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  1. Remember...marriage isn't just a's a sentence. Pic must have been much later in the reception, as she ain't smiling like it was the happiest day of her life. Congrats!
  2. Someone's gotta be the "Baby's mama" right? (Or at least the local sperm dumpster)
  3. Some people like cottage cheese and curds in their milk...
  4. Yeah, that butterfly on their (pick a body part) now looks like a Pterodactyl, or that teddy bear looks like Chucky and that rose looks like an open sore.
  5. It WASN'T made in their size, but they think if they can squeeze themselves into a hefty bag, then it IS their size.
  6. those idiots are a dime a dozen, and I'm looking for the guy supplying the dimes. There's a big difference between a catastrophe and a cat ass trophy...
  7. Even better yet... Would you want to know when you were going to die? Maybe not the exact second, but even just the year? Remember, we start to die the second we are born. It just takes decades t happen. The best we can hope for is to end on our terms. Means that we know the end is near, so we plan for the "worst-case scenario". Things like a DNR order, written instruction to "pull the plug", etc...
  8. as smart as a bag of wet mice. She was so ugly even her reflection turned away. I'd rather have a bottle in from of me than a frontal lobotomy! When you were born, you were so ugly the doctor slapped your mother's face. Like putting lipstick on a pig Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  9. Was that the Shingles vaccine, the Pneumonia vaccine, the HIV vaccine or the Youngster-cancer vaccine? Or was it a cocktail of all of them?
  10. Luis Lame... a non-binary trans-gender Hispanic pigment-challenged (albino) non-tall (dwarf) visually restricted (near-sighted) non-pronoun (freak) individual...who is a democratic flat-earther.
  11. You got to figure that if materials alone are much more expensive, then the labor to do the work will be as well. Add to that the shortage of some materials, and timeframes will definitely be longer and subsequently more costly.
  12. You and Chum are presuming that the work will automatically be dome as professionally as possible. What if the company has a shortage of workers or is staffed with new hires who prefer to cut corners at the homeowner's expense (but doesn't let the boss know)? You could end up with a really expensive sub-par job that could require more work that they might stick you to pay for. Just a possibility...
  13. for the time being, patch all rough spots and seal coat the entire thing and you should be good for a little while, unless you have a root or frost heaving problem.
  14. The pricing will reflect the worker shortage by INCREASING, as it will take longer with fewer workers doing the job.
  15. Whatever floats his boat or fires his torpedo. or whatever analogy you want to use....