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  1. I use Lucas fuel stabilizer every fill up. Great stuff. I Think it kills the Ethenol in the gas. My mechanic recommended it 5 years ago . Use to use Star tron in my boat. But I like this Lucas better. 1 oz for every 5 gallons. Tight lines.
  2. Hey! They just dropped a guy with cement shoes into the water, Might as well fish while your out there.
  3. All well said , Except for the op. Where does the poor dead Puerto Rican have to do with fishing on a Sunday?. I fish when I want to, But when not fishing I attend church also. Merry Christmas
  4. THanks all. Rod was great at the inlet. Got skunked Tog fishing and started casting plugs and tin with the Tica. Rod felt good , not stiff, sencetive , and cast a 1 oz metal great. I like it alot. Great rod for the money. Tight lines.
  5. Back in the early 80's I was in a little tackle store in Newark DE. Guy had a new 7' Cunnan 4/5 wt rod for sale at 30 something bucks. I bought it and a Plugger reel . Didn't have the brassies to try it out for 2 years.So I made my first journey to the Gun powder. Caught a small trout on a dry fly, and was hooked for life. Still have the Cunnan and use it for small streams.
  6. Only other make rod I would consider other than the 9' air wave elite would be a Star rod.
  7. Staying warm for now. But getting ready for some winter fly fishing for trout. I'm calling it quits for the season for the surf. Now i'll also be getting gear and truck ready for next season. Tight lines.
  8. No , a seal. He was there for a few hrs. Sorry, Should have made it clear. They gotta go too.
  9. Beach comber, Could be, southside of Inlet were I fished they had Piles of sand on the beach. Also we seen a seal in the inlet for awhile, I'm sure he didn't help. Tight lines.
  10. Waders I always bought Simms. Tried a pair of Bean waders and I love them so far. Boots, Simms, Now Choata and Bean lights.
  11. WE have spotted one in IRI De. Maybe the good friend will come this way.
  12. Figures I posted my fishing report in the October one. All about getting skunked at IRI Tog fishing. Still loved it. Tog fishing from now on will be on a head boat. lol. Did feed a lot of lead to the rock's . They should be happy till next year. NJ seems to be catching small stripers . Maybe soon for us. What say ye.
  13. X 2. I like a little distance from the lure, but not to much.
  14. Hi, Casting plugs from a jetty I like 8' and 9' rods. I use a 9' Tica. Casting plugs from the beach I like a 9' to 11' rod. I use a 9' Star stela light . For using bait from the beach for light stuff , Whiting, small blues. dink stripers. I like 9' to 11' rods. I use a 9' cabelas salt striker 1/2 to 3 oz and a 11' Tsunami Elite 1 1/2 to 4 1/2 oz . I like the tsunami and Star rods the best. I like my Star rods better than my St Croix's. This is what I use, other forum members will be along with what they like. Tight lines.
  15. Just came back from tog fishing IRI, Skunked big time , fed the inlet a lot of sinkers. Froze my monkeys off . Fished from 8:30 to 1:30 Nada. Only saw one tog pulled over the rail . The for casted 7 mph wind turned to be 15 to 20 mph. I think my further Tog fishing will be from a head boat. But was talking to another fisherman on the south side and we both spotted a seal, He was closer to the North side near the bridge. Jersey reports makes it sound like the stripers are starting to move. What say ye.