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  1. Glad to hear that.
  2. Is TLDigs still around- she was always fair-
  3. RIP Derf- always enjoyed you input-
  4. How come these guys don't have to follow the rules>? Was before flounder season opened- just had to do this-lol
  5. You too, it wasn't easy, but if I can do it anybody can- as for smoking- just can't quit.
  6. Easiest way to get kicked off- Get drunk, Tell TimS you're really tired of him editing your posts- add a few F's, and then even call him an idiot- For which I do apologize- I guarantee your history- kinda like me. Side note- I did quit drinking when the liver protested-lol
  7. I have many points- how do I collect? To all those that said hello, thanks- been a long time- glad to see you're all still around- I just turned 69- yikes.
  8. Not back- Just dropped in to say hello after somebody asked me where he could get good info on striper fishing North of ACY- I haven't fished in 20 years- Sold my surf rods to Frank Mahalic-
  9. Must be Catch All- LOL
  10. Had to give up fishing due to sciatica- can't hardly walk, but still breathing- miss you guys- just bragging about this site on twitter- just had to visit.
  11. I guess I'm not blocked- Hi TLDigs and Ben LIppen!
  12. Just wanted to thank all who helped me find stripers years ago- I was rather obnoxious back then, and I apologize. Just wanted to say hello.
  13. All you guys are talking about is super expensive rods and reels. Ya have to get real- ya have to go out and do it for yourself with a good old wallmart rod and reel, I,ve caught thousands of fish with this combo.- and some of you guys can't even tie a knot without asking. Do a search first, If almost 15 yrs of SOL search engine doesn't find your answer, THEN ask for help- some of you guys are getting me tired Used to love this place when we argued about the rfa, spawning biomass, yoy, etc- I think I've had enough- BUT, I wish you the best of luck in my retirement good buy Tim-enough for me.
  14. (*Edited - hey Walt, you can go back into hiding buddy, you don't come here to discuss topics, you come here to add off topic, antagonistic and useless garbage to other folks' discussions and that's disruptive and unwelcome. See ya. TimS)
  15. That's very ironic- my daughter, who just had this baby, looked like a cross between elvis and robinson when she was born- scared me almost to death boy I hope she never reads this post