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  1. Thanks VERY MUCH for the responses. Couple of rods I was not thinking off. Appreciated!
  2. Head out early, small white. lightweight jigs, thin flouro, walk the beach look far ahead but not far out. Snook close to the lapping waves, two three feet out... google some YouTube videos on how / where to look. Also look for fossilized shark teeth....
  3. Looking for a good cheap, but non U-Stick rod for light (Snapper) fishing from Florida Keys bridges to double as a medium mangrove /flats rod...Have been looking at Five-Star around $50 - Or Berkeley inshore.... Figure that is as good as anything at that level, or any recommendations of better? - Is it really worth jumping up another $50 or more? Would not mind if it makes a difference over time... Ideally looking for up to 1.5-2 oz weight max casting wt if I can - helps pull fish out of cover too. Ideally looking to pair with Spheros SW4000IS since the price can't be beat ... (Or any recommendations beyond that - I am stepping up from a Daiwa BG ..). Thanks in advance for your recommendations and advice...
  4. Try the outlet of the Canal in the middle of town - Or right where the main road crosses - under the bridge...I think I remember it is right next to the Governors mansion - anyways - pretty much in the middle of old town. Always Baby Tarpon bubbling around / rolling in there. Smells a bit like a sewer unfortunately. That is where I caught my first Tarpon ever back in 1989.....
  5. I fully agree - get something from cabelas or basspro instead - a little more money, but you get your use out of it!! (I rarely post, but in this case felt so compelled as you are just starting out - just do it dammitt!!)
  6. David, very sorry to hear about this !!
  7. Sorry if this is not the right forum to post in, but I am not allowed to post in the classified section yet.... I have about 15 years worth of Flyfisherman, Fly Rod and Reel, Saltwater Flyfishing etc. etc. and I need to clean out the closet... So if anyone wants to stop by close to Danbury, CT, I will give these mags away - I will ONLY allow pickup - cannot be mailed......If several interested parties, will try to split up fairly. Please contact me via PM as follows in reverse: com dot gmail at alexeriksen1. Let me know before the weekend ends and I will split up during next week..