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    Retired. But I work with Autistic children at Local school.

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  1. That must be true about some NJ beaches. A few years ago on AIVA, I was fishing. A Dodge Ram come in down from me and continues to get stuck in the sand. I went over to help him, he was from NJ. He told me he didn't air down. I told him to let the air out now so we can get it out. We did. But the man said he never airs down where he fish's in NJ, and the sand on AI was a lot softer. Live and learn. I air down no matter where I'm at.
  2. I always heard it was a shipwreck..Horses adapted to drinking salt water and living off the local brush. Over the years they became smaller in hight. There bellies look bloated from drinking salt water , but horses are healty. They do have rangers to heard the horses away from the parking lots. They will come right up to your truck, but just roll the window up till theu leave. When surf fishing , I have had them come close, but if you ignor them they leave. Just don't interact with them. Tight lines.
  3. One time me and a buddy were waiting to load our boat. The googans in front of us had there trailer to far up the ramp. They started to haul there 14' aluminum boat with motor onto the trailer. They drug the boat out of the water, up the concret ramp and up the trailer. The poor boat was bending in half. I went on the dock and told the guys how to do it. They said we are from NJ, grew up around the water, but thanked me for the advise, but continued to do it wrong. Now I just sit and watch googans with amusement.
  4. I'm heading back this Thursday, for two to three weeks. Hitting AIMD again.
  5. I agree, But remember there all communist. They want total controll by one party. I hope there are some sane minds left in the senate.
  6. I put them on a 2009 Honda I had, The factory tires wore out fast, The Falkens were very good. They wore like iron.
  7. Whiting/ Kingfish. Therein with the spot. I didn't see them listed on the MD list. I think you can keep 50 . I wouldn't know what to do with 50 fish. I keep only the big ones, I keep about 10 . Some I use the heads for red drum, small ones I live line sometimes. But I'm sure someone will come along with the exact answer. Tight lines.
  8. I have a Penn Squall 400lphs. I like the reel, cast great plus easy to work on to keep it maintained.
  9. I have not fished for 4 days now. My knees gave out 5 days of fishing AIMD and the back bay. Plus the rain in the last few days.Leaving tomorrow for some Doctor appointments and I'' be back fishing from 8/4 to at least 2 to 3 weeks. Tight line , and leave me some fish till I get back. lol
  10. I also had a 48 qrt igloo from the early 70's. It worked great, till the bottom started to wear out and leak.
  11. I have a 2012 Jeep Liberty. I replaced the Goodyears with Firestone M/S tires. There wearing like iron, and there great on the sand. I air down to 18 psi. All my trucks I ever owned for the beach , never had an agressive tread on them. Reg tread is fine. Plus there quite.
  12. For surf fishing from my Jeep I use a igloo 48 qrt cooler. For pier fishing I use a igloo 25 qrt cooler. They both work fine.
  13. I use a Fathom 2 15sd for drum, black and red on my 12' rod. One of the best reels I have ever had.
  14. I use a Slammer 3 on an 11' rod. It's a nice reel. Only thig I don't care for is the drag. It's strong, and Ihave landed some big rays with it, but it feels like it's 2 stages when you tighten it down. But overall it's a great reel.
  15. True, Everything they do is in the communist manifesto. Remember CCCP, had socialist in it. It's just a nicer name for communisim. The communist far left controls the idiot bedumb. This is how the communist work there way into power. They have to go, The dimm communist party has to be voted out and dispanded. So, Harf it is by design.