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  1. No thanks yeah, and that mac is a really good one, but I forgot the maker.
  2. $400 sounds good PM sent closed
  3. Bought this as a back up to my back up, never used it. slowing down on fishing. Works great, no problems. $425 shipped PP FF
  4. Thanks, I want to keep it as a lot - more of a reduction in force than a sale
  5. That’s right, sorry about that Should have known
  6. Ugh sorry, always thought was your spook.
  7. $85 is as low as I can go shipped thanks
  8. Thanks, looking to sell as a lot for now - just posted - great reel though
  9. Daiwa Emblem Pro 4500 with extra spool - Tica GX10000 with extra spool all loaded with 40 or 50# $95 shipped for both PP FF
  10. A bunch of big plugs tattoo, guppy, AH,real Sebile, Tsunami used but goo shape and new 3oz BT’s $105 shipped FF. Just not making up there as much
  11. Jason B

    Georgia Coast

    Go to Tybee , essentially Savanah’s beach (20 minutes). Probably one of the easiest and prettiest places to kayak around. And depending on when you’re going, it has great red surf fishing. St Simmons and Jekyll are great kayaking, but pretty much strictly kayaking. Both Tybee and St Simmons have nice beach towns worth exploring and Savanah/Tybee is right off 95, so not much of a detour.
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