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  1. Hope all is well Mike take the time to heal right.if you need anything,I am not that far away.
  2. you should take great advice from all the people on this sight,they know there stuff.great crew.
  3. He is closing,maybe if somebody has the money, you could still keep it as a tackle shop.
  4. so sorry to hear,great people.hope all the best for them.
  5. remember a few popcorn blitz days,I think that was 1 clambrella day.
  6. I remember that day well.
  7. Happy New Year Guys.
  8. merry Xmas,Happy new yr. to all my friends.Jan.13 2019 anybody want to meet me for breakfast @ Leo's around 8:00 ? Sunday.
  9. so can that be dunked,water sealed ?
  10. no thank you at this time I will decline.great bag.
  11. will offer 100.00 pp shipped.
  12. I like the green light on my lamp,got from Mac tool truck.I have a color blind thing,red not a color I pick up on as much as green.I am strange person.
  13. That sounds like a great invite,let me know,Thank you.
  14. Things are going Mike,Thanks for thinking of me.Been kinda a rough Yr.It will get better.
  15. Going,Hope all is well with you,how are mac,s running @the ditch?