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  1. I've used for several years UMPQUA STEAMBOAT 1200 ZS SLING. Love it. I have a small orvis I bought used for LMB but its does not hold a lot.
  2. Been using a cheeky tyro reel and it's a great reel.
  3. There's a member on here "isleomaniac". He wrote a good book on the topic. A worthy quarantine read. Look him up in this forum to see his worm hatch posts.
  4. I never met BFD but I totally miss him. On those long winter days and stuck at work, I would always check out all his posts. Use to get me through the bad days at work. I lived vicariously through his posts from Sanibel, PA ,and up at the Cape. There will always be a Betsy in my fly box!
  5. I'll take the Patagonia beefy wading boots size 12.
  6. Leech pattens. Simi seal leach is a killer pattern.
  7. I fell on mine on a jetty. Put a nick in the reel but still works fine. Overall its a great reel for the money.
  8. I'm in.
  9. Im in.
  10. Happy New year to all.
  11. Nice small mouth on a Flo green wooley worm.
  12. I'm in.
  13. You talking about xxxxxxxxxx?
  14. Scouts in my troop all told me not to fish here because there were no fish. Told me I was wasting my time. Then I showed up with fly rod and showed them no fish. lol Yes I gripped a sunny. It was the only way to get it up the hill without killing myself. This was cleaned and cooked for fishing merit badge.
  15. I heard they were suppose to switch to biodegradable statues.