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    Surf fishing, fly fishing, hunting, shooting, metal detecting. But now mostly fishing.
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    Retired. But I work with Autistic children at Local school.

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  1. Good Point. Your not a communist. Most other libs are. Like I said you do it the right way, Most just complain.
  2. You forget, Libs are big A#sholes.. They just like to reap the bennies living in the Greatest country in the world , But do nothing but complain and push forward a communist way of thinking. Honer , respect, serving your country. They hate these ideas.
  3. OOoohhh Yeah! Maybe she's got a hunchback that moves around too.
  4. Master, be nice. Poor thing never found out what makeup was, or hair doo's. She fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. But if she loses her job she can get one haunting houses .You know there all clinton supporters.
  5. Sounds like a great job for Biden, Nippel inspector. I wouldn't mind that job myself.
  6. I told you how I felt about SA, They were wronged.I don't expect them to have been flag wavers.But nothing like that is happening here to you. Look ,If you do all that , then your doing it right. But I still dislike guys that never say anything good about what the U.S.A. has done. You still have not come up with a better country to live in. I'm probably wrong about you being a person in self pity, But that's how you come across to me and others. You do come across as someone that hates and is in self pity. I'm not a shrink. But your post on how the Jews are at fault with what's happening with the Palistine is BS. Do you feel sorry or back a people that want to exterminate all Jew and teach there kids to kill a Jew a day.
  7. That's great Tim. Sometimes there are decent people out there.
  8. Oh, Notice stonesiper only come up with BS he can't back up. Sad only hate and self pity.
  9. I expected a very bad comparison from you. You associate your hate for your country with people that were treated wrong. Let us know when you were beaten for saying something against the country. You do hate the Jews, the country, and yourself. You never answered us on if your a communist or leaving the country to save your family from tyranny . They had a reason to long for something better, what do you consider a better country.I told you how I feel about the way people were treated wrongly and unjust in South Africa. Now you answer us .Remember if it's that bad here , leave on your own. you owe it to your family to be raised in a better country. No you want to live in the best country and soak up the bennies and do nothing to help, just complain
  10. MAGA

    The communist dims think he's a good guy. But then show me an honest dim.
  11. It was the Dutch who brought the first slaves to Jamestown. Also to New Amsterdam. They were treated as indentured servants in the beginning. Do you hate the Dutch too. You can't change history, just make sure it won't happen again. But blaming America for all the world's woe's . Dumb. The U.S.A. has done more good than bad for the world. But if you didn't study history, serve in the military, you wouldn't know. Maybe you would like being a socialist or a communist better. Talk Failure. Why would you back muslims that want to exterminate all jews. Are these the people you stand behind ?
  12. I figured you would get around to Jew hating. I stand by what I wrote. You have to love your country for what it is. Yes you do hate America. If you hate our actions to survive in the world, Move to a better country, you owe it to your family. Have you found one better.
  13. I have one eliminated , but I see one showed up .
  14. You know what, The thing I can't understand about some of these Lefties on here. Some say they served the country in the service. But yet they have an underlying hate for the country. Even the ones that claim to be Field Marshals that did everything while in the service. Then there's the ones that live pretty fat lives , and hate the country, and God. Yet say there liberal towards religion and freedom of speech . I figure they are, only if you think like them. I figure it's the reason I feel good about life. Served my country, didn't love the Army, but did it. Tried to raise my family the right way , supported the family, On and off , now very on relationship with god. Also I love my country , right or wrong, It's still the Greatest country to ever exist. My 2 cents.