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  1. I take offense to his comment, and yeah I’m Asian and it’s racist as hell. But maybe his thinking can change, just like we all hope the kid in the pic will change his thinking on killing all these fish next time.
  2. Just FYI. I’m Asian and I was the one that posted the original pic here and in the RI thread. I practice catch and release on most of the fish I catch. And mostly fly fish. I keep some fish here and there, but I don’t kill everything like you think we Asian all do. You can’t generalize based on race. Or you can, but end up sounding, well, ignorant and small minded.
  3. Agreed. I feel like the fish trap thing is never going to change though. That kid in the pic and other recreational fisherman can. That kid posted that pic thinking it would impress other fishermen. He got a bunch of backlash and pissed off fishermen. Hopefully that changes him, who knows. Or he just won’t post a pic of it next time. Either way he deleted the photo.
  4. Posted in the RI forum as well. Photo from today. figured to add it to this thread. Yup, this is ridiculous. Like why?
  5. No limit but that shouldn’t be an invitation to kill everything. Keep a few for the table and feed your family, fine. But this? Not good for the fishery, the sport, etc.
  6. Sorry had to share this. In RI today And just saw it in my IG feed. I don’t get it. Most of us practice catch and release for these fish. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping a few if you want, but this is too much. Excessive, greedy. Just makes me sick. If I saw this I would have said something. Sorry this stuff just bothers me.
  7. Might tie a bit smaller for kicks. But I do think you get a nice profile and imitation with ep type fibers. These were around in abundance last week. About 1.5-2 inches. This is next to a 3 inch hoofly
  8. Could spend hours trimming...had to put down the scissors! Forgot how long of a process to tie these were, but I like ep flies. Have to be careful not to use too much material. these are sparse, tied on size 2 TMC800S, heavy hooks. 2.5-2.75 inches for the peanut bunker that hard tails are feeding on.
  9. peanuts on the mind, hoo fly variation.
  10. Just getting back into tying flies after a long break, actually this is my first real post on SOL since 2014. Been away for quite some time with family, work, and lost some interest in local fishing believe it or not. Something about this year has gotten me excited about albies though. Filling up the box again. These are about 3 inches in length tied on TMC800S size 6 hooks, dna holo fusion on top of craft fur.
  11. Racerx - spoke with Kate the other day. thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately they aren't renting any kayaks at the moment. Wok167 - thanks, very helpful. I came to the same realization after calling a handful of places last week. the house i'm renting does have a couple kayaks but I'll find out if they are suitable at all for what I want to do. And if not, I think i'll think i'll just buy one and use it for the month as you suggested and sell it later (I live in NYC and really no place to store it) or maybe leave it a friend's house for safe keeping and use it in the future.
  12. Hi all - Been ages since I've logged on, been fishing less these days with the occasional trip here and there given work and family. I'm renting a house for all of July on the north shore of long island near port jefferson and have been searching around for a place or someone that would do a fishing kayak drop off/pick at the house i'm renting. Looking for a fishing kayak with pedals. I would be renting the kayak for the entire month. Any thoughts, suggestions would be much appreciated! thanks in advance
  13. Swing by Catskill Flies in Roscoe and they can help. Great little fly shop and good guysl If you go to their website they have updates on what is hatching on each river. Beaverkill and Wilowemac are the closest to Roscoe and are great rivers. I was up there on the beaverkill a few weeks ago for memorial day. Caddis and March browns were around. You will probably find caddis, sulphurs, and isos right now. Fish until dark....right at dusk there will be great dry fly fishing. You can always nymph the riffles if you don't see any surface activity. A couple pics from the Beaverkill a few weeks ago. Fish were caught on large march brown and caddis dry flies. Enjoy, great rivers in that area.
  14. From the album Roscoe, New York