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  1. Yes that is correct. In fact you can smell the glue. They recommend you leave the hatch open to release the smell. The exterior finish is amazing. Unlike a roto molded kayak. They are very light. The hull will not oil can or deform it is very rigid. They also are more resistant to UV rays. However a roto molded kayak may dent on impact a thermo formed kayak can crack. You really don’t want to use a scupper cart with them. Like you said two plastic sheets glued together. The scupper holes on thermo formed kayaks are much weaker then the roto molded ones. Maybe hobie figured out a way to reinforce them?
  2. It is a very well kept secret.
  3. There seems to be an issue with thermo formed kayaks and transducers being mounted external to the kayak. hull. I am not aware of any thermo formed kayaks that do this? I suspect it would create a weakness on impact to have the transducer below the hull? I know you can not use a scupper cart with them. They can be a little bit delicate.
  4. I like to bring a few additional safety items. Something to cut a hook. Some type of first aid kit. A compass in case the gps in fish finder fails during fog and or night time fishing. A plastic floating lip gripper in case the blue fish are around.I also replace most treble hooks with single hooks to help the fish survive being caught and to prevent me from hooking myself. A manual pump in case the hull decides to start leaking. A flag and or light if night fishing. A PFD. A cell phone. A vhf raido. A dry bag for electronics like keys and or cell phones or vhf radio can come in handy. Also a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you will return.
  5. Nice day for a paddle/ pedal. Tough day to be Irish.
  6. Easy to get lost at night or in fog . Second that gps can be helpful.
  7. If you call lowrance tech support they should be able to tell you how to reboot the unit. That is the normal fix for most problems. Caution you may lose your setting. I would definitely check for obstrucitons as stated by drmevo.
  8. Vinegar works pretty good.
  9. Hitting Union Beach at sun up on Tuesday. Hope to see you there. Joe B green eddyline c14. Company welcome.
  10. Would have been a difficult launch today
  11. Is your transducer in the water or in the hull?
  12. Located in Manasquan NJ. Stored in doors. Original owner 2016 model in mint condition . Specifications Length: 14' Beam: 29" Weight: 50 lbs. Cockpit Size: 21" x 49" Capacity: 400 lbs. Volume: High Seat: Comparison Chart MSRP: $1,899 Find out where to buy the Caribbean 14 Angler The ultimate lightweight fishing kayak, the Caribbean 14 retains most of the popular features of the Caribbean 12, with a few cool features and options specifically for kayak angler. Thanks to Eddyline’s unique Carbonlite material, the Caribbean 14 only weighs 50 lbs. making car topping and carrying a breeze. Since its introduction in 1997, Carbonlite has proved to be impact resistant and dimensionally stable so you don’t have to worry about hull distortion. Carbonlite boasts a thick acrylic cap to provide superior abrasion resistance and protection from the harmful effects of UV degradation. At 14’ long and 29” wide, the Caribbean 14 will cover distance quickly and efficiently. The lengthened cockpit and increased capacity will suit larger individuals or simply enable a larger load. The cockpit features wide foot wells, a 6” day hatch with internal Gear Bucket and space for an optional gear track down the center of the cockpit. The stern tankwell fits a wider variety of tackle management systems such as the Yak Attack BlackPak in addition to configurations for standard milk crates and 5 gallon buckets. There is a platform for Plano box storage at the forward end of the cockpit and multiple options for mounting rod holders, fish finders and various electronics. Multiple hatches throughout the boat allow for easy access to the interior to make customization seamless. The Caribbean 14 comes with a comfortable high backed seat with a drain in the seat well to keep you dry. Perfectly balanced carbon fiber side carry handles, retractable carry handles fore and aft and paddle holders on both sides provide convenience for portaging to your favorite put in. The deck has been designed to allow for multiple flat spots and tracks for mounting accessories, and come in a wide variety of highly visible colors. Individual factory-installed options include: Footwell and Tackle Box Traction Pads, Foot controlled Navigator Rudder, Front Hatch Liner, Flush Mount Rod Holders and many more fishing options. About Photos
  13. I am sure one of our sol members with an engineering background will come up with a fix or at least a work around. Also Thule has to change their equipment every time a new model vehicle or kayak comes out. It took many years for them to develop their truck bed rack . They still don’t have one for a Honda Ridgeline.