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  1. Anybody hear about the fishing at IRI, Called Old inlet, They said the surf has been dead except for a few skates and dogfish.
  2. Maybe some or all of our liberal members should go down there and convince the Mexicans they should have open borders and support the caravan and give them free benie's. If Mexico stops them, Viva Mexico.
  3. Wildbill, You mentioned the Prevail. and the Battalion rod. I have a 12' conventional Battalion I use for big drum and sharks. Love the rod, great value for the money. Prevail , I don't have , but read that they are liked a lot. But a 3/4 to 4 0z or a 1 to 5 10' would do the trick. I have a couple of 7' ugly stiks and I like then for casting plugs for stripers on the river where I live. Good rods , and caught a lot of fish with them. Look at the Battalion's. Tight lines.
  4. Hi, Surf fishing is slow all over, Read the NJ reports. Hopefully they stop taking sand for beach reconstruction. This year pretty much the structure was not there, Flat. I did better at A.I. Md. Tight lines.
  5. Hi, Welcome from Maryland. The Ugly styks are ok, tuff to break. But are to me noodly at the top. Look at the Okumo Longtitude's , they should be in the same price range. There abit stiff at the tip. But they get good reviews. I have an 11' 3 to 8 oz I use for soaking big bait. Check them out. Tight lines.
  6. I know, But I have authrites , bone spurs, and bad knees. and it makes for some pain when casting. So I take it easy on the cast. Hell if I can get out to 75 to 125 yds I'm happy. I don't want to wear out what's left to fast. Gotta keep fishing lol.
  7. I had a salt striker, Bail wouldn't work second time out. You get what you pay for. Came back with a Shimano fk 5000. Great reel , But I still like my Penns for easy maintenance . BG is a very good reel. Some times it's not the reel but how you cast. Now that I'm older at 69, I can't cast as far as I use too. It's me not the equipment. Tight lines.
  8. Your all right, it's not just the border jumpers that don't care about us or our laws. A lot of our own society has the Hooray for me and the Hell for you attitude. When will it end.Hope it's not too late to take our country back.
  9. Well with a so, so season. Caught plenty of small fish, no keepers. and a lot of skunks. I'm not done yet, I'm hitting the beach for 2 days next weekend. Tight lines.
  10. I put them on when I arrive and lower the tire psi. I couldn't think about driving in them.
  11. I'm in on the Bucktail with a white grub.
  12. jesgord, Well said.
  13. Star rods 7'6 1/2 to 2 oz , one piece. Fantastic rod.
  14. I'm heading down next weekend 11/23 to 24 to the DSSP for some surf fishing. I hope something changes with the fishing. I'll hit the surf first for a day , then maybe the inlet Sunday. Tight lines.