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  1. You can dig up garden worms or use night crawlers. Not as durable as blood worms or sand worms but will catch fish. I think you can use a rake to get sand worms at low tide in some areas?
  2. wow that is a great looking ride. Congrats. What kind of paddle do you use with it ?
  3. My thule pads are pretty old. You have to be sure you get the right size pads for your bars. My pads only had 1 velcro strip in center and one elastic cord on each end to tie down. I added some extra velcro.
  4. Thule makes pads for rack. Used for surf boards. They work well but not cheap. I suggest you remove them while fishing. Easily removed.
  5. I think oru may be a better brand of folding kayaks. I have seen them but I don’t own one.
  6. Wheeleez baloon wheels used to last a long time. New ones not so much. Really don't hold air like the old ones. I think they changed the valve system to inflate the tires. New one no bueno. They do work well on sand if you can keep air in them but the price is pretty steep. Good luck with your decision.
  7. Wow that looks great.
  8. A Tarpon is a great kayak. Good luck with your purchase.
  9. Good luck with your purchase. I would not trust my life in a walmart kayak. I guess it depends on what you want to do with it. Sometimes you get what you pay for. 500 bucks won't by much for a new kayak. Some of the reviews on line are interesting. I like the one about the wheel falling off after a few times out.
  10. I would look at a prowler big game by ocean kayak used. Keep in mind weight limits on a kayak are a joke. All manufacturers over estimate the kayaks weight limits. Good luck with your search.
  11. Pedaling a bike or a pedal drive kayak is good for lower back pain. Even paddling is good for lower back pain if you have good form. The problem is transporting the kayak to and from the beach and loading it on and off your vehicle. A wise man once told me to stretch and or warm up before you start pedaling or paddling ? Some guys have tried out those new light weight pedal kayaks. Maybe they could weigh in on the difference in back pain?
  12. 3mm farmer John is good for 50 degree water. You can always add a base layer and or splash top or dry top with it. Not as good as a semi dry suit but it could save your life. Tough to regulate temp in wet suit without taking a dip? You can try putting your feet in the water or shedding splash jacket or dry top or farmer John top.
  13. Nice day for a paddle/pedal. Good day to be Irish.
  14. UNION BEACH, NJ — Two kayakers were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and a New York City Fire Department boat after their kayak overturned in Raritan Bay Saturday, said a Coast Guard spokesman. A third kayaker was able to make it to shore and was found on the beach at Union Beach, he said. The kayak overturned off Union Beach at around 10 a.m. Saturday, said the spokesman. The Coast Guard, based at Sandy Hook, launched a helicopter to search the water, but the FDNY boat got there first, he said. Two people were found in the water: One was holding onto the overturned kayak and the other was hanging onto a buoy nearby. A third person was located on the beach by Union Beach Police. Find out what's happening in Middletown
  15. I have the chinook pfd for fishing. It is nice with lots of storage. Just be careful with how much gear you attach to your pfd because it will make it more difficult to perform a self rescue.