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  1. Closed - just going order similar thanks
  2. Clearly you should be listening to a person who has trouble pronouncing his R’s correctly, but my 1322 has been working for pretty much everything. A 5 is a lob, but 3, 4 and pencils work well. Yeah, if I lived up there I would have a Jigster with a 14000XWRQMT-something, but the few weeks I’m up there each year, the 8 spheros and 1322 are fine, with an old 2-8 TFO/ 5bg backup.
  3. Take the bottom one for $35 if youre willing to split
  4. Sounds good
  5. Ok, what is that last one in the Ruru lot? Can’t tell what it is thanks
  6. $25 for the two middle RuRu’s
  7. When you say ‘South’, are you referring to below LBI?
  8. Anyone have a white or dark/black/blurple stubby? Used or new thanks
  9. It’s a Bigfish Prey
  10. How about this bunch, I have others
  11. I’ll take 5
  12. Going to bump this up, because I’m see that they’re starting to show up On multiple sites now , and shops - unfortunatley, nowhere near me. The numbers are hitting a lot of the right marks, but there is nothing I’m seeing on the guts. Anyone fondle one yet?
  13. It’s nice to see that the old threads were about as focused as the new threads : )
  14. The emblem Pro is a great casting reel, but it’s a beast. Not sure where and how you’re fishing, but it felt silly pulling in 24”-something Joisey bass with that thing. If the penn 5500 LC is smaller, go with it, I’m sure it bombs just the same.
  15. Ha Ha, I feel ya. I’m embarrassed to say, there have been times fishing Jersey beaches, I have used my 5500 Emblem Pro tank (old version) just because I didn’t feel like patching the wader hole on my knee, so I fished like a sandpiper bombing it as my ankles got wet. I have a few 706’s, and there is no comparison to my Emblem’s which I’m sure bombs like the Penn LC. The LC spool helps me fish while wearing my tweed jacket. : )