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  1. I would try to land my lure right in the white water behind the small breaking wave off of sandbar and work it back through the trough. They could also be in the area inside top of circle. They could also be right at your feet so don't always cast straight out, fan cast so different angles, walk back and forth doing the same thing covering the whole area. If there are fish around, you got the right plug and they are hungry, chances to be bit go up
  2. Disregard, need read instructions closer, who'da thunk
  3. We are having the house re-sided and having soffit venting added for the attic. The wife wants me to add LED soffit lights on the front of house, maybe 6-7 total. The ones she wants have the separate small driver box. I've wired lights together before but these boxes are pretty small to have a lot of wires in them. I am using 14-2 wire and have enough room to feed wire along inside of soffit. I also have the new small push connectors but not sure the best way to move down the line. Anyone done this before?
  4. Or how about, how can any toilet flange be proud, their job is Shi##y couldn't resist either
  5. Honestly TP, throwing out as far as possible isn't always best. As you said, the fish you caught was in close. That is where you will most likely get hit, ready to lift eel out of the water. That's where I've gotten most of mine, scares the living crap when so close but OH so good
  6. Just put a set of 275/60/18 wildpeaks on my 18 F150 with a 1.75" level kit, about 1.5" taller than stock. Fills wheel well nicely, aggressive tread and sidewall. Only have about 500 miles on, little hum but not too noisy. Overall I think will be a great tire come snow or mud time
  7. Should watch Holmes Inspection and Holmes on Holmes on HGTV I think. Every house on that show, the inspectors didn't catch this or that and ends up costing outrageous amounts of $$$$$ to fix. At least some of the issues found on the shows could help you look for and repair problems. Lots of stuff is found behind the walls which inspectors don't look at. But you can check plumbing, electric, insulation, attic, weatherstripping. Even the outside landscaping, ground pitch from house, downspouts, holes in siding or foundation, patio, decking, garage and doors. If they are good and care, everything will be checked
  8. For sure, at least help to keep dust down. Lucky stocked up on different Covid masks so all set there, good place for face shield also
  9. For a spray, would plain water work or would you use that popcorn remover? This sounds like it is going to be a fun project whichever way I go, NOT!!
  10. Thanks N.S.F. - agree with drywall over popcorn, might even look worse. Think careful scraping is way to go. Thanks for all the ideas
  11. Why would ceiling being painted be an issue? Makes it harder to scrape?
  12. Not sure if painted and was done around 1987. I feel that scraping and a heavy nap roller would hopefully cover up most imperfections. Like the crown moulding idea, don't have to be to fancy at the edges. Have to look for that scraper with the bag attachment though i could always lay plastic down. Will have to check on that asbestos thing too, nasty stuff you cant see. Thanks for all the ideas!
  13. Nice north-shore! Can you get that at the local HD? Ceiling is about 10'+
  14. Just a general question, would you prefer to scrape or cover a popcorn ceiling with drywall? Room is about 25'x35' so drywall, tape and mudding could be $600+ vs some walking around on scaffolding to scrape ceiling Just looking for pros & cons and would you tackle yourself or hire out? TIA
  15. Did Restore on my Mom's deck, stuff is expensive and you will need more than you think. Application roller are a PIA but have to use. Power wash deck and let dry then do on a cool, cloudy day or else drys stupid fast. Held up well for 5+ yrs but then started cracking leading to the wood getting wet and not drying. Held up to shoveling in the winter pretty good. Good luck!