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  1. Still need to watch tides,great to get there around false dawn ,but if you have a ripping tide going to be tough.tide change& moons.
  2. I am going to try to throw a spook style plug just a little before/after slack,give it a some water.In the Ditch.
  3. Sorry I dont check this out all the time. 01532.maybe willing to meet some where in the middle?
  4. I,ll offer 90.00,I just cant let it sit,just not sure if I will rebuild it.Let me Know. Thanks.
  5. 40.00 shipped,thanks.
  6. nice bike! That will work well.
  7. Close this,Dont know where this is going.
  8. no,I really never sell.
  9. I will take it @ 430.00 pp,give me a day to transfer money.I will do it . maybe later tonight .
  10. Would yo go for 400.00 PP,if you were closer I would do cash
  11. Is that with box & paperwork?
  12. any line on the reel? pics?
  13. looking for a vr 175,or something close,sealed reel for surf casting.
  14. Good to see /here from you Stewie.Hope to see you this year?
  15. Will try to attend & help members should get involved if we want to keep this an annual event.