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  1. Hi still have it, will pm you!
  2. Sorry lost track of this, I can do $525
  3. thanks for the offer not going to go that low
  4. Price Reduced to $595
  5. Price reduced to $615
  6. Great shape for its age, has not had much use, early serial # in the 800s Reel only, no bag or box $650 includes shipping
  7. well these must be super rare as nobody here or on ORCA seems to know much
  8. I came to own a brand new Bantam 2000L and a brand new MIG z1000, both mint condition Anyone know the ballpark collector value? Bantam has no box but has original pouch, MIG has original box and pouch Thanks guys
  9. can't seem to find it, was it removed? or am i just not looking in the right place
  10. when you ask a question remember that the seller may list the item and then not log back into SOL for several hours. By that time if someone has accepted terms those who are asking questions are not going to get a shot in most cases, especially when it is a high $ item
  11. just to put closure on this, there couldn't be favoritism because I don't know anyone who posted on this thread, including the buyer, from a hole in the wall. I followed the rules without exercising my option to engage in discussion with persons who "express interest" before the "i'll take it." That is commonly how it works around here. Had you wrote, "I'll take it, but would prefer pickup" you would have gotten first option on the reel (though it would likely not have been an in-person deal anyway, as i said I don't have time to plan and attend meetups).
  12. We must have a different interpretation of the rules