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    im a self employed contractor / finish carpenter cabinet maker
  1. My bronson 906 and a crack for the salt still have both reels from when i was 12 yrs old, mine does not look as good as one in the pic
  2. Looking for a good headlamp that is some what waterproof has to have red light or green light as well , battery ,not charge type ? What do you guys like?
  3. Its not a fly shop its more of a fly guide and he ties flys,rents gear ! Chris is a great guy always looking to help anglers , with intel .
  4. Disturbed sound of silence
  5. thats beautiful Hilary
  6. Watch amazon they had the slammer for half price this week
  7. Sol is a great way to meet fishing buddys ive met a few thru sol that live in my area , we all share intel and fish together often !
  8. I liked the tsunami 7”/9” sand eel
  9. Le Mcdonalds en Rt 1 , i suggest the mc rib when in season !
  10. Just do it a yr from now you can sell it and make your money back
  11. There are alot of reel scams out there be careful if they are from overseas! But i know on amazon they have listed reels for really cheap prices i got a new in box penn slammer 3 for 154$ thats a crazy price ! But it was a one day thing and only that size reel.
  12. Thanks tony
  13. It comes down to this if you want a bullit proof reel you are going to spend 800 or more for new! If you buy a vr for 500 dont expect it to be a vsx or other hard core reels ! If your going to swim with it or bang it off rocks . The vr is not the reel for that.
  14. Lol i do i plow with my truck so both front and rear diffs get fresh lube , after the season
  15. Thats like not changeing your oil in your car for yrs