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  1. Had it done 5+ years ago when I had cellulitis in my left leg. They were checking for a clot or blockage to see if that was causing my leg to swell 2X its normal size. When the infection made its way into my blood stream I was admitted to the hospital on the verge of renal failure. You know something's really wrong when your piss looks like Pepsi. I've been fine ever since, get checked out every 6 months. Then I saw a woman working in Wal-Mart that looked like she had elephantitis in both tree-stump looking legs....
  2. By virtue of the fact that SOMEONE WAS RECORDING THE EVENT, it tells me they were hoping for something to happen so they could get their "youtube" moment of fame, only they weren't prepared/expecting the guy would react like a person should when confronted with a riotous crowd. Sorry that he will get the shaft, even if there is video proof that the crowd initiated and instigated the event. What's the over/under that Al Sharpton will seek out that girl to "represent" her when they (he) decides on a lawsuit??
  3. If they wanted to increase sales and show their "sensitive side" they should have targeted the ad towards the unshaven ANTIFA people (can't call them women or female) and the Sovereign Citizens that "travel" in all states! Then tell them to grow up and act like adults and get a job!
  4. They even have "special" licenses to let the cops know that their not legal residents. Almost seems that even though they already have done something illegal, they still have more rights than most LEGAL citizens....
  5. Some might call me "heartless" and "uncaring and unfeeling", but when I hear about these situations my main comments/concerns are for the "best possible outcome", which many times is the person's passing as peacefully as possible. Based on my own family dynamics when our father passed, some of the emotional outpouring was based not on what was happening to our dad in his final days/hours, but how this was going to affect them. I'm not saying that it isn't a normal part of the grieving process, but I think that the person in pain should come first. I've also seen a number of families that prolonged the family members suffering "because they couldn't bear to let them go". My mother sat with my father while he was still coherent, and selflessly told him that if he felt like "letting go, then let go". That struck a cord with me, as she and I knew the end was near, and prolonging the inevitable was really just for our benefit, not his. Now, as a personal tribute to my dad (and anyone else that has passed) I say a prayer for him (them) whenever I go fishing. And I fish year round! Over time the grief will be replaced with a solemn understanding of the event, and you will eventually be recalling many, MANY positive memories of your loved one that has passed. To this day we will have a "dad" moment that will make us laugh and keep his spirit alive in our hearts.
  6. Some of the best receptions I've been to were at the Abby in Donegal, the Boston Aquarium, a Chicago area country club and a barn. Worst were at home (marriage was done by City Clerk, and a out in a field in the North Conway, NH area.
  7. As one who was also present when a parent passed, it was devastating for the family, but we were all there when he passed. He was home (hospice care) and my mother and I took turns caring for him. Now I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, and the ones that lived closest only visited near the end. No drama, no arguments, just being there for him. We knew he was going to pass (lung and brain cancer) so we did what we could to make him as comfortable as possible. You did all that you and your wonderful wife could do in such a horrible were there for her! That means more than all the prayers you can think of because you are helping to lessen the amount of suffering she had to endure. What will be most painful for the SIL is that if she was so focused on her rants and arguments, she probably never really got to say goodbye in a proper daughterly fashion. When time passes and the healing has begun, you all will realize that that may be the cruelest punishment of all! God bless you both for caring and the mother for having such wonderful children! (well 2 at least).
  8. If the weather is warmer than usual for January, animals that breed multiple times in a year may begin the process. Of course once the cold settles in they stop. There was a new story regarding the disappearance of small dogs (Chihuahuas for example). I didn't get to hear the full story, but it reminded me of an "outdoors" article years ago that warned about an increase or "Lost Pet" signs in urban areas. Many people naturally presumed it was people stealing dogs to use as "target practice" for their pit bulls/fighting dogs, but what was/is happening is the increase of coyotes and their respective ranges has them hunting for food in our backyards. When the weather is unseasonably warm for winter they will breed and have pups to feed. You could call it an effect of "global warming", but I'll call it "nature taking advantage of the situation".
  9. There was an accident caused by one of these mental defectives in Abington MA. The "woman" T-boned a guy's truck (witnessed by the local PD) an fled the scene. When the PD tried to stop her, she tried to flee by driving across a person's lawn, and when stopped, she claimed that she didn't have to stop because of her "sovereign citizen" status. She was arrested for hit and run, leaving the scene, evading police and driving on a suspended license. One more for the Bloopers reel!
  10. Actually it's a tie....about what happens to them in the end!
  11. They are pushing to allow a "person" to have their birth certificate be either Male, Female or neither... WTF... are they going to let these mental train-wrecks change them now, and also let the "parent(s) decide at birth what kind of child they want it to be???? (In a game of survival, they wouldn't make it 5 minutes without demanding that the rules be changed because they are special!) Just more proof that certain regions of pretty much EVERY STATE are completely screwed up!
  12. Looks like a pre-op tranny
  13. I think the fans are still there, waiting for the "real" Alabama team to show up! Who the heck (or maybe WHAT the heck was the halftime show???
  14. Only successful events for team building and moral (surprise, surprise!) involve money, booze and food. Many of these "in-house" touchy-feely seminar deals generally tend to evoke the same unified response from many of the general staff (peons).....which is "Wonder how much $$ they wasted on this crap!"
  15. Yeah, it would seem to relieve a lot of stress, but unfortunately there are always people that will go too far and those that can't seem to let bygones be bygones.....