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  1. Anyone using a Phenix M1 inshore for fluke? Going back and forth on the Phenix/Dark Matter/Nexus but haven’t handle the Phenix. Using it for fast tap dancing 1-3 20-50’, boat, Any help appreciated
  2. if these are still going- I’ll take #4, #5 and can I get two more white 1oz Sparkies and two 1oz chartruese Sparkies from your other thread. also could I get 2 - 3/4 Sparkies white 2 - 3/4 Sparkies Chartruese
  3. Are all the bucktails Timman? If not, do you know whose? Thanks
  4. Great, I’ll send you a pm
  5. I was just about to list these - 1 704 MPU and Pancake - 1 706z - also throw in a spool of ~200yds of 30# Fireline Want to sell as a lot $135 shipped
  6. Thanks for the offer, but that’s too low to ship that reel. this is getting too complicated, was hoping to sell as one easy cheap lot - gonna close this up thanks Tim
  7. $150 for the Calstar rod sounds good. Ill send you a pm.
  8. Took it to USPS and UPS and both quotes were almost $50 for both, so I’d don’t think shipping is worth it. Both said, those cheap labels are people who print them at home - half get returned for insufficient postage. Both back up for sale for Jersey/MD/DE meet up. Willing to split into lots above.
  9. $160 meet up for both Bogans - they’re in great shape
  10. Let me see if I got a tube - zip?
  11. C, Thought about it, three tog rods is too much for one person to buy at once, - $200 for Calstar and Penn and I’ll through in the Newelled Penn 100.
  12. Thanks but let me see where this goes, just posted. I listed it low enough to go as a good-buy lot. If you’re in Jersey and it hasn’t gone by this Friday, I’ll get back to you. that is a great versatile outfit though.
  13. 1 Calstar graphfighter 700-L 2 - Bogan 7’ Tog rods 1 Penn 506HS tiburan frame and Tani handle 1 Penn Surfmaster Newell frame line good on both reels - $350 entire lot ( the 100 is a gimme, but a damn good back-up) done with tog and boat - heading more south (heading to Mid Jersey this weekend to do some ‘birdwatching’ can meet up as long near some shore birds)
  14. Hands down, best sweatshirts made. If you change your mind, I’ll take it in a second
  15. Sorry, haven’t used heavier than twenty. For inshore, I just use a double Uni, but I did use for a popping cork and it was fine on the barrel.