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  1. You guys are killing me. Kelly delivered some of my fondest Cape memories. So many nights she kept me warm and content, inside and out. Under the rare calm, clear, and cool star filled skies, she was a beautiful companion. Under the more common bitter, biting, and blowing winds, she was a warm and welcoming lover. Granted, she wasnt the most beautiful, and she was more often dirty than not, but there was something special about her. She was a memory maker. Funny, I was concerned to leave her with you heathens. I'm glad I got to spend my last night on the Cape bathing and shining her after she gallently burned Bob's beautiful, but difficult wood on the Morris Island shoals. She was a champion! 'll now scorch the special bag I bought to carry her in. Thanks f****rs!
  2. I got the system in the mail the day before I left for the Cape. I spent my first evening trying to learn how to cast it. Overhead casts were not a problem, but I just couldn't get the hang of the spey casts. Completely frustrating as I consider myself a decent caster and use spey casts frequently with ordinary lines when fishing rivers. Took the reel and packed it away until I get more time to figure it out. I didn't even attempt the canal. Hopefully I'll have some proficiency by my next trip in the spring! Thanks for the follow up.
  3. Next spring for sure, Mike!
  4. Thanks for the information/videos. I'm now feeling more confident in my 9wt setup. You guys just cost me a $100!!
  5. Thanks Esa and GYS. I don't have the time to dial this in and research building a custom system and/or buying a new set up. Rather than use the Helios, which I agree is too light for heavy work, I'm repurposing an old T3 for the job. I went to the local Orvis outlet.They hooked me up with 600 yards of 45lb GSP backing for nickels, which I used half for this reel. I called my "local" shop in Burlington and they're going to order all the components; Lazar Line, a 350 grain head, a floating front head, a sinking front head, and a short sinking tip. He told me to try it, as he's learning too, and very interested in the system for local fishing. He called OPST for advice and guidance, based on my needs. They said I can return/excange anything that doesn't feel right. He said they're one of the best companies he's dealt with. So far, so good. Really helps to have some experienced advice from you guys, and a great, flexible flyshop. Thanks, all. I'm excited for this new journey. I'll report back with results.
  6. Thanks, SF. I saw that chart. As I know very little about these heads, I wasn't sure if there was any merit in overlining as I often do with some of my saltwater weight fast action rods. It also seems that it might be advantageous to go with the heaviest line possible in order to throw heavier sinking heads.
  7. Sorry one othe question. I'm going to get a floating head, but what about sinking? Is a T14 doable with a 9wt? I've got a fair amount of leftover LC 13, which I used to love and preferred over the thicker tungsten impregnated heads. Is it possible to build heads out of that?
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm going to give this a shot. I have the opportunity to be out there in a couple of weeks. Sounds like I'll need to upgrade my backing to 50lb. My reel requires 300+yards, so that'll be a few bucks.I found some old Amnesia, but for fear of losing a whole setup I think I'll buy everything new. I've decided on a full OPST system. I have a 9wt tip flex Helios One. Any recommendations on head weight (350, 375, 400)? I'd love to target topwater if conditions allow, but I do enjoy dredging and don't mind blind casting. I have a fairly fast casting stroke and I'm reatively strong if that makes a difference with these lines. Sounds more like it's a rod limitation than a casting style limitation though. Unfortunately there is no shop near me to try any lines, so this will be a blind purchase. Hopefully with some advice I can get close to an ideal setup! Totally understand about the limited lifting power of the nine weight, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'd love to get a bigger rod or buy a TH, but finances won't allow right now. Any advice/recommendations are appreciated. Can't figure out how to PM for some reason. Thanks, Guys. Cheers
  9. The canal is on my bucket list, as is a reason to buy a skagit set up for my 9wt single hander. I had some fun with a 7wt OPST setup this summer. Do any of you have any other system recommendations? The OPST systems aren't cheap. I have a decent cast, and although I've very little experience with the skagit heads, I used to throw a lot of longer shooting heads and LC-13. I have an extra, substantial (12-13) reel that I've been saving for a two hander that I can use. What about the skagit in the surf? I that even a thought? Thanks in advance.
  10. Nice!!!! I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I'm so glad you guys got into the big girls. Congrats HT! It's the good karma coming back at you! Thanks to all again. I had great week.
  11. Just used one of Hilltop's baskets for the last four days. World Class!!! So much better than my old Orvis basket. Thank you, Sir!
  12. Thanks HT! There is no need to bring multiples. I'm fine using whatever.
  13. Does anyone who'll be at the Cape the first week have an extra stripping basket I could borrow (wink, wink Hilltop!) Mine just showed up in Australia. No way I can get it here in time. No worries if not. I've built a few before.
  14. HI Mike, I want to second Chuck's thanks. It was a real pleasure getting to meet and fish with you. Thanks also for the TH demonstration/instruction. I didn't take me long to figure out the advantages of the TH rod. Unfortunately I know our meeting is going to cost me another bad and expensive habit! I've started saving my nickels for one of your sweet TH cannons, a reel, line, wetsuit, etc...... Glad to hear you got a pig sight fishing on that flat! That was quite an experience being out there. I'm already looking forward to Montauk and the Cape next year. See you in the fall. I'll bring the steaks! Cheers, David
  15. If you want to catch stripers, or any saltwater fish for that matter, a sinking line is mandatory. There is no better way to learn the feel of a loading a rod than with a sinking line. And you eliminate much of the opportunity to make a mistake while false casting which most beginners do way to often. A sinking line also helps negate the effects of the wind which is almost always a factor in the salt. If you want to catch fish you need to be able to cast different lines under different conditions. Don't blame Orvis, don't return it , get out there and practice and make that line your friend. You'll end up fishing it at least 80% of the time. Why not start with it? My two cents.