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  1. PP sent. Thanks and good holidays to all, Mark
  2. Sorry for the delay Fishy, had to wrestle with this a little since I don't "need" the bag, But I'm in at $200. PM your PP info. and I'll get payment out tonight when I get home, (I'm at work now). Thanks, Mark
  3. Hey Fishy, With Christmas coming the best I can offer is $190. If that works I can do PayPal, if not good luck with sale...
  4. Received the reel today, it's a beauty! Thanks Dave and SOL
  5. That sounds fine, I'll take it, is PayPal ok? PM me your info… Thanks, Mark
  6. Dave, if you'd be willing to ship the 229 (to Long Island) I'd take it for $125. Thanks for considering, Mark
  7. Can you post better pictures, I can't see the salt?
  8. Smoke 'em if you got 'em
  9. Only have two but I KNOW what you're saying - one of my favorites!
  10. I can see the reflection of a lighthouse in that fishes eye… oops!
  11. Payment sent, Mark
  12. I'll take th pliers sheath. Please pm info Thanks, Mark
  13. Every year I keep a few to smoke – my wife insists on it! I have found that bled immediately, trimmed of all the dark red meet on the loins, and brined over night it takes smoke well and is intense, but good on its own. If you have it on crackers over brie, with cracked pepper & a halfed sweet 100 cherry tomato fresh from the garden on top, its more than edible – its KILLER! I have eaten a few slivers raw and its not bad but its not near as good as bonito or fresh bluefin if you happen to have one handy. Save some for me… Mark