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  1. Thursday, Surf fishing Assateague VA. Spot , and more spot, and one croaker. Croaker was nice size. No bites on the 11' rod soaking spot heads. Night fishing , there were a few sharks cought. Wind was chitty sse. See how it is tomorrow. Tight lines.
  2. I wouldn't recomned any fwd Honda. They can call what they sell a 4 x 4 , but if it's front wheel drive it's not a true 4 x 4. They can make it on the beach, but what real damage are you doing with it in the long run. Get something rear wheel drive with a real 4 x 4 system. 2H, 4 H, and 4 low. Also to be able to disconect the traction controll with out taking a fuse out. My Jeep I just hit a switch. Do a lot of research on this. Salesman will tell you it can traverse the Sahara.
  3. I had Bilsteins on my 2004 Taco TRD. They were part of the TRD package then. I got 80k out of them before I sold the truck. Never had a problem with them off road and the beach. I have regular monroes on my Jeep now, There fine for driving the beach. As long as a shock isn't worn out there all fine. I have never heard of Fox shocks.
  4. Towns have to lean to county laws, county has to lean toward state laws, State laws have to lean towards federal laws, At least thats the way it was . Now who knows.
  5. I'm really glad to see articals from Italia, country of my ancestors ,that they surf fish. Love the post. Thank you Goni. I'm American 3rd generation, a Yankee. but one side of my family was from Cicily, the other from Roma. SPQR.
  6. For casting from jetties ,I use a Star Steller 9' 1-4 oz. I have pulled in some nice size fish with thei rod. Foe the surf casting plugs, I use a Tsunami 11' 1-4,5 oz , it cast a plug a mile if I want it too. Look up rods , see what is out there for a rod wuth 1 - 5 oz . But it all depends on how much you want to spend. Rods are like drivers in golf, everyone is searching for the Holy grail.
  7. I have been fishing since last Monday, I haven't seen any dead fish washing ashore at the North OSV. South OSV is closed due to the Plovers. Must be in some shallow water back bay.
  8. That's a great one. lol. Spot the dog.
  9. But there not made by Jeep, it will never be a Wrangler. Not that there the greatest. I still wouldn't buy one. I'm old fashion, I'm not into all this electronic bs. Like I said we will have to wait and see, But I wouldn't be the first to be the ginney pig on owning one. Like i said I don'y much care for all the sold called big 3 manufacturers, But , I did like my Toyos. Before I spent and maybe wasted my cash on a Bronco, I'd replace my Jeep with a Toyo 4 Runner.
  10. Thanks guy's. I'm fishing again tomorrow. I'll keep a few and give them a Taco try. Sad part is I caught some nice size Spot yesterday. Hope I hit them in the am. Thanks.
  11. Kulpy, Look at it this way, We are all even regardless of fishing knowledge surf fishing flat beaches. There are some really great post on here about reading a beach where to set up for surf fishing. There is a lot of great info from forum members on here. I have been surf fishing for 61 years, I still learn from the forum members on here. You can find on here what you want to learn. Tight lines.
  12. I have been catching a lot of spot lately. I put them back, except for the one's I use for Red drum bait. My wife said I should have brought some home to make fish Taco's. I love useing Whiteing, Pompano for Taco's. But I'm pretty sure I had Spot and didn't care for the taste. What say ye on eating and preparing Spot? Tight lines.
  13. Wendsday, Assateague VA, Raing pertty good all day. Be out tomorrow early. looks like a good fair weather day.
  14. True, But I'm pretty sure they don't use clean fill dirt for beaches. I surf fish the DSSP often. What caused our problem is the dredging to replenish the DSSP beaches. It's the ocean, nothing will stop beach erosian, Even Jetties tumble after awhile. IRI is a good example. Besides sand bars shift on there own, one here today might not be here in 2 days. I'm old, prior to replenishing years ago, the DSSP had plenty of structure. Tight lines.
  15. Don't like them. Nice looking, But we will have to wait to see if they can get the job done. I wait to see how they can handle a beach for surf fishing. Would I buy one , no. I'm not into Fords. Don't even like the company. Plus I like real suv's with real 4 x 4 system. Not some front wheel drive awd passed off as a 4 x 4 system. I still think the Toyo 4 runner, Taco, certain Jeeps, some P/U trucks, with a real 4 x4 system is the way to go. All this fwd after years will not outlast a rear wheel drive V-6 or V-8 4 x 4 . All this mode system is junk and iceing. 2- high, 4- high, 4 low that you put in mode by yourself or electronicly is the only way to go. Just my experience owning 4 x 4 drives and being in the business for many winters.