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  1. Two great books for people new to the sport. The Art of surfcasting with Lures - Zeno Hromin $13 SOLD Surfcaster - The ultimate surf fishing guide - William "DOC" Muller $13
  2. Underwater flies for trout - Tom Fuller $13 False Albacore - Tom Gilmore $15 sold Paypal only
  3. The primer is good. I've been using those golden paints for another hobby with a paint brush and found they don't cover well. Takes multiple coats.
  4. Rip Tom. I would run into him all the time in Sea Girt. Traded plugs with him and some stories.
  5. I thought the Father\son vendor selling the Bob Hahn stash was way cool.
  6. Lots 1 and 2 are sold to hydraman. I'll combine the two lots and ship it for $50. i'll send you my address.
  7. I don't recall. I got them in a trade a few years back. Found them unpacking from my move. I thought it would be cool to get them out to some fishermen who don't have access to resin teasers\flies.
  8. For sale 3 uv resin minnow teaser lots. Each lot is the same. 20 Eagle Claw hooks, A lot = 6 teasers. 1 Yellow 1 Olive 1 Chartreuse 1 White 1 Red 1 Pink $26 a lot shipped. Paypal only. sorry no mix and match.
  9. 22 Cinder worm flies. 52 shipped. Paypal only
  10. Always with the Zappa.......
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