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  1. Rich Murphy sand eel style with bucktail.
  2. Bondorew sand eels
  3. I’m pretty sure the fish I saw today were on sand eels. I need to put some together but never used a all flash pattern. Cool u caught with them.
  4. I've never in all my years of fly fishing (about 10 or so) paid too close attention to leader length when fishing for Stripers or blues. 4 to 6 feet I usually start with then maybe change to a new one when I'm down to 2 feet. Usually use 25 pound test mono or whatever I have around never tapered. I will say at least in the river I think fishing floater line is better. Gives you more time to gather your line and thoughts. As far as poppers I am addicted to the red or blue and white rainy's poppers with the rattle. I can't really go back to anything else. I just fish them with so much confidence. When they get beat up I remove the hook and make them again with a new body and rattle. But out of the bag they are hard to beat.
  5. Ya. Bass like it too
  6. Ya. Bass like it too
  7. In the back. Pretty feisty
  8. Hopefully not the last one of the year but most likely. Had a good week of fishing from land for these things. Feel really fortunate to get five
  9. Leaving the spinning gear at home and not having any other option is mostly what I do. Just figure it out whether fishing with someone else on a boat, wind direction, incoming /outgoing no room for back cast, too deep, too much current, ect. It’s the challenge. And it’s the best.
  10. Yup
  11. They were in the surf but these rock based albies are my first from land.
  12. East. Atlantic bonito. Just ate it. Was really good. The false albacore that looks and fights similar supposedly tastes like sh..
  13. One of my best fish on the fly. Not far from the beach
  14. I wasn't fly fishing at the time but Mal Pais in Costa had big jacks, roosters, red snapper, and fun surf. Tamarindo had small jacks that we caught. On the east coast we had a small snook in a river mouth but there are tarpon there as well in the Puerto Viejo area. This was all from land. Rented a Panga Boat south of Mal Pais and got small tuna. Wish I had a fly rod for that trip.