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  1. I'd go to these places but only open 9 to 5 M-F. Closed on weekends. They don't want me to shop there.
  2. The auto parts store kills me when I go there and they only have 1 rotor. " Pay for the 2nd rotor here and drive 2 towns over to the other store to pick up the 2nd rotor" . I say forget it and tell them I'm going home to order 2 rotors from rock auto.
  3. I went into a big box store and was looking for a item. I was told "we only sell that item online on our website" . My response was why should I ever come to this store ever again.
  4. Yes. I was switching it around and just tossed it back on that rod.
  5. This is the one pictured in this thread on one of my salt rods. I got it at Bass Pro.
  6. Show us a pic of what you are trying to replicate. Always good ideas to help out here.
  7. Trout Season opened last Saturday. This weekend should be much better because it will be less crowds.
  8. I'll take this.
  9. Your club does a great job with the tournament. I use to take my kids there until they grew up.
  10. That's a great garage sale find.
  11. Any weight in those flies?
  12. Double ouch.
  13. Ouch.