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    im a self employed contractor / finish carpenter cabinet maker
  1. So pete what do you fish with ? A old newel and a honey lami throwing only bait?or do you have the newest, and better stuff ?
  2. Drilling holes in it is not repair its hacked!
  3. The shark deterrent system that was proposed for Chatham is a under water system that sends out orca sounds to scare off the sharks! Orcas eat GW.
  4. That was no gentleman that was hilary!
  5. And you dont sleep well cuz all the s youve done
  6. I hate you Hilary have i told you latly
  7. Im going to wear sandels and socks this yr on the rocks ! Im going to use drywall screws screwed in the soles for traction
  8. My f250 is the same 75/80 psi you need to air down to 18 psi get some deflaters it takes awhile
  9. Drinkin bruski,s and crushing 60,s! The best line on sol this yr
  10. A few yrs ago the navy was practicing in the canal and the east end area they had a staging area set up down by the bulkhead and had those fast attack boats running out of sandwich marina ! Pretty cool to see!
  11. Who the f would hack it by drilling holes in reel seat taking a chnce on hitting the blank ! Take it to a builder if you really like the rod have it done rite!
  12. If your phil december!!!
  13. Manual bail and bag , no wrench im keeping it for my other 150.00 , i replaced it because it failed
  14. During electrical storms the air is charged with static electricity, that is looking for places to discharge , a fishing rod is a great place to do so ! Stay safe out there.