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  1. They started out together in the same crowd, but when given the word to go home the protesters did. Those remaining are POS anarchist that just want to cause chaos and hopefully get their worthless asses on tv and youtube. I still say they should have turned the hoses on the looter/rioters.
  2. I was fishing at Heard Pond in Wayland today and had a fledgling eagle circle over my head, about 40-50 feet up. One of the coolest things I've seen in awhile.
  3. The city of Boston INVITED these jackasses to start trouble when they allowed them to start a second and third protest AFTER 6 pm! Did the authorities really believe they would continue to be peaceful? Once they changed from a protest to a riot they gave up their rights for a peaceful response to their actions. I kept hoping they would turn the fire hoses on them, since it's getting cooler out and those little bitches would go running home because they were cold. When that didn't happen I then hoped for teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets. It's insulting that so many people are causing such an uproar and so much damage solely because they jumped on the "black lives" matters bandwagon. Sadly, I must have missed one of the rallies/protests for the "black-on-black" crimes committed daily? I understood the feeling the need to protest for actions against the cop in question, the need for justice. But after the cop was charged (faster than any average citizen) they still want to carry protesting (rioting). All I see when I see these stories are a waste of time and resources (they don't care about the damage to businesses and the people that are now inconvenienced) and that these people are going to be the focal point of the next wave of COVID19 outbreaks.
  4. How else is she going to help her welfare baby furnish it's "free college" dorm room? You know, those stimulus and UI checks can only go so far after paying for booze, smokes, crack-whore fingernails and those "extra-extra-large yoga pants, right?
  5. Then there's also the potential "terror" enthusiasts, the ones that didn't pass the "blast test"? They always seem to pop up when there's any kind of civil unrest.
  6. ANTIFA...they had to "catch up" on all their bullsh*t that they couldn't do at home!
  7. This may be their time to spawn. A local piece of water I fish had two pairs of them swimming together in what I noticed when my goldfish spawned...the males "harass" the females to get them to deposit eggs and the follow with their milt. I use 15 lb. braid with 10 lb. mono with a sliding weight on the braid and a small #2 bait hook. My only break-offs are usually when the fish makes a bee-line to a snag or weed bed.
  8. Exactly what place is that?
  9. OK, now I get it. (I was think about Chris Rock's character who complains about the price of things, like "Three dollars for a burger and fries? How much can I get for a dollar? If I give you $0.50 can I like the salt off the fries and the burger wrapper?"
  10. I think you might mean Chris Rock? (Both guys have "over-the-top" character voices.)
  11. Funny that with the lack of traffic you can see who the really bad drivers are by seeing all the car crashes that have occurred by solo vehicles. I mean, if you can't handle driving a highway by yourself, how the hell could you do it with other drivers around you??
  12. Initially good news, but like most "whiners" they will appeal and cry "why us" and "we're being oppressed as a people" with whatever high profile lawyer (in need of being relevant again) or maybe some "famous" transgender athletes to bolster their plea? Then of course they'll push for more accommodation for these "special" (so-called) athletes which will probably result in whatever athletic organization they want to control closing permanently due to the lawsuit cost, and then the group will sue over not being allowed to compete at all. Sure, it's overkill and reaching an absurd conclusion....but that's how these whining groups determine how they "win".
  13. My sister has them and just dropped off 6 dozen eggs. As for their aggressive behavior, they WILL attack any other chicken that is wounded. The actually used to kame red sunglasses for chickens to try and prevent them from attacking other chickens that had blood on them. I find it funny that people will get chickens and consider them as "pets". I can't recall a cat or dog tearing into another cat or dog that had a wound, and eating it. Chickens WILL do that. When my sister started out her kids "named" some of them. We named them too, but we called them "Breakfast", "Dinner", "KFC" and "Frier"...
  14. One night he'll forget and take a whiz on it and "ZAP - I can't feel my groin!"
  15. Simple: looting changes things for the looters, because these "waste-of-space" a-holes are getting free stuff! That seems to be the normal reaction to when "people" feel an outrage....they loot and destroy the businesses of the very same people they shop from. Now we'll be hearing whining about how there aren't enough stores open to "shop".