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  1. the list has changed many times over the years,control over the list added & subtracted many.I really don't think it will ever be perfect .
  2. I had some great yrs. lobstering on the canal,got to watch your back all the time.
  3. I will offer 22.00 shipped ,Thanks.
  4. always enjoy your input,you are a good man A1,would be honored to sit in & have coffee with you and Tagger,I can only do it on a weekend?
  5. why are you ****** now?
  6. I am out this year,need to lock down a date early,stick with that date,some can,some can't come.
  7. so,5-4-19 is the swlcc show in westport this yr,5-12-19 sun. mothers day,so that brings this event out until sun.5-19-19.Remember we have had it on Sun.because softball league do not use field on Sundays.just throwing things out to see if they stick .I would love to see us all meet.May 19, 2019,Troll Casting Event.
  8. Don't forget guys you can kayak those creeks all year long.I know guys that fish plenty of back rivers all year.
  9. If you want to fish the ditch you just need to commit to the ride,I only have a couple friends I will fish next to, never mind a long ride down before starting to fish.Just my cranky thought.Hope you do have a great season@ the Ditch,Great place.
  10. Sorry will be @ MSBA for the weekend,working the Expo.
  11. Still need to watch tides,great to get there around false dawn ,but if you have a ripping tide going to be tough.tide change& moons.
  12. I am going to try to throw a spook style plug just a little before/after slack,give it a some water.In the Ditch.
  13. Sorry I dont check this out all the time. 01532.maybe willing to meet some where in the middle?
  14. I,ll offer 90.00,I just cant let it sit,just not sure if I will rebuild it.Let me Know. Thanks.
  15. 40.00 shipped,thanks.