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  1. That makes a big difference . I wouldn't want one for the beach.
  2. Why not. If the ground clearance is good and it's real 4 whl drive and not fwd. with awd , it would be great. Is it a 4 banger or a 6 cyl.
  3. No there not a real 4X4 drive system. There FWD, so there some kind of an AWD system. I wouldn't want one for the beach. A real 4X4 system will have 2 HI, 4 HI , 4 Low. with locking Diffs. Only trucks that are still made like that are all full size and minsize P/U trucks. Jeep Wranglers. Big Ford Excursions, and other Big SUV's. All the other stuff is a crossover , Basicly a car with a suv body. All made for Mall crawling. They are great in the snow, But not so hot on the beach unless it's perfect sand conditions. Hope that helps.
  4. What great experience do's Knewbee have. Did he serve there, If so Thank you for your service. If not he's no expert. I did a year in nam, don't make me an expert on the Vietnam people. We weren't there as sightseers . To busy being bored and staying alive. We had a Aribe American in my rifle co. He told me about the Koran, Eat with his right hand and wiped his butt with the left. Prayed different than us. But he proved to be a good American. He loved this country, Other than that I'm no expert on them. Not all Muzies love us. Good ones should be praised, bad ones poked at.
  5. Hurts that it is being and will be built. Come on admit it. Will you leave the country if Trump is elected again. You all counted him out before. Stay home don't go gamble at A.C. LOL
  6. Because, ****** would rather cut your head off. There Koran says they have to make the whole world muslim. You feel for them , I don't want to be around them. We really needed this muslim nut case in the house. Lets see all the peace she talks and brings to the table. They brought it upon themselves.
  7. No, I never said just Communist dems. We have to watch both sides. There are some Repubs that are a little pink in color . You just assumed I just menth communist dems, that's because you know where there heading.
  8. No , We have to watch them, These verman communist can rise to the House and the senate to help destroy our country. Being well informed about someone is being well armed about them later.
  9. More communist BS from the left. It's just another way to get the U.S.A. to become a one party Communist country. Ruled by a ruling one party class. The democratic communist party. These people are insane , should be tested for insanity, and then sent to a gullage were they want to send us if we don't agree. Please we have to start calling what they really are Communist !.
  10. I do not watch it anymore. Football is not what it use to be.
  11. I hope they Radical themselves out of the hair of the American people. Commies ! what else can you expect from them. And now a muzzie in office.
  12. No, It's a good reel for the price, grease you used is good also. Did you put all the shims and flat washers in. First don't run the reel light on grease. I put xtra grease in my new reels. I would get some Penn grease , put it in with the corrosion x , make sure all your gears are covered. Follow the schematic when you put it back together. I use Yamalube blue salt proof on my reels. But yours is still under warranty. Let us know.
  13. Maybe we should tax the pro immigration people for millions of none contributors a higher amount to support there insane rantings. More communist BS from the left. Turning the country into a garbage can to get votes is great in there eyes. I don't want my taxes to pay for all this free stuff .I work in a school for the county, Loaded with garbage that will not take up American way of life. Not all some are really great kids that want to learn.
  14. Schiff is a weak communist A- hole anyway. we'll go after Trump after we go after hillary and the other crooked communist. Only fair.
  15. Sounds like a lot of Communist BS that will never happen. The left are not pinkoes any more , There full blown communist.