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  1. You may want to mention where you are located and if the unit is color or black and white and if it has a gps ?
  2. Great minds think alike. Mine is suspended in a bag below deck well above the water line.
  3. Wow good luck with your new ride. It looks amazing.
  4. Make sure you use front and rear tie down straps. The problem with using up the entire cross bars is that it is very easy for the straps come off the end of the bars. Don't ask me how I know this ? Traveling down the nys thruway and I looked up and my kayak was on the side of my truck instead of on top of it. The straps slid off the end of the cross bars. Front and rear tie down straps can come in handy if a strap fails or a crossbar fails. Often over looked when transporting kayaks and or canoes.
  5. Malone J-pro rated at 75 lbs.
  6. Yakima JayLow J-Cradle Rooftop Kayak Mount Supports one boat up to 80 lb
  7. Thule Hull-a-Port rated at 75 lbs I think the outback is a bit heavier.
  8. The outback is not the optimal kayak size and weight and width for J cradles.. It would be a risky venture. They are better for longer narrower lighter kayaks like sea kayaks ?
  9. I will preface this by saying I do not use an anchor with my kayak. I suspect the scenario you described could be problematic. I used to use an anchor in my canoe in lakes. Not places with current.
  10. Wow that is a great idea.
  11. It is nice to practice self rescue on a pond, small lake, or pool on a calm day. But you are most likely to flip on a day with adverse conditions.
  12. The most important skill to have is the ability to self rescue after you flip in water over your head. If you wear a pfd the ability to swim is over rated.
  13. Why are people so surprised when boats sink ? The titanic sunk ? I am sure that boat had allot more safety gear then we have in our kayaks. The captain and crew had more training then we do. I sank my Grumman white water canoe on the Delaware in the late 70's. I thought it was unsinkable ? It was over 10 years old. I had been down the Delaware several times before and never even flipped it. There was flotation in both ends and extra ribs for support for white water action. It sank like a stone in minutes gone out of sight just north or Port Jervis at dusk in may, I swam to shore with my igloo cooler just north of my take out point. I wish I could say there was alcohol involved but there was not. I hit a rock head on the canoe turned sideways and faced upstream and filled with water and was pinnned against the rock below the surface in the middle of the river. That was some pretty bad luck. I don't think I could duplicate that scenario to this day?
  14. I suspect most people who are experienced kayakers like yourself would realize that their kayak was not acting right and check the hull for water. A newbie out in a new used kayak for only a few times not so much. Also I bet a PA could take on a good amount of water before you even realized there was a problem. The sheer volume of the kayak is immense. Now in your revo 13 the volume is much smaller and you would notice it much quicker ? How much water did you have in your hull when you realized the drive well had cracked ? Did you notice on the water immediately or when you took the kayak out of the water back at the launch site ? I had a leak by the skid plate,in my trident 13 brand new from dealer. It took on about 5 gallons of water fairly quickly. I could tell the kayak was not acting right. Not sure how much water had entered before I noticed? Ocean kayak replaced the kayak. It appears that the screws that attached the skid plate had penetrated the hull.
  15. Sometimes when a kayak sinks we don't know why it sank. Dan Mason rairtan bay sank a used pro angler he just purchased ? It filled up with water before it sank. Would love to retreive it and check for cracks. I think it was spring time 2017 ? He does not post here anymore. Maybe the guy who sold him the kayak can chime in ?