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  1. You tube has some great videos. Check them out. Also monmouth county parks offers a class. Not sure if they are doing it during the pandemic? You can also call George at the Paddle Shack. He organizes class's at an indoor pool to show you how to do it. Good luck and be safe.
  2. Some fish finders have a reboot mechanism . Unfortunately you have to call tech support to find out what buttons to press to reboot. May be worth a call? Also may be in the manual if you have one or can check on line? Google is your best friend .
  3. The biggest lessons learned kayak fishing in salt water as opposed to fresh water is that tides matter. Also not all tides are the same. Tides can be more extreme when the moon is full. Also not all launch areas are created equal. Certain launch areas can only be used when the tide is high. This is particularly true on the Manasquan river. As far as waves and wake from power boats that is all part of the equation. If you are not confident in your ability to avoid flipping getting side swiped by a wave turn the bow into the wave and meet it head on. As your skill levels increase you will need to do this less and less, Keep in mind it is your head that causes the kayak to flip, If you lean over to one side or the other your kayak will lean in that direction. You can avoid flipping by resisting the temptation to lean over and look into the water in the direction you are flipping. Simply lean the other way ? Always try to keep your head over the center of the kayak. (Not too far to the right or left)As your skills increase you will learn to use your paddle to brace. Some people even use thigh straps on a sit on top paddle kayak to help prevent tipping, Check out some you tube video's on proper paddle strokes and kayak bracing. Viking kayak has some good videos on surfing waves.
  4. Good morning Mark. Good to hear from you. Da blues have not been around much yet this year. Still waiting for that big blitz of gators? Maybe this weekend ? They seem to practicing social distancing ?
  5. Having the right gear. Having the right type of kayak. Having the right clothes are all import factors. But the real kicker is you need to know how to use them and when to use them. Think of all the training you got when you learned how to drive a car. Sadly most people that drown kayaking have little training. The best kayak with the best gear with the best clothes won’t help you self rescue. Good luck and be safe out there.
  6. Nice day for a paddle/ pedal.
  7. Many towns are not selling daily beach pass's any more. They are just selling season pass's. Some like spring lake do not allow you to park your car anywhere in their town. Crazy times for sure. In Belmar on Sunday the lines were many blocks long of people waiting to purchase beach pass's. No social distancing being practiced. So you roll up to the beach with your season pass on Saturday and you are told to wait in line until someone leaves so you can enter the beach? You can't make this stuff up ? I wonder if our masks will protect us in the water. Oh yeah and all the bathrooms are closed ? That shouldn't cause any problems ?
  8. I think that was an attempt at humor. Tandem kayaks are known as divorce boats ? Sometimes you end up paddling while your partner is enjoying the scenery. Most kayak sales people recommend single person kayaks to avoid the conflict. This way you can each paddle at your own pace and go in what ever direction you desire. People say the same thing about tandem bikes ? How do you decide who gets to ride in the front ? Good luck with your new ride. After 40 years of married life I am sure you know more then most when it comes to relationships.
  9. Wind direction can be as important as wind speed. A west wind out front in New Jersey calms the surf. Makes it easy to launch and land. If I see white caps in the bay I normally go back home. I don’t have much fun paddling in the wind, Also many kayaks perform poorly in the wind. Unfortunately most people don’t find out how poorly until they get stuck i it. Good luck and be safe.
  10. I saw a video of a person standing on a mat while putting on drysuit. Some times if you get some sand or dirt on Your bootie when you step into your water shoes it could create friction when you walk or pedal and eventually create a hole. If it is a kokatat suit it may be under warranty? I got a suit replaced that delaminated. Good luck with your fix. You may want to check you tube or google for a fix?
  11. While rinsing off my gear today I tested my bilge pump like I did 100 times before. Today it pulled apart. I guess it was time. I opened it up to look at it . It seems pretty simple a tube, plunger, handle. The handle attached to the plunger with a metal rod to a plastic ring. Looks like the ring cracked. I ordered a new one today.
  12. This morning
  13. Check out the hurricane skimmer 140 tandem kayak. I think it meets your weight requirement. It weighs less then your revo.
  14. I would also replace the round hatch with something bigger.