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  1. It is hard to top a Werner paddle. I like the Camano carbon fiber. Good luck with your decision. Be wary of hull deformation with trident models. THey tend to cave in. I have owned 4 trident 13’s. Three of them caved in like me the one below. One almost sank from a leak by the rear skid plate on the maiden voyage. The kayaks had great below deck storage but they paddled like crap. Very heavy and slow and don’t track well. The prowler 13 is lighter and faster and tracks better and is cheaper and the hulls don’t cave in.
  2. Self rescue in a c14 is pretty easy.
  3. Yes . I got rid of my revo 13 and bought an eddyline caribbean 14. Revo was too heavy. I did not like the lack of deck space. I did not want to maintain the drive and rudder system. I fish mostly bay and ocean. Much easier to launch and land a paddle kayak. I have owned a few tridents also.Too slow for me. I would get a prowler before a trident. Tracks better and is lighter and faster. As far as the rudder goes I have not used one in years. Good luck with your decision. May be better off getting a nice carbon paddle boarding Jen a rudder?
  4. People are reluctant to give out launch sites unfortunately. May be better off asking people if you can join them on an outing. Most launch site info exchanged via pm or email or cell phone. Good luck.
  5. I think you will find different people like different fish finders. Not sure there is one specific fish finder good for all applications. Personally I like the raymarine dragon fly models. I have one with a gps. It seems good to me. I did not like my lowrance fish finder. Also did not like my hummingbird fish finder. Keep in mind the hummingbird was basic black and white. The lowrance had gps and was color. I found the screens pretty confusing. Also the display in the split mode was too small. I really did not like the larger fish finder on my c14. I had a lowrance 5 inch fish finder with gps that was color. It seemed to big for me. Also it seems the better fish finders with side scan require the transducer to be in the water. The transducer in the water with a c14 was not very good. It worked fine but it really slowed down the kayak. I think a fish finder is a personal thing . Kind of like a kayak seat. You will get many opinions on what is best? Also if you are doing surf launches I would not be comfortable spending a good amount of money on a fish finder that will likely end up under water?
  6. You may want to consider a longer kayak. 10 foot would be pretty small. Are you less the 6 feet tall and under 200lbs? Also do you plan on using in fresh or salt water? A front tie Dow strap makes transporting most kayaks much safer.
  7. Please keep in mind these kayaks are really pampered. They show no sign of wear after one season with the keal guard. Chris at the kayak fishing store in south jersey installed them with a heat gun. I have two different colors one is white the other is black. I have not had any issues with it. Maybe it sticks better on thermo formed kayaks. He did clean the area with alcohol before applying the strips. I also think 1 continuous piece may stay attached better then 2 small sections on the ends ?
  8. Google KeelEazy good stuff. I have it on my c14
  9. Here is the number for the office at round valley . Office: (908) 236-6355 I called today and was told it is not frozen ?
  10. I vote fore Green. Tough being Irish.
  11. The concern is not that the rope is not thick enough or strong enough. The concern is that the rope may damage your kayak. You would be better off just leaning it against the fence that would distribute the weight of the kayak better.
  12. Not a good idea to run line through your scupper holes to support the kayak. That is the weakest part of the kayak and could cause structural damage and or cracks. As noted by others a piece of webbing instead of string would work better and pass it under the kayak not through the scupper holes.
  13. Nice ride. Nice motor . Great deal. Good luck.
  14. One rod is plenty. I like the minimalist approach too. Normally just a hand full of lures too. Good luck with your decision.