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  1. (I know, overlap from last report) Kayaked out front yesterday morning. Dropping tide all night, turned at dawn, I was looking for a blitz. Picked up a couple of fish just around keeper at false dawn. Dawn blitzing never happened, just scattered fish popping up for a few minutes here and there. I think I caught more fish trolling than casting. Ended up with around 10-12 fish (one bluefish) with one rubber shad that came back in half. The only bait I saw was anchovies/rait bait under 2". One fish puked but it was an unidentifiable mush. Chasing birds took me about 500-700m out. Off the water by 9am. Returned late in the day for the afternoon drop with my son. Unfortunately the 6-8mph SSE wind combined with the SE swell to make a wicked chop with 2-3' mixed in and about a 3sec period. I was too worried about him on a 7' kayak, and we ran for shore almost as soon as we left the breachway. He took a half-dozen casts and said he was getting bumped, but nothing landed. The upside is that my 11 year-old son made his first kayak rough-water surf landing flawlessly. He's well on his way to making stupid kayak-outing choices just like his father. Besides that, there were pods of birds working 300-500m offshore, but nothing in close.
  2. My son and I just did a tour. Soco: out front couldnt get close to good water, whitewater all held silt. Inshore spot 20+ wind in our faces forcing water off a big flat and out a channel at our feet. We managed a dozen casts bucktails and heavy shad without a bump. Lower bay: out front found a spot without too much wind (how?). Beautiful whitewater, nice rips, cloudy water. Dozen casts with shad, spook and poppers without a hit. Lower bay inshore spot (channel) we found some schoolie taps but didn't stick around to round them up. Mid bay: inshore spot with a large flock of birds working, cormorants diving, and visible fish busting under them, but couldn't reach them from shore (mean crosswind and just plain too far away).
  3. Yesterday, took my son out for his first heavy weather fishing. We were on the water by 3pm, tried a number of east-facing spots, found good water and ripping current, and blanked in all three spots. Tried a south facing coast, but by that time it was howling and I couldnt get a cast past the dirty water.
  4. 36deg in Hope Valley this am when I was leaving. Kayak trip in mid-bay, eastern side. An hour before dawn to about an hour after (05:30-07:30). Fished a spot that has fished extremely well under similar conditions in other years (mid-fall, incoming tide, bluebird conditions, incoming heavy weather). Caught a half-dozen medium schoolies on shad and sluggos. That is all. Bite dried up with the dawn. Expected to see anchovies and silversides, saw little or no bait. Water is crystal clear, can see 10-12' to the bottom. No bird activity either.
  5. The boy and I tried a couple of daylight sandy spots yesterday and blanked. Didn't have the small-profile stuff. This morning I went to a semi-backwater spot under a bridge. Blah blah couple of schoolies and a 14" hickory shad.
  6. Mid-bay yesterday; kayak trolled around for a couple of hours solo. Worked two specific pieces of structure, the rest just scouting. No birds working, one keeper-size fish caught at a spot we usually catch at. Water is back to as clear as it gets. Later returned to the same area to fish from shore at dusk. Again, no birds working and no surface activity observed. There were a few schools of bait in the area. My son caught one one small bass on a popper. No real fishing trips. Right now we're fitting short outings between doing other things.
  7. Mid-bay; water 90% clear, no weed to speak of. Birds working, some surface activity, 1-1/2 casts out. I only had a few minutes before I had to pick up kids, nothing caught. Soco: slightly weedy, 25% clear. fished boulderfield and open beach on incoming tide. surf varies from 3-5' to 1-2' depending on where you are. Biirds working 2+ full casts out, numerous boats searching but nothing that I could see caught. no fish no bait to shore in the spots we checked. Word-of-mouth from passing fishermen says that there was blitzing down in Westerly (as close to a spot-burn as I'll get), but I sure didn't see any of it.
  8. Took a long lunch and worked a west-facing rocky shoreline in newport today. NNE winds to ~25kt and surf 2-4' in the pocket. a fair amount of weed even in lee of the wind. At the southernmost reaches the standard wave sets were 3-5 with occasional 6-8' sets coming in. Water was a little silty but not terrible. Northerlies put a wicked bow in the casts but I could easily clear the shelf with 1oz bucktail. Tried to pick the prime spots along ~3/4 mile so I could span the whole area in about 2 hours. Rotated between bucktail and swimming plugs. No bites, no bait seen, no nothing. A few birds sitting idle on the rocks and in the water. Still better that staying at work.
  9. Clean enough in the bay, but no fish in 2 spots I checked this am. Dirty as homemade sin in Jamestown, couldn't clear the smut with a 2oz bucktail. On east facing shore, solid roiling weed for the last 3m to shore.
  10. Spent a couple of hours on an east-facing coastline. Picked a spot that has always produced decently in the past and offered a little protection from the surf. Crazy turbulent waters, every time I tried to work my way out to a good perch I would end up getting lifted off my feet. Finally settled on a mediocre perch not far from shore. I would be high and dry for 10 minutes and then a random wave would wash over up to my waist. Fishing mostly whitewater. Worked low, high, and surface after false dawn. One hookup that shook loose, didn't feel that large. Finally got tired of getting punched off the rock and left for work just after dawn. Stopped at a more protected area and caught 4 schoolies in as many minutes. Water out front and in the back was a little silty but mostly free of weed and leaves and other debris usually found in this kind of water. This was just inside the bay of course, not out front.
  11. In spite of the forecast, I tried a kayak trip mid-bay this morning figuring I was going to hit some calm before the sun comes up. No go, once I cleared the launch there was too much wind and (complementary) swell to be able to fish, or even troll. Shoulda stuck with the other side (or moved farther up the bay). Wasted a scary trip across the bridges in 20+kt winds with a plastic sail strapped to the roof.
  12. October is the new September.
  13. The channel seems to call fewer cuddlers (props to daignault), I suppose because people rarely come equipped to fish the channel properly. And the further out on the rocks you go, the fewer will try to venture out behind you. But it happens. If you've ever been out on a midday blitz near a breachway, it's an absolute crapshow (dare I say a Montauk-level crapshow). Nowhere is safe from cuddlers and crossed lines. Low-hanging fruit. The easiest spot will _always_ be the busiest regardless if there are fish there or not. I took my son out last evening on a tour of spots I haven't taken him to before. One of them was $MOST_POPULAR_BREACHWAY (like you could spotburn that place). Weekday, incoming tide, 3 hours before lag turn, and there were 8 ppl on the easy side, 4 on the soft side, 4 on the beach, and a boat in the channel. We stayed for 30minutes and saw exactly 0 fish caught. My son was casting the pocket next to the rocks: the moment he came over to talk to me someone stepped into his bootprints and started casting. A middle-aged man mugged a spot from an 11-year-old boy. You might ask why were all those people there if there were no fish? Because there are a ton of references to the place in (even pre-electronic) literature, and you can park, walk 50 feet, and cast. It's easy to find and easy to access, and people will choose an easy spot that someone once told them holds fish over the hard task of finding a spot themselves and putting in the time to learn how to fish it. It's all about the instant gratification and the trophy pic to justify the trip to friends and family. Cultivate the not-easy spots. I still fish breachways often (off-tide times and turning tides), but I have other spots to go to when they get busy. Not enough spots. I'm always trying to find more (my mid-bay game is still weak). Not enough hours in the day. Stupid job...
  14. This was two nights ago (last night I slept in). Made another dawn trip to a south-facing shore. Tide wasn't that big but there was plenty of water up against the shore (SSE wind @ 12kt, compounding a SE swell) made for a fair amount of slop. Fought my way out to decent perch, managed one 32" bass at false dawn, then cast for another 90 minutes with just one short grab to show for it.