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    If not snowboarding I like to bicycle or kayak .
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    Kayak fishing, snowboarding, bicycling
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    I am a data base administrator for shop rite

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  1. Wow that is some great photos. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nice fish ZATsol. If you don't mind me asking what is the red container over front hatch ? Is that an ocean kayak prowler ? Nice looking ride
  3. Police announced Sunday that a body has been recovered from Keyport Harbor. Police have not released the identity of the body that was found washed up near American Legion Drive. This is near the area where the belongings of missing kayaker Zhenjiang Ding was found last week. MORE: Coast Guard suspends search for 74-year-old kayaker who went missing on Raritan Bay Ding, 74, went missing a week ago as he was kayaking in the harbor. A search was called off after crews worked for almost two days to find him. An autopsy is underway as authorities try to identify the body found.
  4. In life some things can’t be fixed. Your life is worth more then a cheap fix. Think of this as a blessing. Time for a new ride
  5. Thanks for the tips. Yes I use that stuff too. Also store in dark in basement.
  6. Gatorade bottle comes in handy to stretch new gaskets too. Otherwise your circulation to your fingers will be compromised. 10 years is a good run. You must lubricate the gaskets and never get sun screen on them. Also helps to have short finger nails?
  7. Kokatat makes a great product. The have a pretty good warranty too. It would not hurt to contact them. I had a suit replaced by them because it delaminated ? It sounds like you have a metal zipper. The replacement suit I got has a plastic zipper. I think the new ones are plastic? If you decide to send it back for service they require you to run it through the washing machine. Good luck with your decision.
  8. use a tooth brush to clean the zipper. Likely have some grit in it? Does it appear rusty ? Amazon would have some zipper cleaning products. After cleaning it is a good idea to wax the zipper. REI has some too. I don't think we are allowed to post links here ? I don't think wd-40 is a good idea ? Is the zipper plastic or metal ?
  9. What Brad said. Pvc carts are great. You can even add wheels to them. Much lighter then wood and you can add wheels to them.
  10. My bad I meant like 25 mph speed zone for cars on road. Sorry for the confusion. I did not mean to imply 25 mph on water for no wake. I paddle board on manasquan river often. The no wake zone is a joke.
  11. I think no wake zones are like 25 mph speed limits. Not many obey them. If you are out in a kayak you should be able to handle most boat wakes without flipping. As far as boaters coming too close or crashing into you this is a real problem. Not sure there is much that can be done about it. Maybe harsher penalties for the boat operators when caught. You can try and be more visible with a flag and or bright clothes and try to keep your head on a swivel? You can normally hear a boat coming at you if you don't happen to see it. Good luck and be safe out there.
  12. I noticed a good amount of coyote signs at cape this month. Do the seals have any natural land predators other then a polar bears or humans ?
  13. Gorilla tape makes a water proof tape to patch and seal. Pretty cheap fix. Good luck.
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