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  1. She told me she was 22....
  2. No it is not unfortunately - they raised the rental price on us by double so we had to relocate. I believe the address for this is 340 Oak St in Pembroke. I will confirm exact address.
  3. Oh the things I miss when I leave this place. Doc was about as good as they get - am glad I was able to spend some time with him over the years...
  4. Nothing will beat Town Spa. I don't care what you all think, pepe's is overrated along with the rest of the garbage that comes from CT.
  5. Hope to see you all at the 2018 MSBA Fishing Expo - March 24th and 25th at the Wolves Den in Pembroke, MA! (and now I disappear again... maybe...)
  6. Hello friends.
  7. If this is illegal sorry, but I'd like seconds if he passes.
  8. Hey y'all - it's been a while, hope you still remember me! I'll be heading to Isla Mujeres from September 19th through 26th for our honeymoon and plan on doing a fishing trip one of the days. Does anybody here have any experience or recommendations? I know that it's not the ideal time to be out there fishing-wise, but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations. Thanks!
  9. Alright - a little update for those interested in attending/getting a table. We are very heavy in the planning of our expo coming up April 2nd and 3rd in Hanover, MA (booths still available if anyone would like to get one!). After the Expo I'll start posting some information and get the gears moving on the MSBA Plug Night. The date will be Wednesday May 25th, 7:30PM at the Viking Club in Braintree, MA. Open to the public. In order to secure a table, all that we ask is for a new plug donation to our Raffle Table and the plugs will either be raffled that night, or at future MSBA meetings depending upon volume. We want to reiterate that if anyone would like to get a table to show off their plugs, they can, but if you plan on selling to the attendees it is your responsibility to make sure you are in compliance with all applicable tax documents, etc. More to come!
  10. I will post more information here as we get closer to the event. I am the main contact for this as I'm the Entertainment Chair for MSBA.
  11. They're great in freshwater, lots of swimbait guys swear by them. I wouldn't trust the components to any decent quality striper though...
  12. We'd love to have you back Don! Been a while since I've seen you That's the idea, guess I didn't work it well!
  13. I'd have to look into it - I'm pretty sure we're relatively flexible, but with the 1-2 plug donation for a table, not sure they'd want to split tables up, I think it just opens up too much wiggle room!
  14. It is open to all - all of our meetings take place on the 4th Wednesday of every month in Braintree, MA at the Viking Club.
  15. It's coming....