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  1. shock. He was the most frugal person I've ever met. RIP Steve.
  2. 14 and 16 sometimes 18. As I get older I tend to stick with bigger sizes.
  3. They work. I use a white bead from a craft store. I did switch to silver wire after this batch to make the flies more durable.
  4. I'll give this a bump before It goes off to the bay.
  5. I'm starting the purge now. Going to be putting the house up soon.
  6. SA wet tip express line new $29 shipped to your door.
  7. I have this brand new $29 shipped.
  8. I've had the Atlas for a while. I had to put thread locker on handle and I don't use the slots in the hook jaws. Gets the job done for me as I tie hundreds of flies.
  9. I find the squirmy wormy does not last long. Material is too fragile.
  10. I'll take the Airflo Cold Saltwater WF9I - spooled but not used - $45 shipped
  11. I will take this.
  12. Some recent freshwater fly caught.
  13. Sorry for your loss.
  14. I stopped getting this mag because I got tired of paying for ads.
  15. I've used for several years UMPQUA STEAMBOAT 1200 ZS SLING. Love it. I have a small orvis I bought used for LMB but its does not hold a lot.