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  1. I have a 2012 Liberty, V6 is plenty for the beach. The engine and the 4 spd trans give a good amount of torq. Gas milage is not bad. I get between 15 to 16 mpg around town, Highway about 20 pmg , best I have gotten going all the way to A.I.Va was 22 mpg. I do keep this jeep very well maintained. It's my dd also. It handles great on the beach, it's just as good as the Taco it replaced. The Taco was dynamite on the beach.
  2. They can, if they can get away with it. But they have to show it to you on the contract . Always, Aways read before you sighn. They stink. When a dealer says welcome we treat yiu like our famile, RUN the other way.
  3. Z man is right. They count on us being idiots , Gotta have it first. These scumbag dealers famin and sell inventory for invoice all year, exept used cars. Then when they come out with another badly built not enginered truck or car, they act likes it the greates and you should pay xtra to have the pos. Trust me , the value on a bronco will go down faster than the Titanic. Personaly for that stupid money , Id skip the ford and have gotten a nice 4 Runner. It will be worth 3 times the value of the bronco in 2 - 3 years. I know I spent 34 years with G.M watching over these dealers. Money was great , but the job stank.
  4. I want to thank everyone for helping me out on a new live Eel casting rod. I'm using a Penn BTL 6000 for the new rod. What # braid should I use on her. Or should I use Mono because of the rocks. I'm switching all my reels to braid. I'm really loving the braid. I'll be casting 90% from jetties like IRI De.Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Capt.
  6. Thanks. I have 20# mono on the reel now. Like I said my Old St Croix works , but you know , I want to something more modern and lighter. Yes the Centuary is nice , but right now over my head. You all have been a great help as always. Old Inlet B & T where I stop for bait at the IRI and DSSP , carries St crox, Penn Tica and Loomis insane rods. They have Mojo's but there a fast rod and Have a bad rap. I'll either order a rod this week or wait to get to Old Inlet. Thanks again
  7. Thanks all. Like I said I'll be casting live and weighted Eels from the rocks.Will 20# hold up. I'll probably use a 48" flouro shock leader.
  8. This is one for the stupidity records.
  9. I do, best cheap stuff on the market, plus it works big time.
  10. Old Inlet B & T in Delaware. You can ship it to them. There good.
  11. Trainman I agree with you. I rarley fish durring the summer months during the day. I do hit the beach at night. Yes after labor day and before Memorial day is the best time. If I go for the day in summer, I'm there early, I don't have a problem then. Tight lines.
  12. I always think about the poor guy that drives 3 to 4 hours or more to surf fish, only to get there and can't find a space because some circus camper is there not really fishing. I have reported people , Dnr comes out and they get a ticket. Just because they don't want to feed a metor don't make it right. You get a tag to surf fish, fish. Last week at DSSP a guy pulls up down from me. Sets his tent up. Bbq, Puts two squid on his rig and cast out. Everything seemed fine to me. A hour later a ranger pulls up, checks the guy out , guy puls his rig in ,no squid. Ranger said he's been checking and the guy didn't attend the rod for some time. I don't know if he warned the guy or gave him a ticket. No I don't think it's silly. It can be enforced.
  13. I'm thinking of getting a new Eel rod, for beach and jetty fishing with Eels. I now use an older St Croix graph lite 10' 1/2 to 3 oz M/H. Reel, I use a Penn BTL 6000 . I'm switching to braid also. Now What would be a good factory rod. Not interested in a custom built rod. I like St Croix's, Star rods, ODM. But I'm open to other makes. Price about $ 200.00 to $ 400.00 Or is the rod set up I have good for Eeling now. Rod is in great shape for being bought In the late 80's Thanks.
  14. Thanks Lou, Have been following that one.
  15. Thanks Lou. The Eelswe have been getting look about 2 to 4 oz. 10" to 12 ". But I like the idea of 2 - 6 0z. You make a lot of sence.
  16. I fish mostly IRI Delawre from the rocks. I think they have a law that you can only use circle hooks now for Stripers. I know here in Md we have to. You don't have to use them only if casting plugs, bucks.
  17. Thanks Lou. I use Owner circle hooks , 6/0 to 7/0 . We have to use them . I'll probably go with a Lami. just have to figure wich one.So, 2 - 8 wouldn't be to heavy.? I like that range. I like that rating for my surf chunking cut bait rods.
  18. I will be using circle hooks, probably Owner brand. Size 6/0 or 7/0. I ;ole a nice 10' rod, it will be mostly for jetties. What oz rating would be good. The Older St Croix I use now is a composit rod, Glass and graphite. It's a medium heahy 3/4 - 3 0z lure rate. It's from the late 80's , so I think it would be a moderate , no more than a moderate fast.
  19. Thanks ,I respect all your opinions. On the Genesis, What rod would you pick, rated oz, Lenght, and with the DNA, same thing, what would you go with. I'll probably still use the Btl 6000 and use braid.
  20. Thanks. I was looking online at the ODM Genises rods . Also the lami glass insane rod. But it looks like fast rod. So should I get a 9' or 10' rod rated either to 4 oz or something 1 - 5 0z.? Then the onlything is to find a store that has them instock. Would you still use the Btl 6000 reel with braid or use a 704z with mon?. With the cost of a good rod ,I want to make it right.
  21. Thanks . What oz wieght rod rating are you using for the Eels. Also do you think my 704z would be a better reel for Eeling with it's slower retreave rate. The Btl 6000 works fine so far. Here comes a new rod.
  22. Dinger, Thanks. I use 20# BBG mono on the Btl 6000, with a 4' 40# mono top shot. The rod is a composit rod graphite and glass. Rod feels a little stiff, but I think it was me with to much forse behind the cast , all this from Jetty fishing. Eels coming off. not a lot but this is why I blame myself. I do use a Tsunami Elits 11' 1 to 4.5 oz for plugs. Great rod. But I agree with you, a new more modern rod Like all my other rods.
  23. One piece would be a problem. Do you think the rod I have now would be good enough. Right now I use mono on her, but I'm falling in love with braid. I have snapped of a few Eels with The M/H 1/2 to 3 oz St Croix I use . But that probably is me.
  24. I use one of those conventional rods for small sharks and big red drum for a heaver.
  25. I like that one. He sleeps with the fish.