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    Surf fishing, fly fishing, hunting, shooting, metal detecting. But now mostly fishing.
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  1. This agian is what the left has no idea about. By staying , your accepting the looting, burning and hurting inocent people. 1 %, where do they get these numbers. Seems the lefty always white wash what there side doe's.
  2. Nice picture of H . Clinton, or is that big Mike feeding the big
  3. Wow, I could have a stow away for my ship of fools. Missed this guy. Maybe he wanted to be my
  4. Any organization that hurts innocent people, burns buildings, ruins lives of people in the community. They deserve to be put down like the animals they are. Wait till these liberal mayors and governers ask Washington and Trump to rebuild there bankrupt cities they couldn't controll. I hope Trump gives them chit.
  5. ^^^This. This is what the moron left won't addmit . You do the crime you do the time. Good Black Americans help the U.S.A., bad unamerican black hate the U.S.A.. Don't get me wrong ,there are more communist anti American white trash than blacks that hate America. These moron's on the left, there the real haters. Look at the OP.
  6. Yeah, but it's done now. Now, lets get eliminating them.
  7. I have a pair of waist highs. I like them for low water summer conditions Trout fishing. Cest high for high water conditions , fresh water, Trout, Bass. Beach ,I always use chest high bootfoot waders. I like the waist high when I use them, there easy to get on and off. I feel less restrickted in them. Now I also have a pair of zippered chast waders, there the best for freshwater ff.
  8. I hear ya. I wonder if there the type of googans that run up your azz if they see you catch a fish, crowd you, just not follow fishing ettiquite.
  9. You know , I read other forums, Fly fishing, other surf forums, ( none better than SOL) It seems we have the great majority of lefty crack pots or addicks on here. I'm beginning to think , as surf fishermen , where all nuts. I guess it goe's with the hours we fish.But these leftys on here should get an award for being top grade morons.
  10. I don't think half these lefty morons even fish.
  11. I can't wait. This moron shot to the top of the list, But if a more missinformed lefty moron shows up I can demote him to 1 st officer. I'm pretty sure where he's heading. But I'll check all your reactions and post's to what he post's.
  12. When I owned boats living in MD, I fished all over the Chessie. I always had a center console boat, Now I don't. Now I went back to surf fishing 10 years ago, I go to MD A.I., DSSP, Indian river inlet, O.C.inlet.Fenwick island, A.I. VA. Never in MD. To much private property, I don't care for fresh water fishing, unless it's ff for trout or bass.
  13. ^^^ This. I 'm happy, I found a captain for my ship of fools . He's now Capt, huxtable. I'll add him to the list now.
  14. ^^^This, after last night, We need the 223, or even better the 308 rule of law. These arn't Americans using the first , there anorcast that need to be shot. This is a futhure view of a liberal world. I can't say communist world, they would have used the 7.62 rule of law the first minute.
  15. The garbage causing the acts of violence are not the peacefull protesters, You have garbage from antifa, blm, an white supremist , and other leftwing organisations. These scum only understand violence, give it to them. Bust there heads, use the big night sticks, rubber bullets . Then if that won't stop them , then unfortunatly you have to use the real hard stuff. There scum, thugs, garbage. There not there for the poor guy that was murdered by the deranged cop. there there to tear America down.