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    im a self employed contractor / finish carpenter cabinet maker
  1. Thanks for reply
  2. If you were to compare reel size would you say vs 150 or 200?
  3. History 101 here on sol ! See we dont just talk about pizza ! And B ware. As much as we like to
  4. Stop by here house for a herring sandwich! Because she can
  5. That was a glider you buy 5 for 20$ on Amazon they come white i painted them up different colors
  6. Custys used to be the place all you could eat lobster shrimp prime rib ham steaks sirloin , deserts ice cream and sunday bar! They would limit you to i think 3 hrs.
  7. It cost nothing to say something nice !
  8. And rr bridge fisher is thr best guy on this site hands down!
  9. I say mr BWare isof the finaist gentlemen on the site !
  10. I do like my eggs a bit runny not raw!
  11. Joe i like my pancakes a little well done ! Biting into uncooked batter is nasty
  12. They should change the name to the salmonella ranch ! They dont seem to want to spend to much time cooking your food ! First time i was ever told you cant have a dunkys coffee in here go put it in your truck!
  13. Lol the big breakfast fire tailgate blitz of 2020 !that venison though.
  14. No im still waiting