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  1. That means his co workers or boss will have to clean it up. It will happen at work.
  2. It's a picture of the . dims running to be president. This is insanity to let people do this in the streets. But like some of the lefties on here , insanity rules. Hope this one is better.
  3. Maybe she's home trying to figure how to turn on a garbage disposal unit. Didn't she just find out what they are.
  4. I see the loons are back attacking Trump. Well if the old bag would have won, First she would have died in office after the first couple of months, Then her VP lefty would have taken over. Same results , Tearing down America. It seem our leftie friends hate more money, I'm in more money now after Trump's GREAT VICTORY. Just wanted to capitalize it so you know what the word winning means. I'm truly sorry if all you left wing people are not making better money now. Get a good accountant. Or a better job.
  5. There nuts. But look at the people around them and the kid. They have that look on there faces , that this is cute. They will probably be teaching Beastality and bondage is a great thing to do in schools. All hilery supporters.
  6. The Va side is open. It could be closed at the point. I just go far enough to get away from the walk on bathers.
  7. Don't some of these flustered dimms on here know what will happen if a communist dim wins the election. They want to give every ilegal sob free medicare, also for the rest of us. Free collage, you name it free, free, free. who will pay for it . Us the working people. Won't be much left for us to spend on, Family, surf fishing, whatever you like. Ho, yes all you lib supporters will be paying also. Whatever Trump will do. It will be better than living in a communist hell hole as a working droll for the communist elit. All joking aside, some of these guys are insane and believe what they say. Scares the jhit out of me.
  8. All these bs bills stink. The communist dimms want nobody to have weapons in the U.S. except them, the military , and there bodyguards. The dimms can't have total control of the American people unless we are unarmed. Once done ,they can make us eat jhit and we can't do anything but eat it. I'm against the bill and anyone that supports it.
  9. It will be fine, I like a little heavier . I like 3/4 to 3 oz, on my 8' rod. 1 to 4 oz on my 9' rod, 1 to 4.5 on my 11' Elite. See , what I have read here from other forum members, is what the rod says , sometimes it will cast more or less oz's. You will have to see what the sweet spot for casting lures will be on your rod. Tight Lines.
  10. Yeah, It's called Charm city in Maryland. During the shwats riots it was real charming. I won't go to the city of Baldmore unless I have legal things to do. I wouldn't stop to take a piss there.
  11. She's falling because there's nobody she can screw to get the position. Read she screwed her way to the top .
  12. That's what I was thinking, I have a 12' Battalion conventional I use as a heaver. For soaking bait for big fish' I like Star rods, Airwave Elites. When op gets into his 60's and 70's he will appreciate soaking bait. I drive on the beach , so I have both rods bait and casting. Nothing like sitting in a beach chair when you get old and relax catching fish. I also catch most of my fish under 70 yards.
  13. Gotcow, That is spot on about both of them. I hate Trumps texting, He should keep the Communist left in the dark a little. The other guy , well there's something mentally wrong with him and I really hope he seeks help before he hurts himself.
  14. Now you need a bait rod 10' or 1 to 5 oz or better 11' 2 to 6 oz or a 3 to 8 oz . That's if your soaking bait. But for casting plugs and tins your all set. Tight lines.