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  1. Eerily similar
  2. This says it all. From joe Biden’s lips yesterday The struggle for our democracy is no longer just about who gets to vote. It’s about who counts the votes—and whether they should count at all.
  3. This says it all The struggle for our democracy is no longer just about who gets to vote. It’s about who counts the votes—and whether they should count at all.
  4. You are correct and it been that way for a couple decades or so. The left has a mental disorder of sorts. I cannot make any sense of it personally. Gave up a while ago even trying to converse with them. It’s a pointless act to even attempt. They know absolutely nothing and at the same time think they know it all. I believe it’s a side effect of academia. Most of them have never had to make a personal decision in their lives. Mommy and daddy told them to go to college, college told them how to think and how to be a good employee, employers told them when to work, how to work, when to leave, etc. their whole lives have been someone else telling them everything. this little clip is the root of everything happening today. Not just covid but climate change and every other boogyman the left has created in recent years. It’s really sad and it will be the stupid that leads to an ugly reset if we cannot correct it
  5. You know what’s strange? No one person on January 6 was charged with “ insurrection” .. but yet the left continues to refer to that peaceful protest as an insurrection... if we compare it to every major city riot that year it truly was a peaceful protest. What we saw over the summer were violent riots. you leftist morons really do think republicans are that stupid don’t you? Ah duh trump said so ..trailer trash? lol.. you have zero idea who is on the right.. to this day I still have no idea what Qanon is.. the people on the right run the world. If we decide to not go to work the country stops dead. We own the businesses and run the infrastructure.. you confuse college with intelligence and intelligence with wisdom and wisdom with smarts. funny, my signature has been the same for over 10 years on here but it’s more true today than ever before,
  6. You speak from the perspective of the average societal sheep. Not everyone cares about jobs, wages, schools, etc. to me those things mean more damn people around....and higher standard of living is a matter of opinion...I am a multi business owner and I do not want my kids in public schools. So all that goes out the window. I’d rather put a gun in my mouth and work a “job” ...a job is a drug society sells you to make you forget about your dreams. I am just buttoning up the sale of one business now for 1.8 mil and I will always live in a rural area that you’d likely see as low standard of living. I live in NE Pennsylvania. Certainly not a blue state with exception of the citiots in Pittsburg and philly. I preferred the quiet country here only to have all the balloon knots from NJ and NY move over here in the last couple years. They are ****ing this beautiful quiet area all up. Been to several township meetings lately and residents aren’t happy. City people just don’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. why am I here? Personal question but here goes....I was kinda the Gordon Ramsey of the marine world if you will. I traveled all over the country to fix startup and failing marinas. Started dating a woman up here then shortly after 911 occurred. Brother deployed about the time the second tower was falling. Wife was 2 blocks away from the towers at the same time..time stood still as a result for a couple years. . She wanted to be closer to family when we had kids. Divorced now and have about 5 years till kids are old enough for me to relocate. I wish the blue state people would stop acting like locusts. They vote in a way that they can’t afford to live in their states anymore so they flee for red states and keep voting the same dumbass ways. We need border walls around the coastal red states to keep those dummies out.
  7. The devil did go to Georgia last January. Paul Harvey absolutely nailed the left in that 1965 writing. The left is the devil.
  8. That’s not how it would work out. There would no longer be democrat run states. That’s the whole idea of splitting it up. I grew up in Missouri and TX. They were far better places to live than up in the northeast. Once my kids are old enough I’ll be back in a red state....We would likely need a border wall to keep libs out once they realize that there isn’t free stuff on their side anymore.
  9. This is Paul Harvey April 3rd 1965 giving Nostradamus a run for his money...
  10. I’m with you, have kept to myself as almost reclusive the last 20 years or so while watching the left slowly destroy my beloved country. They are truly the enemy and they are to stupid to realize it because academia told them they are superior.... I am certain of that now. Paul Harvey described this in his writing of if I were the devil in 1965. We have watched that all come to light over the last couple decades. I am all for splitting the country up or civil war at this point. Let’s just get this over with. The division is no longer just a disagreement in idea. The left is the devil.
  11. It will be all good until the new Midterm variant arrives next year!
  12. He didn’t do that when morning over the gangsta, criminal, drug addict martyr of the BLM movement.. only about 10 times as some really men were rolled off the plane in dover. He’s a piece of garbage human being and always has been
  13. I know right? Sounds like every single democrat talking point doesn’t it? It’s like saying global warming is an existential threat. .. not true but y’all are outraged anyway.