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  1. If Peanut Bunker are in ,fish are not hitting any lure.
  2. Happy 4th, Hope all is well with everybody.
  3. Great looking sweatshirt,love that front logo.
  4. Stay Health,Hope to see everybody on the other side of this crazy time we are living through. Hope all the best to my friends. Carl stay strong, stay safe.
  5. Sorry guys been out of the loop,hope all are well.I will be around the MSBA expo coming up this week end,maybe see you there. Glad to see a few showed up ,fishing around the corner.
  6. I was wishing for a great season this year,we lost all our safe ice over this weekend,we will see what happens in the coming months.
  7. Phil,would be great to fish SE MA or the cape,but no ponds freeze in that region most of the time. TYRD,there are a couple ponds around me not to far off of Rt.495 that may make a day for our SE area friends.
  8. Happy New year,would like to see a few of you guys this coming season.Hope all the best to you all.
  9. I would be up for that.I think we may have met before at Leo's once? I am from central MA. also,may be able to help out,if this happens.
  10. Great seeing pictures,can stir up idea's even better when we are in snow/sleet mode this time of year. Thanks always,Rob for good info.
  11. Just the way I was told,still works.
  12. I am just looking for the torpedo style,glow jigs with the double rig on the bottom,nothing fancy. I am a simple man. Thanks Rob.
  13. I think pink and white/yellow works.
  14. Oldgoat do you know a tune about squid? Thanks guys will look some Yozuris up buy a few colors.
  15. Just looking to put a small collection of squid jigs together to have for a few times I may be able to hit a lit dock @ the Cape. Color suggestions,brands,general good advice.