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  1. SOLD Thanks SOL
  2. For the whole lot? Absolutely.
  3. bump anyone read anymore?
  4. Looking to sell, preferably as a lot but will break them up later if necessary. Buy the lot for $100 shipped tyd Reading the Water is a first edition, second pressing. Slight yelling on pages just from age but otherwise in good to great condition. Or I'll sell Reading The Water for $65 and then $12 each on the other books, shipped media mail.
  5. eh the more I think about it, I got rid of almost all of my saltwater stuff already and it's something I don't really need need. My eyes were bigger than reality - free bump for ya though
  6. Any trades? I could use it on the boat but definitely don't need it.
  7. Emblem Pro sold. Pair the VS and 1209 for a killer canal setup for $650
  8. I'd like to keep it at 60 shipped just because I don't think I can safely fit it in anything other than a large priority box without risking it, and those are like $20 these days. Let me see if I can fit it in a smaller box.
  9. VS 250L - $575 shipped priority - reel has not been used since its last service in 2017 and has been hung in the garage since. Reel has rash, no hiding it. Drag clicker has been removed. Might have a bag and a sweaty had around somewhere if you want it? Reel no longer has braid on it. CMS Wrapped SW1209 - $150 pickup only in the Worcester/Boston/Canal triangle area. Emblem Pro 5500 - $60 shipped priority - grindy gears - you can feel it, but still smooth - likely but could use a good cleaning and service. Great loaner/backup reel, one of the OG long cast reels Motivated to move
  10. Got an ounce of ACDC for $40 yesterday. Sure, it's a CBD strain, but I use it for my back, so it works for me
  11. As long as everyone is okay with Oakman getting it for asking, kid 2 is on the way and diapers are expensive! Mark, I might have some other stuff stashed away somewhere I can look around for, but I think this is the majority of it.
  12. Making babies! #2 coming in May! how you been old man?
  13. Very much so, they were stored in an airtight container in the basement since we bought the place in 2018, never picked the vice back up
  14. meet me at 75 to make shipping worthwhile and I'll get it out in the AM?
  15. Especially the area you are looking to fish - access is a hot button in MA and you'll find that people are tight lipped and generalize locations because all it takes is a few jerks and access is closed for the rest of us.