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  1. This so called vaccine will be the biggest health risk in the next few years ! The scientists who developed mnra said it was not ready for humans that not enuff testing was done ! That it takes years .
  2. What rods and reels are those
  3. That will make for a great reel ! That was the only issue i had with my 3500!
  4. The state rmv is dropping the striped bass plate and now have the new Bell rd plate!
  5. Ben i have the 3500 i feel i cant get a light drag setting it seems even at its least drag sometimes is to much ! On the higher end the drag is great if you want to fish with that much drag.
  6. I think the brass gears in the 3 are fine but the drag sure needs upgrading
  7. Any condition 10” sinking only
  8. I have the lighter version 8-6 was great for schoolie fishing in the spring matched up with a vr 50 makes a very light setup!
  9. So they are 2.5 mm by almost 11 inches
  10. Let me take a look and see i want to make sure they are the diameter you wanted
  11. Lol you ask for tips out there they not comming from any 4legged deer !
  12. I know in britan a fag is a cigarette! so can someone tell this cigarette to shut up !
  13. In the words of Mr Spicole “ all i need is some cool waves , a buzz and i will be fine ! Cha your gay too!
  14. Phill how long do you need these wires ? I think i have a bundle of them that diameter but there like a foot long !
  15. Not in woostah!
  16. Well another buissness falls to the condo developers! Leaving the Woostah folks asking “ wheres the beef”
  17. Fishing is not that easy ! You dont just look at apps or facebook pages to find out when the fish are biting ! Like Sandbar said put in the time and the fish will come .
  18. Been using these since 2018 catch hundreds of fish a year never had this happen !
  19. No it was worse because it was for money ! Filling cars up with bass dont get in anyones way when greed is involved ! Its just a different kind of guy now
  20. Thats bell road park your car get out and fish ! Get on your bike and ride a ways you can find plenty of spots with nobody close to you ! You cant tell me it wasnt like this 30 years ago when you guys were bouncing worms to pay your bills ? Because i know it was same guys that bitch about it now are the same guys who were in those line ups 30 years ago !!!
  21. Sweet setup
  22. I see them almost everyday in Hull we are on the water they normally having coffee with the Hull Harbor master !
  23. Very nice rod
  24. He dead hit by a car on 195 yesterday