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  1. Mark try if you can a few stages of the tide near high incomming to when it turns ! Try the lower part of the tide on outgoing. top water plugs swimmers and some jigs for the bottom will cover the water column have fun and good luck
  2. Here is that rod sorry slow getting back to you!
  3. I will get rod info today for ya 8’ rod would not be to bad to ship
  4. Were are you located
  5. I have a 8’ conv that throws 1/2 to 2 oz its a g lomis blank i bought it on a whim and its not for me id be willing to part with it ! it was built by Chria Aubut
  6. I ve been hunting holdover for past month or so finally got into some fish on April 28/29 how about you?
  7. Spoken by a true blm snow flake
  8. Putting 1500 pot smokers in jail is far from misleading stop watching cnn and get some real facts about this pos!
  9. How about all in California that have had jail time and drug charges under Kamila Harris! If you break the law at the time it was against the law its not just forgiven when the law changes.
  10. Still not rite send it back
  11. You sure that is were the rattle is and not inside the handle?
  12. I don’t believe in Ma. We need to use circle hooks with riggies! But even if we do i doubt i will ever see a epo in the middle of the night asking to see my baits!
  13. You cant change stupid you can try but i dont think you will change it! Stupid will continue to kill these fish until there are no more!
  14. Mine are inside the truck with rod out rear window
  15. On my phone i have been asked 3 times for it no issue