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  1. I have seen some outbacks with an electric motor. That would increase your range and help your knees. You could look into a pickup truck? Stow kayak in the back bed? Some people have a thule hullavator to make car topping easier. Or you could be a light weight kayak and forget about the pedal drive. Eddyline c14 would fit the bill. Good luck with your decision.
  2. I think it is refreshing that Hobie lets Matt comment on this forum. Most kayak manufacturers rarely comment on this forum. You have to keep in mind that people post threads like this because they know they don't deserve a replacement kayak for causing their own damage to their kayak. I suspect that part of their agreement on receiving a replacement hull is to stop making negative posts. If the dealer had replaced the hull initially when the scupper cart made a hole in it there would have been no need for this post ? Public opinions are an important part of doing business these days.. The fact that hobie replaced the kayak speaks volumes for the company. This was clearly not a warranty problem. I don't think most other manufacturers would have replaced the kayak.
  3. I wonder if the penalty would be the same for striped bass ?
  4. Thanks for the update. I guess it is safe to say the leak had nothing to do with the new sea grass color?
  5. Would the warranty apply to a puncture from a kayak cart ?
  6. There is a you tube video of another scupper failure on a outback kayak. Per the owner it was caused by his home made scupper cart. His kayak is yellow. An original color: You can search you tube for this video? I don't think we can post the link here. I saw a video from Elias on his crack. It looked pretty similar. Does not appear to be a color problem ? My Hobie Outback kayak scupper hole repair
  7. Viking kayaks make good surf videos.
  8. Blaming the color is not very responsible. Look at his face book page. Wheels are always in rear scupper holes while fishing. New to surf launches. Not great at it by his own admission. Comes in backwards with wheels protruding from bottom of kayak? But yes it is a color problem? The color of money. Big investment to lose by a mistake?
  9. Wow thanks for the pointers. I like to paddle too.
  10. Good points. Some people like the larger blades for more power with each stroke. Older guys not paddling in much current may prefer a narrower blade. If possible test before you buy. Good luck with your decision. There are many choices out there. All likely much better then the aluminum paddle you have now.
  11. E bay has some werner camano's from size 220 - 260 between 100 and 200 dollars. Selection normally better during season on used ones. Selection normally best now on new ones. Any paddle you buy will be much better then an aluminum shaft one. There are many brands to pick from as well as many retailers.
  12. Wow that is a great avitar. What model kayak are you surfing in. Looks like you have great skills . Are you using thigh straps ?
  13. Ebay sells used paddles too. Most paddle manufacturers run a 15% - 20% off sale annually. I have seen paddles on this forum in the kayak and boat section. If shopping used in season is best time to buy. If shopping new check the internet for deals/ sales.. I would not want a used paddle shipped to me it could get broken easily. If you buy new you will get free shipping most of the time and it is insured. Anything you buy will be a big improvement over an aluminum paddle.
  14. I think a tarpon 140 may be a paddle kayak ?