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  1. Sorry, didn’t even see you already the same exact thing. i remember someone telling me that after getting frustrated with schoolies. Amazing how an extra 5-10’ right can change the everything.
  2. As for a means of exercise, you’re better off buying a thigh master. The most calories you’ll burn is from lifting it off and on the truck. not saying they aren’t great, I have too many, but calling kayaking exercise just promotes the fat fisherman stereotype. Depending on where you fish, I would get a used one that can pedal in reverse, very useful in the nooks and crannies of the Eastern Shore and back bays.
  3. As others have said 3/8 with a assassin or z-man. But one bit of advice I found very useful, specks and schoolers are in slightly different areas. Schoolies are fun, but are a PITA when targeting specks. Where the schoolies are going to be a dime a dozen hugging the sod banks on the points and outflows, specks are little out, in the deeper seams.
  4. I think it is safe to say that if you are swimming to a rock 5 nights a week, 6 months straight in water where sharks have been seen, you don’t have a fear of sharks.
  5. Thanks, I’ll look into the subaru forum. It’s those retractable bars that’s hanging me up. They are usually great, hauled two hobies on them with J’s, but this canoe is A fat bastard.
  6. I have an outback and want to replace the retractable rails with something wider. Has anyone replaced or added something to the rack to make them wider. Usually they have worked great, but I bought a fat canoe for the kids. thanks
  7. Wait for it...
  8. Curious, are the tog sidewinder guys using Alvey reels? Are they using modified rods?
  9. Don’t the Alvey’s require a special rod, or at least a modified reel seat? Don’t think you going to plunk them on any surf rod and they are going to work the way they are supposed to. The reel seat is lower and the guides are different. There may be more to it than picking up a cheap Alvey reel off of eBay, so be aware of the rabbit hole.
  10. It’s just sad how Loomis is hardly even mentioned anymore. They made some great rods back in the day, my 1324 and my 965 are still two of my favorites. Although it just hard to compete with the new, lighter material. It’s even worse for old boat rods - everything is skinny and light - my calstars and sabers feel and look like clubs next to this new stuff.
  11. What’s the lure range? Thanks
  12. I’ll take the yellow
  13. Towing the boat with a Grand Safari station wagon
  14. If just guide repair and not broken tip, I am definitely interested. Any pictures appreciated. Thanks