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  1. I'm in. Thanks!
  2. I'm in
  3. They take some time to get use to.
  4. One day I'll run into Cinder worms hatching and I'll be ready. LOL Anyone have any tips on locating them in N.J.?
  5. No not recently. Got involved with a Boy Scout troop several years back. Took up my plug building time. I moved north last Oct., and still working on setting up my new workshop. In a couple months I'll have some plugs. I'm going to start with some gliders.
  6. My sister had all kind of joint pain. Went gluten free and it helped her.
  7. I got mine from Amazon for 100.
  8. Someone has done this already. search fly hooks dot org.
  9. Hoppers work everywhere in the summer.
  10. The past is the past. We all had nothing to do with it. Move on, Move forward.
  11. Show has been better in years past.
  12. I fought this fight before. Power washing makes a mess. I ended up putting new wood on deck. My guess is you are going to pull the wood off and plane it.
  13. You have a better chance to catch a musky there. That use to be my testing area as well.
  14. I'm about to tie a whole bunch of these up. How do you select the deer hair? A lot of difference of opinion on this.
  15. I usually tie a lot of freshwater and saltwater flies for the donation table. I moved last Oct and the fly tie and plug building stuff is still coming out of the storage unit into my house. I'll make a lot for next year. Maybe even the first striperknight lures in 10 years.