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  1. 5000 wobbles, 6000 doesn’t. Both older. 5000 wobble didnt bother me. In fact, I didn’t even realize it was an issue until I read it was an issue on here, now it bothers me
  2. Have to ask out of curiosity, for I am never early enough to ever get one. what do Super Strike show plugs (or what ever they are called) go for at the shows? Also, are they only avaliable at shows or do they sometimes end up at shops? Not judging, just curious what the deal with them.
  3. I’ll take that
  4. I’m thankful for the guys who collect. The other day I lost one of my favorites, faster than I could type WTB, BAM one of hoarders had a dozen they were willing to sell. God bless OCD That reminds me, anybody got a Redhead RV Swimmer they’re willing to sell?
  5. 832 and Jerry Brown for me. braids a funny thing All it takes is one break off on a good fish or a lost plug, and bam you are the lightning rod for flaming that ‘poorly’ made braid. I lost a great plug on a nice fish, using J-Braid, which may have been caused by not checking my line - buying a knock-off on eBay- or it may have actually been a really, really good fish, but I will never go back to J-Braid because it’s ‘their’ fault. Point is, we can be temperamental, superstitious women when it comes to the best braid. When you’re starting out, don’t the buy super cheap off Ebay or the super expensive off a Japanese bass fishing website, and stick to something in the middle and you will be fine. Oh, by the way, J-braid worked great on the 721 fish prior to the one break off - but nonetheless - CURSE YOU J-BRAID
  6. What’s the line and quality of the line in the saltist? thanks
  7. Back in the day, Classic Rods and Rodmakers by Marty Keane sent me down a bamboo rabbit hole that almost fanancially killed me. The River Why really got me to enjoy it more, as did any of the Gierach’s
  8. These two books did more for my fly fishing than all other books combined, until Google Earth ruined everything
  9. always end up reaching for something else, but this is a good call and I’ll give them another try.
  10. Bottledarters, just don’t get them. Are they a bottle, or are they a darter. I have to figure out the proper cadence for these screwy plugs, and I have some great ones collecting dust. Honestly, it may be that the difference in many plugs is not as great as we imagine. So instead of trying and working something new to the point of confidence - or more likely, when the current kicks in, we revert back to a lure we have more confidence in, and deem the other one a failure. But seriously, SP’s, sluggos, swim shads, bucktails?!? Good gravy, this is more like a list of the usual suspects than bad lures!
  11. If your just dead sticking the bay, no need for flipping switches or anything fancy, a 5500, 50 record, heck a 940. I’m sure if you move a few things around in your fishing room/desk you’ll uncover twenty reels that will work
  12. Weight and builder of the Polaris? Thanks
  13. Anybody got a picture of the Blitz Bag, I dont do Facebook sorry, this is the bst, I’ll post elsewhere
  14. Would have wrote the same thing, even with the BG5000, except I have the Spheros 8000. Mine’s the old gray one which I think is 2-8.
  15. To the above poster, a lot of kayakers, guys who swim to rocks, guys who move around a lot don’t want hoods have you tried one of those Aquaskinz neoprene caps/hoods? I know you don’t want your ears covered, but they will keep you warm as heck, and can easily be tucked in a pocket. The only thing, they are tight. I had one that lasted 10 minutes, because it was so tight and warm, I mean crazy warm, even in a November Nor’Easter. I instead just sucked it up and went with the cold wet head look. If possible, try them on before you buy it. I am sure there other companies than aquaskinz that sells them. Good luck