strong it took all I had just to stay at the opening of the bridge. Couldn't make any headway so I dropped back, turned around and headed down river towards Millennium Park in W Roxbury. Luckily the fish were a little cooperative, with bass, pickerel, crappie and perch making their presence known. The pickerel were most abundant, probably because the bass were getting into spawn & pre-spawn mode. (the bass I caught were in shallow pockets inside weed beds) The weather was great, the fish were biting and even the wildlife was active. All in all a great day on the water...
  4. Depending on where you go, might want to bring a face mask (surgical type) and limit your outdoor activity as the air quality "might" not be good, depending on location. Oh, and check to see what topics are "off-limits" for discussion. As mentioned earlier, the police will be watching AND listening. Here's an FYI....Comedians in China have to submit their material to the government for approval. Even visiting performers have to submit their set list of material, and will be told what they can and cannot say. Offenses we consider minor, and not worth mentioning here will land you in prison there....
  5. It's a little presumptuous and maybe even arrogant to expect whatever store you walk into to have whatever you are looking for. Not your problem, just a habit we all have had at some point. What I have learned is that since some stores can't support expensive overhead I expect (at least) that they would be able to either order the merchandise or direct me to someone who might have it. Hopefully you can find such a store without much traveling....
  6. EXACTLY!!! If you don't like the fact that whatever store you visit doesn't carry the (expensive) brand of gear you are looking for, don't blame the store for not having tons of cash to spend on idle stock to sit on shelves for long periods of time! Better yet, why not open your own store, stock it with ALL the gear you think you need, realize that you are going broke because it doesn't sell as quickly as you want, sell it at a cut price and lose money hand over foot, and eventually go out of business owing thousands to the bank. There was a store in Dedham that I visited often, sometime to shop and sometimes to shoot the bull. They didn't carry every possible piece of gear available, but rather they could order it for you from their supplier. I guess some of us want everything immediately, and expect others to kowtow to our way of thinking? I'm not bashing anyone in particular, but rather the mindset that's become more and more common today...
  7. Looks like a second-hand hazmat suit. (second hand = used). Also looks like a sweat suit, for people wanting to "sweat off a few lbs."... Yeah, hydration would be important.
  8. I wish they could replace it and add a walkway on both sides... Dang, my "Captain Complainer" mode took over and I failed to mention that I caught a half dozen schoolies! Sure felt good to feel those strong fights, even if they were schoolies...
  9. Hit the bridge last night only to find the public parking area closed off and filled with construction equipment. Luckily I was able to (well I was going to no matter what) park ocean side lot. I'm curious what "wet dream" project are they working on now? How long will that lot be closed? How many years will it take for them to complete whatever project this is? All I can say is that if this "project" takes all year to complete, no resident fishing and day trips to the beach will not be possible. Reminds me of a bridge repair project they did years ago where they closed off the bridge to cars for months, and the repair was the equivalent of a "Band-Aid on a bullet wound"....Are they using the MBTA infrastructure repair approach to these projects? (You know, spend millions in taxpayer $$ to maintain (not fix) an old structure/system) Just curious.....
  10. Are you taking him fresh or salt? Keep in mind the first rule of taking kids fishing, particularly if it's their first time, is that they actually catch fish. I've taken almost every one of my nieces and nephews fishing at some point before the age of 12. For some it was ice fishing, others it was fishing a small pond for sunfish. In each case I made sure that some of the parents (usually my brothers and sisters) came along too. The second rule is that kids will get bored if the action isn't somewhat consistent. They will give you some sign that it may be time to call it a day. The third rule, which is mostly just common sense, is to make sure they use the restroom BEFORE you head out. If you go to a spot with wildlife and things a kid can "look under" they can keep themselves occupied when things slow down. If he take a liking to it you may have a fishing buddy for future trips... Good luck and have fun!!!
  11. They did a show a year or so back where they went into some of the "restricted" areas to test samples of the environment. They checked people as well as wildlife, and in certain areas their personal radiation sensors would go off like a car alarm warning them they were in highly radioactive areas. They also found that most of the wildlife had some form of genetic mutation, from spiders that no longer could weave a traditional orb web to wild horses that were sterile. There were some animals that found dietary ways to repair the damage literally on a day to day basis. As for the people, their genes/DNA had already been affected so that their (newborn) children would likely have genetic defects.
  12. They weren't visiting the reactor site, but the towns that were directly affected by the fallout. This was back in the early 90's.
  13. Those all look AWESOME!
  14. Typically the problem isn't letting one go but rather if you could stop one from exploding out of the gates! Fortunately, post-procedure it's all air that they pumped into your tailpipe to allow the scope to move more freely. I had a clean report, no polyps just a mild case of diverticulitis which proper diet resolved. I reiterate...imagine the bean scene from Blazing Saddles in an enclosed room..
  15. What's funny (in a sad pathetic way) is that the "authorities" were apparently trying to get proof of sex-trafficking, but when they saw some "power-people" in the salon they changed their target figuring that surveillance rules apply to everyone and everything (in their sick twisted little minds)... If the initial set up was illegal, all video recordings are also illegal. I believe it's the "fruit from the same poisonous tree" scenario. In simple terms THEY ARE SCREWED!