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  1. Too bad we can't send you the days and days of rain we have had here.
  2. Nice 2014 video.
  3. I just got my 8wf line for my LMB rod. I can tell no difference between this line and the sa mastery line I just removed. I end up replacing this line every 3 seasons so time will tell how long it last.
  4. Gonna need the intercooler, bypass valve, and various brackets/pipes. Good luck with that.
  5. I let them soak in a mild dishwater soap and then use the Rio line cleaning kit. The pads that come with the kit really get the dirt off the line.
  6. Nice smallmouth. I never think to use my stripping basket in freshwater. Do you find it helpful?
  7. thousands of scammers out there.
  8. I 've used travel guard but never had to file a claim.
  9. Various shades.
  10. Do you have better pictures of your flies?
  11. Couple of my boxes.
  12. I'd go to these places but only open 9 to 5 M-F. Closed on weekends. They don't want me to shop there.
  13. The auto parts store kills me when I go there and they only have 1 rotor. " Pay for the 2nd rotor here and drive 2 towns over to the other store to pick up the 2nd rotor" . I say forget it and tell them I'm going home to order 2 rotors from rock auto.
  14. I went into a big box store and was looking for a item. I was told "we only sell that item online on our website" . My response was why should I ever come to this store ever again.
  15. Yes. I was switching it around and just tossed it back on that rod.