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  1. The ones that will complain and protest when their little ray of sunshine doesn't get preferential treatment or special consideration because they are screwed up at an early age.
  2. Supermarket self check outs aren't as easy as Walmart, where you can take an "employee" discount when scanning. I prefer a person at the register, mainly because they are working. Take that away and make me use self check out and I will use my "discount". It's amazing that 4 bell peppers can only cost as much as 1 when you scan them that way? or 6 bottles of juice, all scanned for the lowest price of the bunch? Make me work to buy my stuff? it's "discount time". Hey, they can afford it since they don't have to pay any cashier salaries, right?
  3. I still go to wrestling shows, but the local ones at VFW or Legion halls. It's small time shows but enjoyable because it's more about the moves and gimmicks than the actual wrestling. It's more like gymnastics for non-gymnasts. It's cheap, it's local and you can get to meet the wrestlers and talk with them. Half of the fun is watching the crowd interaction with the wrestlers. The kids are always funny as they call them as they see them. The other are the elderly/older patrons, like the old Italian grandmothers that watched the shows that were held in Everett, MA. These feisty old ladies would probably charge the ring if they could. There are the crowd favorites, the stars, the heels (bad guys) and even the managers. Over the past 10 years I've seen some hilarious matches and I still get a kick out of the reactions of people that can't understand that it's a performance, or as mentioned earlier, a "soap opera in the ring". I bring a dry-erase board and will write some catchy comments (all family friendly because of the kids in attendance) and have even gotten the performers to crack up. Heck, I even offered my old board up to be used as a weapon during one of the last matches last fall. It is recorded as part of their online archive of matches. I figure, these people are working hard for a part-time job and I figure they would like to be appreciated for putting their bodies on the line. You'd be surprised as to how many wrestlers end their careers due to injuries. Most common are back and neck. Anyway, I enjoy these shows as they are close, cheap and somewhat enjoyable.
  4. First off, if he isn't willing to lead by example, along with all of his flunkies, he needs to shut up and let smarter people (pretty much ANYONE ELSE) do the thinking. Every time any of these political dolts starts to think they weaken the nation.
  5. Public execution wouldn't be bad, but you should employ the same rules for a driver of a get-away car in a crime where a murder is committed, and charge the DA and judge along those same lines. Too many career legal opportunistic leeches, not concerned with the fail and honest legal practice/system, but with their own personal gains at the expense of the public. That's why judges should be voted in, not given their robes because of who they know and what they "did" for them. Lawyers should be made accountable for their failures created by their own practices. If they drop the ball on punishing a violent career criminal by giving them bail and they commit another violent crime they should be made to serve an equivalent punishment as the criminal. If they knew they could be charged for a negligent performance they might be more likely to do the right thing. Of course that means both the defense and the DA attorneys would be on the hook if they tried to skirt the law and screw with the system the way it is supposed to work. Sorry, but I doubt that will even happen because of the number of "people in power" who hold all the cards.
  6. How about both hands so they can't hold a gun ever again?
  7. Are these reps related to the same geniuses that said eating mercury tainted porpoise meat is good for the children? (check out the documentary "The Cove" for an idea)
  8. Yeah! Then they'll change the slot limit from 28"-31" to 4'-8' and the fish will be able to fight back!
  9. You have to remember that baby birds, with the exception of waterfowl, don't drink any water. They get all their fluids from the foods they eat. That would be the equivalent of eating a fiber-heavy diet without adequate fluid intake. Basically more solid waste, which in birds is easier to remove from nests (even better when the birds nest in a birdhouse). The only reason I could see for "dropping the kids near the pool" might be that they are hoping for insects to find it, and thus provide some added protein to their diet?
  10. Use the old Jeff Foxworthy line and tell her "It ran away" Unfortunately, depending on the severity of the injury, it may be a no-win scenario. The cost of the repair/rehab is prohibitive for a bird that isn't protected or endangered. You think they would try and save a sparrow or pigeon with a gimpy wing? Now if the wing just needed a simple splint and some rehab time, it could be possible, but if the mechanics of the wing are shot then recovery isn't really feasible as the bird would be grounded, and it's not a ground bird...
  11. ..then he realized it was an air-freshener hanging on the mirror?
  12. Imagine the genius that thinks that's a good price for a show where you are still seated BEHIND someone else. (Unrestricted view = depends on how tall you are) Heck, you couldn't get me to pay anything close to that even if it were a concert with the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Prince back from the grave....
  13. The good thing with braid is that you can use a higher lb. test with a smaller diameter. I like the "shock leader" idea. I tie directly to a snap swivel for my freshwater rigs because the waters I tend to fish are murky/muddied waters where the line is mush less visible. On my salt rigs I do use a short leader, usually around the same lb. test as the braid. I use a barrel swivel as the connection between braid and leader. Tie the braid with a Palomar knot to the barrel, and a modified cinch knot for the leader to the barrel and the snap swivel. That's how I do it.
  14. Did you know that there are fresh water jellyfish in MA? I happened across some a few years back during a fall fishing trip on a pond in Westford. I initially thought they were duck/goose down feathers (small white feathers) until I stopped and watch them undulate as jelly fish do. I haven't made any trips to see if they are present in other waters than the one I found them in. It's been a few years, but I figured someone might find this interesting.
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