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  1. LOL But really disregarding facts and using personal attacks? Wow
  2. Vegetarianism, also should have hit the USSR sooner.
  3. Race isn't skin color. I have more if you like. What's so special about my race? Well, for one thing, the computer you're typing on was invented by whites. So was much of western civilization, and is pretty much the reason why my country doesn't look like Africa. Right now here in America we are on a very dangerous path, and are expected to become a minority by 2050. They are MY people who built much of everything in the west, and I would like to preserve them so everything my ancestors fought and built doesn't turn into a replica of Africa or Pakistan.
  4. And you're calling me a coward yet YOU'RE the one advocating the death of his people!
  5. I just want a progressive society free of hate!
  6. I propose Europe for Europeans and America for the ethnicites that built it. Now why would you be opposed to this, the survival of your people?
  7. And why is race asinine?
  8. I answered it! Christianity is a backwards religion and needs to be replaced with something more progressive like Islam!
  9. I'd be fine with all non natives leaving the US to Europe if all non europeans left Europe. You're good with diversity? So you're ok with Sweden becoming the rape capital of Europe because of all the muslim and african immigrants? You're ok with Sweden becoming 900% more violent because of that? You want this in America?
  10. No we should all convert to shariah law. Why would you suggest I want this? Are you a racist?