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  1. Yeah, I see what you mean. Now if it were a "biter" and dropped pellets everywhere it'd be different...
  2. Not to put too harsh a "reality check" on it, but you could always go and buy another one, or find someone that is giving them away (like "free kittens"). It could help a few people in it's passing: 4 lucky rabbits feet, and fur for fly tiers.... Sorry, but I've passed the stage were I treat pets like a member of the family. I'm not cruel or heartless, but if you get a free pet, can you justify spending $100 or more in the hopes that it will last a little longer? (This would NEVER include dogs, as they are true "companion" pets.)
  3. Wasn't that (or I Love Lucy) the first shows to depict a pregnant mother on TV? I believe the later Dick Van **** shows actually had both sleeping in the same bed.
  4. Egg from the movie "Critters"....don't let them hatch!!! When you say they "found" these, were they harvested near something that was planted, like a flowering plant (elephant ear plant has a round root ball) Are they solid like a potato, or soft like a sponge (fungal spore pod)? Does any of your neighbors have odd plants that might have gotten dug up and moved (by local critters)?? I would hold off on a taste test until you know for sure that it wouldn't be your last meal!
  5. Why would you want to ruin their "childhood innocence"? Only a monster would want to crush a child's belief in such things. There will be plenty of time for you to ruin your children's lives later on. If you're dead set on breaking the news don't for get to tell them that they will have to work for someone else for most of their lives and "give" a portion of every cent their earn to other people. Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget to remind them daily that they will die. Did I leave any other "secrets of life" out??? I will never have any part if dispelling and of the myths that make a child's life happy (if not just bearable) and I've played Santa at many functions over the past 20 years, and the unbridled joy a child feels is heart-warming and makes it all worth while. I had nephews and nieces trying to confirm that I was indeed the jolly fellow well into their teens, and I never gave up the charade until they were certain it was me.....when they were in their mid-teens!
  6. His post game interview said it all. When he threw in the bullpen on Wed night, he noticed something that wasn't quite right and corrected it. And the rest became last night's history!!!
  7. New "social diseases" will pop up shortly thereafter... Rectal rust, festering spunk syndrome, testicular shock impotence and of course....metal fatigue.
  8. How about those clunky security robots from "Robocop"??? At least they were armed.
  9. Don't you mean frikkin' lasers? Darn double-posting....
  10. Don't you mean frikkin' lasers?
  11. Yeah, sorry, been a hectic morning...
  12. When they decide you aren't "man" enough they'll leave and take all your credit/internet/personal information and hack the crap out of you!
  13. "You are a slovenly bovine!" - one of mine from 20-30 yrs ago. Another way to call someone a sloppy pig....
  14. I hope when they show "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown" they don't cut out the speech by Linus about the birth of Christ. Somehow, I can see some whack-job taking offense to that and trying to change or remove it.
  15. on a side note, I saw a commercial for ANOTHER remake of "The Grinch". Note that they omitted "..that stole Christmas", as they are probably trying not to offend any non-Christian viewers who might possibly complain that they were having "Christmas" shoved down their throats.... Or maybe the creators are just looking to make a quick buck with a cheap, thrown-together cartoon that looks like a waste of time and energy.....