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  1. We don't want to hold you up – without seeing one she's not sure if it will be overkill for her needs (and budget). If it's still around when she figures it out I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  2. She is trying to find someone at work that has one to see if the size will work for her. Thanks for your patients… Mark
  3. As soon as I hear back from my wife, (she's getting killed at work today), I'll let you know if we can work something out. Also is this the 256GB version?
  4. Just to be sure, I couldn’t find an 8S only an 8 or 8 plus. Don’t really know if she’s interested in the larger phone but I’ll check with her.
  5. More than I'm willing to spend, but thanks and good luck.
  6. No plugs, and only rod I would have for trade is a Lami Ron Arra XSRA1321-2, (back-up used less than a half dozen times). I would be interested in the iPhone – my wife 5S is overdue for an upgrade. If you have no interest in the rod would you be interested in selling? I'm in Huntington. Thanks for considering… Mark
  7. PP sent. Thanks and good holidays to all, Mark
  8. Sorry for the delay Fishy, had to wrestle with this a little since I don't "need" the bag, But I'm in at $200. PM your PP info. and I'll get payment out tonight when I get home, (I'm at work now). Thanks, Mark
  9. Hey Fishy, With Christmas coming the best I can offer is $190. If that works I can do PayPal, if not good luck with sale...
  10. Received the reel today, it's a beauty! Thanks Dave and SOL
  11. That sounds fine, I'll take it, is PayPal ok? PM me your info… Thanks, Mark
  12. Dave, if you'd be willing to ship the 229 (to Long Island) I'd take it for $125. Thanks for considering, Mark
  13. Can you post better pictures, I can't see the salt?