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  1. There's an argument here that stocked stripers in an effort to bump the biomass may have wiped out the last of the Cape Fear River true spawning strain. Although a wild ocean bound striper gets caught off the ocean in southeastern North Carolina once a year or so (I've seen one first hand this week and it was an amazing sight) the fish that are river residents don't have the programming to hit the ocean as they reach ocean sizes. The Cape Fear River once contributed as a spawning ground with a certain degree of saltwater exchange and I once caught a tagged striper from CFR as a kid in 2006 up in NY. Probably pulling that off now is harder than winning the lottery. Tens of thousands are stocked annually in the CFR. Now your counter argument is there's a good chance there would no striped bass left in the state I reside in without stocking. Would I rather catch nothing or a fish a truck unloaded with my money? A question of personal philosophy.
  2. Here's some facts. You've laid YOUR shill STORIES defending your best interests. Boats were stored under tarps at a marina, they saw a lot of use. Sorry I don't dwell on the keyboard. The club back handed shamed me for sweeping that tournament multiple years, and there was a lot of animosity towards me for doing that. I sat on that fluke and was in first place with another, adding insult to injury would have been unsportsman like but whatever. Until 13 days someone knew I had a photo with the fish and snuck it in a post knowing I was holding a far better fish. Doesn't really matter anymore. The action of doing that was strategic and DQ'd me based on timing. Crying? That's what you got? I met some great folks there I'm still friends with and others not so much. This is all you got. You gonna knock on me for hooking the BFT off Sandy Hook in 2012 while not holding a permit too? Did you know I trespassed to kayak fish once? Turn that into a story how I violated national security on the JFK runway. I wish KastKing well. And things worked out well...funny you mention that. I can talk to those guys when I need to and we still have a good relationship. They shook up the market and worked themselves into a powerhouse Amazon brand smashing the conventional middleman marketing schemes. Their $60 reels worked well for me and to be loaned out going through brutal conditions. Affiliate marketing makes more financial sense for me now as I no longer loan out gear and is a more profitable model. Nice shot again. This is what you guys got. Digging up stuff from 2014 to twist stories into internet truths. I'm good I stayed out of this seeing how it'd brew and wish you all well fishing and internet fishing however you will. I'll continue to make my living fishing until I cannot physically do what I do anymore. Maybe I'll buy more Hobies, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll get a boat? All I know is I'll never jump on a board and conjure up a folk tale like this crap was. Best of luck. You laid out a two sentence story and I put all the cards out there. It was gross miscommunication from many levels and the hull was no longer in my hands because I didn't have the resources to dispose it.
  3. I pay a 10% excise tax INTO your sport. I pay plenty of taxes and paid far more up north. Excise tax funds all state environmental departments. Every time you see a new boat ramp you should know where that money comes from. Did I come on here asking for anything this go? Nope y’all stirred the pot yourselves.
  4. As usual a bunch of hacks making their own stories up. This was cringeworthy to read through. Now digging up a pile of crap that was so distorted to defend corporate incompetence due to lack of communication from multiple parties both corporate and dealership levels to try and save grace. You guys must defend car manufacturers when they deny recalls too. In 2014 a customer cracked a hull on me when I guided...Hobie denied me warranty which was fine since yes it was commercial use, and I had the hull posted as a best offer on FB marketplace. One of Hobies employees reached out to me at a later date saying I can pay $800 for a replacement after complaining about the service since the cracked hull was a “defect” that was supposed to be fixed on previous click n go models before the V2 drive existed. I walked away from the dealership and from Hobie with ZERO communication what to do with the defective hull. I paid $800 for a replacement and went on my merry way. The defective hull was given to at the time the KFA NY president since I had no storage nor way to dispose of a kayak in NYC. I didn’t realize transporting this thing around the whole city and Long Island became my responsibility. You can’t simply leave your kayak on the curb. I should have just tossed it in a dumpster looking back. The fees to dump that yak was close to $200 so I said F that. The dealership didn’t ask me to bring it in while getting my replacement and Hobie didn’t communicate anything to me. This is somehow my fault?? The boat left my possessions and WEEKS later the dealership contacted me asking for proof of its destruction while previously not asking a peep. Was I supposed to know this? Was it part of more magical communication I had to telepathically know? I asked the party that took the hull that now Hobie wanted to see it destroyed. He sent me whatever photos he had which were unsatisfactory to Hobie. Had it been picked up by trash collection? Was it repaired and put back in service? I had no idea, no one said anything to me at time I went to purchase my discounted hull and the. boat was no longer in my possession. Hobie didn’t communicate and neither did the dealership, I had no space for four kayaks and the boat was gone that simple. I never made multiple claims on that hull as some are saying nor ever received a single penny for it. These last two cracks in 2018 & 2019 were not in a commercial capacity whatsoever. Posting I cracked it on SoL was pointless, as this is the internet and real world experience doesn’t matter on here I’ve learned eventually. My wonderful dealership in NC loaned me a 2019 to use for a few weeks which I liked and was all about my replacement hull afterwards. I received satisfactory service from everyone my last go. This new kayak was exciting for me too it was a familiar red I was on for nearly a decade. Hobie did not do me wrong this go nor miscommunicate anything. The lime green was received by my dealership and destroyed. But now the web of lies is being weaved as usual. Before I even said a peep on here this crap spun into a three page Vanity Fair gossip column. Besides the fact I have a cracked Hull. Didn’t say why, who’s fault, anything and somehow there’s a three page thread with all sorts of crap going? Why I left NY and just absurd topics like articles from 2015 and crap? I’m speechless
  5. I was physically beat wheeling it back to the car most trips and chose not to upgrade the tires to the larger ones. I'm not sure how we jumped to the conclusion of me impacting the beach with the cart. I can't even attempt that surf landing even if I try. As soon as I'm in chest deep water I bail.
  6. I never ride anything into the beach and then let the boat come in contact with the sand with my weight in the kayak...how did we jump to this conclusion? Can you find a video of me landing my kayak in the surf zone and me contacting sand while still in the kayak coming in backwards? I'm always bailing before the beach. So I never allow the hull to contact the sand while I am physically in the kayak. So the curling waves cracked the kayak? I have the luxury of surf launching multiple times a week. The drag across REALLY soft sand with the scupper cart is far more intense here in Carolina then I have ever engaged in up in NY. The fact I wheeled it down so frequently is what I suspect cracked this kayak. But my buddies that launch with me haven't had this issue. Maybe I put too much gear on there. I use the smaller wheels and I am pretty beat dragging this thing through a 300 yard walk from the car. A lot of torque and physical stress. It makes sense to me. None of my older boats had to have such a long distance drag from car to launch via soft sand.
  7. Geez, can’t believe this is still going on. My only point was to hopefully alert someone with a camo or new lime green outback. I know guys on this forum may have never “heard” of this crack happening lately. But on a different platform I received a few messages of their new and greatest colors cracking in my spot. Enjoy the bubble. It was dumb of me to post this. I’ll stay in my bubble.
  8. I'm quite aware what happens to a defective hull now. This will gladly be returned to a dealership down the road from me (as opposed to 1.5 hrs away).
  9. Hey dude here's timeline: Pay $800 for new hull dealer says - "Have A Nice Day Elias!" Come home Posted on FB for best offer because no one gave me instruction what to do Kevin throws a temper tantrum at me on FB and tells me to destroy it I pull post down I cannot destroy a kayak in NYC I give it to KFA-NY president Gene He cuts it and sends me picture I submit picture I guess its my fault
  10. I've been on your Outbacks since 2011. I've owned FIVE outbacks. Never a crack via scupper carts before the botchy PVC reinforcements even. I never misuse carts either. I need a boat that functions and enjoy my Hobie when it functions properly. I t's ok I know it's my fault for the following: Coming in backwards via surf with or without the cart Wheeling it through the sand
  11. Who said blowing the boat onto the sand full momentum? I absolutely never beach the kayak via sand surf launching. I always get out before. Every video I surf land/launch I'm never riding sh*T into the beach, the only safe way to land the outback is to get out as soon as it is safe to do so - sorry dude. I go in backwards five times a season in the surf. Who in their right mind paddles in backwards all the way to the beach? As soon as you are able to get out safely in an Outback you bail there's ZERO backwards impacts happening with me ever. Who's claiming I bring my wheels with me everytime on the water? 70% of my videos from this season my cart is tucked neatly into the back seat of my car, not the back seat of my kayak. No one gave me any instruction what to do with that hull. Not the terrible receptionist in Cali, not the dealer I picked up my $800 replacement from, no one. That's my fault? I should have dropped my hull off before taking a new one. Don't pin that sh*t on me for your incompetent policies.
  12. Anyone that owns any of the new colors, just watch your scuppers. Put the pump in if you don't have one. I was inept. I never had a boat crack in that manner aside from a 2012 a customer had crack in a drive well while in NY. A friend of mine with a camo one also cracked exact same spot. New pour or plastic or whatever. My 2011 still floats as does the 2015. Nothing changed with the way I treated it. It's the plastic. I pulled the trigger on a Predator PDL today as my non surf boat and will look for an older outback as my out front boat. IF coming in backwards five times in a season cracked the scupper then I want nothing to do with it. If Hobie constitutes what I do for a living as "commercial" then so be it. Shimano, Daiwa, and Thule certainly don't.
  13. Cracked behind the reinforced scupper PVC. Filled with water half way up in 20 minutes. Thankfully I felt it and beached quickly. Scary.
  14. Crazy dude, those black drum must have been epic. Hope they keep hugging the beach, just south of you in Wilmington. Albie run wasn't very good this way but the reds are still coming down the beach in good numbers.