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  1. Basically you can do whatever you want. Whether or not it's legal or up to code is another thing. Of course asking here is not the same as asking a true professional, but more like asking a self-proclaimed home remodeling expert....meaning they do what works for them. Do the research before taking a tool approach that might potentially cause additional problems
  2. That's when you pay them a visit after a healthy Mexican lunch fueled with a few "beverages". Don't leave until you've "cleared the air" and then leave...and block the door s they can't rush out.
  3. If your adult "child" did get arrested in another state, particularly one that they shouldn't be in, then tell them "Good luck, and don't drop the soap!" and hang up.
  4. There could be a market for "second-hand" antibiotics...lower doses, so more doses would be needed..."easy-to-swallow" application. Best of all, the "co-payment" would be the cost of a drink!
  5. Only reason to even try to get a pic would be if the assailant was determined to kill me anyway, it would hopefully provide evidence in case I wasn't so lucky....
  6. Make sure to wear some shoe-polish to get all the benefits you should get for free because of what you are, not who you are! Remember, no one cares about your name, only what you did to get your 15 minutes of fame, regardless of how low you had to stoop or who you had to rape/shoot/stab/burn in order to get that face time!
  7. "Beware of Yeti bearing gifts, particularly if they're flowers and chocolate!"
  8. "Leaking" a story and photo like this to the poaching community would be like advertising "free crack give-away" to all the meth-head tweakers in Arizona. You couldn't keep them away!
  9. Buy her a 5 speed....bicycle.
  10. Chupacabra has made it to whatever backwoods world you hail from.
  11. Wasn't it "take your crack-kid-to-work-the-streets" day?
  12. looks photo-shopped to me. Maybe a lure to get as many poachers together in one spot so they can "cull" the poachers out of existence?
  13. This state, as well as many other (I can presume) will create rules/laws to punish the 90-95% of the anglers who follow the rules/laws instead of targeting the 5-10% that were the cause for the rule/law in the first place. It's a case of "closing the barn door AFTER the horse has gotten free". Then they were given access to the license fees, but where did those funds go? To increase staffing? To provide better responses to illegal activity reports called in? No...their first action was to update their existing fleet of SUV's and boats. Any new rule or law they want to enact will be about as effective as trying to get ANY city or town to enforce a jaywalking or litter law. You have a better chance or seeing Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster swimming together in a tidal pool!
  14. 55+ communities? They're more temperamental than high schoolers hitting puberty. They have more (and stronger) drugs than most kids would ever come across. The HOA will create and enforce some of the most absurd rules and fees, and you HAVE to abide if you want to live there. (Oh, and they WILL change the rules/fees on a whim without giving notice (except if you happen to be at the one meeting when they briefly discussed it.) Since most people that buy into these plan of dying there, they usually don't mind the rules if it keeps "the problem people" out...which generally means anyone that can still walk on their own and has an active outdoor life! Don't forget! These HOA's will most likely have a rule in place that prevents your property from being sold or left to someone that hasn't been approved beforehand, so who knows when or if it can change hands? Just some of the negative points to consider....
  15. The basic idea is that if it looks like food they will eat it. Since they will eat chunk bait sitting on the bottom, why not plastics? Also keep in mind, as mentioned earlier, that water currents of any kind will impart some action to your presentation.