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  1. surf

    Yeah, I too am debating between a stradic FL and Daiwa Back Bay both 4000. They both appear to be winners and can’t go wrong with either (going by reports, not sure they are out yet in th 4 for either). The FL looks like it will be nice for flinging albie lures and sod bank stuff. Both are wicked light, below 10, but their line capacities seem Meh, perfect for 15# albies, but may be low for chucking the pencil you’re talking about with heavier stuff. Was also thinking of the 3500 slammer, but that is considerably heavier, but more water resistant, which is less of a concern for my purposes for sod bank/jetties, and gentleman shore casting. I probably will go with the FL, just for that longer spoil, but I’ll tell you that new spheros inshore is also looking interesting to throw in your mix.
  2. Funny, first thing that came to my mind was, here’s this pregnant lady after hoping rock to rock on a jetty, casting a like a machine gun, she’s a holding a Bonito by the tail pondering if she could eat it
  3. No clue, but top 10 title
  4. Forgot about that, and it reminded me yesterday morning. More bark than bite, a blue would scoff
  5. Thanks, What # test you using? What reel did you pair it with?
  6. Like the other guys, if you split, I would be interested in a couple stubbies.
  7. How’s the 9’6” at throwing .5oz, I have been throwing a lot of 5/8 this year? Thanks Oh, are they both 50/50 splits?
  8. It was pretty fun off the beach this morning, even the kids picked up a couple. One of my better vacation weeks up here for these little funnier fish.
  9. By far the easiest way to catch them is to target stripers from the beach, and inevitably you will catch all the cownose you want. Let’s make a trade, you send us all the stripers the canal guys are Complaining about, because apparently they are causing quite a ruckus and we’ll send all the cownose Y’ALL want.
  10. Bass can be a really pain in the butt. Just today, in two different locations bass were slurping away left and right, and I was changing lures, retrieves, depths, direction and moving, you name it, I tried it. I even went down to a 15# leader, and tied direct. And I even know I was using pretty close copies of the bait, but nothing, only one short. I felt like I was fly fishing for trout in a hammered river in Yellowstone. Blues, I’m not really sure, I don’t really target them with same focus. If they come by, and I can reach them, I usually hook up. But if I was targeting them with the same focus, who knows, they may be equally a pain in the butt.
  11. Hey thanks, but let the other guy get it for $190, just realized BPS doesn’t carry what I want just yet. if for some reason, it doesn’t work out with him, I’ll take it for the $180.
  12. If you change your mind on selling, I would be interested.
  13. Thanks, it looked heavier, I guess I’m third in line
  14. What # line is on that reel?