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    fishing plug making lobstering cooking
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    im a self employed contractor / finish carpenter cabinet maker
  1. Alberto to a uni at the Ta but i put a micro swivel on my ta
  2. Loaded cordel
  3. How would your line ever get under your spool ? Unless you let it get slacked to the point it comes of the spool!
  4. Why cant you ship the rod? It is a 2 piece rite?
  5. Looks like a honey lami to me is it like a wet noodle?
  6. Thats awesome Jim
  7. Tis the season for some monsters ! To crash that lure.
  8. A little something for you tailgaters
  9. Graveyard shift the man when it comes to big flies and big stripers , and long casts! Were you at Dan?
  10. For you lady trout
  11. So if the only thing left on the planet to eat was one chicken laying eggs and one rooster ! Would you continue to eat eggs or would you kill them for there meat?
  12. Still thick south of boston
  13. I would look up some videos on surf fishing john skinner is good to give you some ideas !
  14. Next time u catch a bonito stick a hook thru his back and let him swim around see if you get a hit!
  15. Lol headless !