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  1. New in box Scientific Anglers Wet Tip Express Intermediate WF-450-S Red/Dark Grey $35 Shipped, Paypal only
  2. What kind of paint do you use for the trees and how do you protect from fading?
  3. Nice tie. What is it called? Material?
  4. Get well soon. I miss your posts!
  5. You gave so many many detailed post with pictures making this site much better. If all those who "piled on" in those post did the same this forum would be a hundred times better than it already is. I can't tell you how many times I lived through your post when life got in the way and I could not get out to fish. Thank you!. - - - SK
  6. For what is cost to heat, cool, power,staff, and taxes for those places you figure every square inch of those places would be fully stocked with something to purchase. I don't get going into these places and seeing empty shelves.
  7. BFD, You got this. SK
  8. I am stunned. I met Silent Scott at a couple of plugfest. I'll always remember his comments about wearing a wetsuit and becoming bait once he stepped into the water. I'm so sorry to hear this. RIP Scott.
  9. I used one for my 9wt saltwater rod for 2- 3 years. Works fine no issues. Great piece of gear.
  10. I use an 8wt to toss topwater flies to LMB during the day. I catch big bass and get the thrill of seeing them crush the fly. That is addicting. An 8 wt helps me get the fish out of the weeds and algae muck.
  11. I will take these.
  12. Ikea LED light $20
  13. I've caught more LMB on gurglers than any fly my box.
  14. Very nice picture.