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  1. Definitely need some new blood. Getting to the point where nobody wants to comment anymore for fear of getting called out for having a different opinion. Way too much negativity. I have not seen a picture of a fish posted on this forum in some time. I think when the fishing is poor the negativity flourishes.
  2. I leave mine in my truck. Only other choice is to break it down and put some parts in hatch and secure the rest to the area behind the seat.
  3. If you list in the for sale forum it will sell quickly for that price. Good luck.
  4. I agree with TYG7501 the motion of the mirage drive puts more stress on a kayak hull then a pedal drive would. I don't think you need to be an engineer to say that. But if there is an engineer out there I would be glad to hear your comments? I also think the performance and durability of the mirage drive is superior to the prop drive. The down side is you will wear out your hull faster ? I really don't think there is any data out there to dispute this claim ? I am not seeing many prop drive hull failures being reported?
  5. Statistics are a wonderful tool. They allow you to compare different size samples. You can get the average # of hulll failures pretty easily. The average can be calculated 3 ways. The mean, median, and mode. The mean is the arithmetic average or in this case # of hull failures divided by boats sold. The median would be 5 if you had 10 failures. The mode would be what type of failure is the most common. Although prop sales are less then mirage sales you could still get a pretty good idea with a large enough sample. If hobie sold 10000 kayaks per year and prop drive kayaks 1000 that should be enough to get a statistically valid sample. As far as real fisherman using mirage drives instead of prop drives that is not true? Isn’t Riddler a real fisherman? He had fished with both boats. His opinion matters. His experience of hobie hull failures alone is not statistically relevant but taken in with all other reported hull failures it becomes significant. As far as your argument about people fish longer in a hobie then a prop drive kayak we would need to see some evidence of that theory. I don’t think you are trying to imply that heavy use by real fisherman causes hull failures in mirage drive kayaks? Are you?
  6. If you are paddling in water over your head it is very difficult to self rescue in a canoe when it flips. Jets ski's, power boats, wind, tides, are all issues that a canoe does not handle very well. SOT kayaks are much safer. You can pick them up pretty cheap these days. Especially if you get a used one. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Good luck with your new ride. You will be more relaxed fishing in a new kayak then wondering when the old one would spring a leak. Kayak fishing is dangerous enough.
  8. Wow that looks great. Could be a problem surf launching but may work on a calm day in flat water?
  9. Wd40 is a sand magnet. Dirt and sand stick to it like glue. Most cyclist use some type of wax on thier chain to keep off dirt. I don’t think wd40 is the way to go.
  10. Congrats on your new ride.
  11. I would purchase a new kayak. Your life is to valuable to waste on this type of fix. There must be a reason hobie does not fix this problem? Instead they replace the kayak and dispose of the old one. Not too long ago a Pa sunk in raritan bay. I suspect it t had this problem. It took on a good amount of water before it sank. Dan the kayaker almost died. It was spring time. He was wearing waders. He cut them off after they filled with water. He has not kayaked since then. Kayaking is dangerous enough. Don’t go out with equipment that is not safe. I life is a terrible thing to waste. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Unfortunately it includes all kayaks. Not just fishing kayaks. I suspect fishing kayaks are a small percentage of the total. I live a few miles from jersey paddler. Back in the day the sold lots of kayaks. I don’t think the fishing kayaks were a big part of their volume based on what they stocked and sold. Today the store is vacant. Also the big box stores are selling kayaks today. I think I have owned about 15 kayaks in the past 15 years. About 1/2 of them were fishing kayaks. I think the wife and I use the sup’s more then the kayaks. Easier to transport. I still have not fished off one. I don’t think my balance is good enough.