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  1. Ive talked to a bunch of people that own visser reels and not one has had any issues at all ! So it makes me wonder if Rob K is just ****ing with you ! kidding of course.
  2. There seems to be a lack of fish here in ma. But other states have been doing well with bass big bass to!
  3. Im in Hull i can service them if you want clean and lube ! 35$ each
  4. Once you learn how to fish the canal then there needs to be fish so you should be ready once this happens
  5. I had one good night this year with some decent fish ! Been rats everywhere since . Those fish were on herring
  6. I think its way more about the rod then the reel itself ! Had the tranx 400 hg was casting no issue down to 1/2 oz swimmers sp minnows no issue snap casting them overhead no lobbing. Any thing upwards to 3 oz dannys no issues at all ! Then i switched rods the new rod was a heavy fast action rod ! This rod made it near impossible to cast anything under 11/2 oz getting terrible back lashes no distance . So for me it was the rod not the reel ! Tranx 400 hg great reel !
  7. Happy Birthday Bernie
  8. Bump
  9. The difference between treehouse drinkers and the average bud light guys is the bud light guy is not going to spend 8-10$ per beer and be chugging them down at the canal ! It s almost like a cult it’s something to be enjoyed not just chugged down ! Like a fine wine .
  10. You dont seem to understand a tap room your allowed 2 beersI if you feel the need to have a bladder full after that there are bathrooms there ! Jesus you make it sound like there will be thousands of people there ! They run a tight ship way better than what was ever in that building before ! Mabe the people should have bitched more about the guy who was allowed to reopen a seafood store after breaking so many laws !
  11. I can ship
  12. Hull Ma
  13. I have a friend that attended a wedding there when it was one of the restaurants that was there .he was standing below the upper deck just chatting with some people ehen he was getting pissed on from above!guy doing the pissing was from 2 houses down s Sandwich resident ! So i can see there concerns about parking ! Not
  14. Why would be any different from all the other failed businesses there as far as how many cars will be parked there !
  15. Custom con. Casting rod built by Chris Aubut built on a norfolk composite blank 8.0’3/4 2 oz asking 225.00