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  1. The ss darter is a great plug does not swim well when tide is ripping ! But if you have good current, cast it up current dig it in as soon as you feel resistance back off your speed that means its dug in and working you will feel a pulse more than a zig zag motion crank it slow and watch it catch ! Good luck with it.
  2. Have you ever seen these so called commercial fishermen? The ones ive seen at the canal the greedy bastards that take more than what they are allowed, high grade throw dead fish just to sell a larger one . Money will make people do stupid stuff , so this idea should work perfectly!
  3. Depends on how you plan on fishing it are you going to be dunking it often climbing rocks hard core stuff then vs or zbas if your wading, the shore getting splashed here and there a possible dunk id say slammer 3 vr reel the fisrt few reels you listed are junk
  4. This is not happening this yr as far as i know
  5. Total ban on taking any striped bass anywhere! Rec or commercial.
  6. If you said you had success when you were using herring mabe a lure that looks and swims like one ? Stick shad might be good choice
  7. I tried that once but i forgot to take the hooks off!
  8. I would throw this plug in Hull long cast very slow retrieve making my way thru the suds till i get to the illusive corn log! oh did i mention it would be at the sewer treatment plant!
  9. Yes and there is nobody here dissecting your comments ! We enjoy your post very informative!
  10. Great rods time tested , just very heavy compared to some of the new stuff out there
  11. Jackson sq run loaded and has been all week
  12. Cant people just get along ?
  13. Says surfcasters journeland you ! Metal lips can be fished in many situations, not just a niche lure
  14. Go make your own reports use google earth great tool for finding new areas ! Fish have fun doing it ! As i walked of the beach a guy stopped and said its a bit early for striper! I said is it ?
  15. Yea but did you catch fish ? I bet you did!