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  1. There has to be a trip device innthere that mabe can be removed to make it manual bail cutting bail off will only cause rotor to go out of balance
  2. Welcome aboard looking forward to your comments in the group !
  3. There are some pretty good deals here on the cbst,
  4. Great plug hooks are fine id put a single hook on the back if you are fishing small fish!
  5. Those lures look like they could “ blow anything out of the water”
  6. I just ordered 30 from 3/4 to 11/2 oz but this is not for the canal
  7. His interview was on the news tonight he got a bunch of stitches and cuts ! He said he hit it in the head with a rock a few times , but it didnt do anything ! Then he was able to get his foot on it throat and he chocked it out ! Pretty badass no matter the size !
  8. A legend and a z bass shouldnt set you back to much ! Are you fishing for king neptune ?
  9. Lol glad its working fine !
  10. Thanks cant wait to throw it !i would use braid it throws it fine .
  11. Im sure the op has not caught large fish ! If you think big wooden plugs are nomore than you just gave up on catching large fish! Throw a large Danny or needle into the right water and you will never say those words again ! Big bait= big fish!
  12. Watch this kids videos they are awesome he has alot of them from fresh to salt and even ice!
  13. The Nautalis NVG fully sealed drag and housing
  14. He will need to reach 2400 degrees F to forge high carbon steel , what will be his heat source?