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  1. I like the vice. Agree about that screw. Will use the loctite.
  2. I'm glad this thread is alive. Gonna give it another go this year.
  3. Sand crab fly. My first 2 fish. Also dropped a fluke in the wash.
  4. I’ll take it
  5. nice to see them coming up. They were refusing clousers the other morning.
  6. Interested. Need to see how it will pair with a 9 weight. I have the 9/12 and its huge.
  7. This line ok in the northeast?
  8. I didn’t leave myself with much room but I still think it catches.
  9. I bet that fly catches just how its tied. I am going to try my hand at stacking soon and let you know how I do.
  10. bump its a great rod
  11. Trying the kinky muddler. I don’t love them but think they both catch.
  12. Tied a couple of different ways thanks to one of our members here, Jabster. He ties them all different ways and with different materials. The fly on the bottom and far left is how I usually tie them.
  13. I was on the river at 7. Not another person there. One guy arrived after me and stayed less than an hour. I left at 8 and nobody else came. A Warden pulled up. I told him I'd give him my last name to look up license so I wouldn't have to climb out of the river. He just asked how I was doing and asked me if I had a stringer. We talked for a bit and he drove off. I got about 6 out of the one hole. Was fun.