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  1. These are available now. They will have the full line up in RI at the show. They'll also have the SS1209 jig rod for the canal,they'll be taking orders for those as I believe there's just one there. Definitely stop by the booth at RISAA.
  2. I've had Mike order me some stuff that he didn't normally stock. I needed some conventional reels for tuna he had them in under a week for me. Great shop , plenty of inventory and he'll actually get you what you're looking for. Great customer service and tackle shop for all of us freshwater or saltwater anglers. Good to see a small business that actually listens to their customers.
  3. Damn, sorry to hear this. Craig was a good guy. Sorry for your loss.
  4. I don't use that powder. I use titegroup for my plinking rounds and N320 for competition rounds. I chrono my competition rounds for consistent power factor. So I'm not always looking for the hottest load. As always use the manual to determine "max charge".
  5. It depends on the brand. Sometimes they come on stripper clips. I don't really care for the clips.
  6. That's called raising them right , and your on the way to getting your ass handed to you on a regular basis!! Anytime your up for it let me know. It would be nice to have someone document all the huge fish I don't catch. If I had your gear I'd throw mine away!
  7. Fishing is stupid, I hate people so I shoot more than I fish now. Although I was fortunate to get the "tuna on spinning gear" addiction this year. I've already upped my gear game for tuna. I'll still fish bass when I feel like it but I can't stand the canal anymore. I've taken to other spots solo. Tog, albies and tuna are far more enjoyable and way less effin tourists.
  8. What are you using for powder? What type of pistol? I load a ton of Zero 147 JHP rounds.
  9. Nice target. I haven't shot my match guns in too long. I find myself jumping headfirst into 3gun competitions now because I don't have enough issues currently..
  10. That's hideous..but kudos to you for finding away around things. Keep up the good fight out there. Every time I tell myself MA sucks, I remember at least I'm not in CA.
  11. I've seen three brand new VP9 come out of the box and each trigger felt different. Not terrible but different. After some work they are beautiful. Nice choice AH. If only the extra mags weren't so much more than other ones.
  12. I use Trijicon on my carry gun. Plenty bright and still going strong after 3 years.
  13. I rode by that area this morning, jammed! I just laughed. Plenty of room east though. Now I'm not saying this post had anything to do with the amount of people there, but I fish that side a lot..
  14. Down there the lights shine in the eyes of people across from them. It's very annoying. I now have a high power led flas light that shoots a concentrated bright beam a long ways. They'll be shutting their lights off now.
  15. That'll help keep the place loaded with people.