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  1. Not to mention it’ll stink up the house for a week
  2. No thanks
  3. Throw this used by me in before I move
  4. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks
  5. Sorry, both of my balances aren’t working. Greens 6.5”, blues 5.5”. If you’re interested in the lot, I’ll bring a balance from work tomorrow. Thanks
  6. All new, only opened the squid to look at it. Keeping as lot $110 shipped pp
  7. A lot of rods will work but it depends on what you’re doing. Are you casting paddletails to sod banks, drowning sand worms and clams or trolling Rapalas in the river? Ill take a stab at the casting to sod banks rod - if the longer butt bothers you, the st Croix kayak series is a good choice. Sensitive enough to working jigs but also can double duty for fast jigging fluke. Not as sensitive as the higher Croixs but if shorter butt is what you’re after, it’s probably one of your better choices.
  8. If you want it, it’s yours
  9. If you’re still up for it, it’s yours.
  10. Sounds good
  11. Forget the net, bring this when fluke fishing Jersey, way more useful
  12. Thanks but $125 a fair price after shipping and pp
  13. Penn 525mag used only handful of times, just a backup for my other mag. Comes with reel bag $125 shipped pp
  14. Holy Crap is that a Cobia?!? Never mind, it’s just an fricken remora
  15. Thanks for info but do you know if this is true for the at-home rapid test kits too? Do they stay positive for just as long? Tested positive over ten day ago, only mild, feel fine - isolated, haven’t had symptoms for a week, took kit test, and still showed positive. Called insurance/hospital and they said don’t bother testing, just isolate and monitor symptoms. makes me think, people are screwed who travel and test positive. Do they have to wait 3 months for a negative results to fly home?