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  1. These are not pretty but they work.
  2. Last week in Vermont in poppers. Slow fishing but this smb was nice. And a Bonita from today.
  3. I'll take 4 and 5 for the asking price if still available
  4. I'll take it
  5. Sand eels are around. I tied the first two up and have not changed it since. About a dozen or so bass later the peacock hurl is all gone and it still producing. I tied two more weighted. One with just lead wraps and epoxy. The other jiggy style. Forgot the body braid on that. Haven’t tried them but I bet will work better in strong currents. The bucktails worked pretty good for fluke with a white gulp.
  6. All of that Ray Bonderew patterns are.
  7. Sand eels came in
  8. About 8 inches
  9. I'll take the airflo and Cortland please
  10. Well I fished with captain willy and he did not disappoint. Mosquito was dirty so we fished a gin clear Indian river. Started with topwater. Bite was not good but managed a couple small trout. Once the sun rose we targeted fish by sight. It was really fun. I’ve never really sight fished before. I never spotted my own fish. All were spotted by the captain. The black drum were especially fun as they were harder to fool but did not spook as easy. I missed a few on top and pulled the hook on another good red that tried to get back into the mangroves. Saw snook. Saw and had shots at bigger fish. All in all it was awesome and I’ll be back.
  11. Caught so many dinks today I feel good about something that happened a couple years ago. I guess.
  12. Fished out back MOCO with a large fly. Saw birds working out far but it was exciting to see. No touches. Couldn't wade very long as the water was real cold.
  13. This thread is fantastic on so many levels. I fish a boat and the surf fairly often. I don't always submerge my reels but rarely clean them or service them. I am just lazy I guess. If you go the cheap route I'd go Okuma. I've had one last forever. But all the Colton talk has me thinking about that one next.
  14. I’ll offer $200. I am waiting on repairs to some rods and need a back up.