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  1. If the caliper is sticking the rim(s) should get very hot as well after a good drive. That's what happened to me at least but there was no noise, just a hot rim and what smelled like an electrical fire. Did you check the thickness of the pads to confirm your just not hitting the sensors?
  2. "Straps keep the kayak from touching the brand new cap I just bought" - As for another option you may want to get some pipe insulation foam strips from home depot. They come pre-split and all you need to do is measure your roof rack rail length and attach nice and snug with some plastic cable ties (black pipe strips & black plastic ties work well together). Then use the same straps you have to secure the kayak to the rails. Having those straps the way you do now may generate a ton of noise on the highway but I'm guessing you need it this way to load sideways? If you load from the rear to front you should be able to slide on top of the rear foam strip but perhaps not depending on your situation..... Good luck!
  3. Cut that in half and you have a nice jack stand stand platform as well....
  4. Appreciate all the responses, going to further digest this and weigh out my options. May just stick with warm water conditions for now. Thanks again.
  5. I didn't even realize till now there was both a dry and wet suit option. I do have 2 pairs of waders already that I use for surf fishing, 1 is heavy neoprene and the other is light fabric type material. I always figured waders would be to dangerous if I fell in and they filled with water but is that fear unwarranted when coupled with a life jacket?
  6. Can anyone offer and good advice on what type of wetsuit I should wear for kayak fishing in the south bay? Last year was my first out there and I now realize that shorts and a t-shirt are not going to cut it anymore especially for the early and late season. Looking for something that will be comfortable early spring to early fall- is that possible or would I need both a light weight and heavyweight suit? Appreciate any thoughts out there. Thanks!
  7. As a last ditch effort I'd go after every piece of that harness I could get my hands on and give it a few tugs here and there. If your lucky you may fix your ground issue for at least a little while.
  8. Ticket prices are insane and pretty much sold out already. If the weather is good I will hang in the parking lot and BBQ some grub and chill....
  9. I can fit multiple 11 ft rods inside my 99 Suburban using custom headliner rod holders. When the rear doors are closed I till have a full inch clearance on front windshield and back window.
  10. Was this before sunrise and if so did they ask to see your fishing permit? People have been known to park after hours in these lots doing stupid things that end up making us all potential victims for being harassed like this.... I've encountered the police a few times in these lots and every encounter was immediately over once I showed my fishing permit. Sorry to hear you were ticketed...thinking it may be time to finally fix my broken windshield...
  11. Keep in mind when you add the hitch extender the tongue weight is basically reduced by half. I have used an extender on multiple vehicles to allow rear doors to open and its extra convenient but you will notice that a heavy cooler will have noticeable extra play and bounce on the open road.
  12. Get a couple of cheap large plastic storage bins. Dedicate one for waders and a couple others for all your gear. Get multiple colors if you like so you know what is what. Easy to carry in and out of truck and just hose down to clean....
  13. Tore mine off my Suburban many years ago after ripping it up in the snow. I lost a solid .5 to 1.0 MPG after doing that......
  14. That storage area is known as the "High Hill Maintenance Complex". The link to the PDF below goes into further detail on page 148. Great doc to review for a more in depth history of the area......