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  1. Holy crap, twice in two days...
  2. No kidding. Minding his own business, just boating down the road, and he gets pulled over. Man that sucks.
  3. About the only thing that remains of my infantry training all these years later is the inability to put anything down that's not physically attached to me. I have a hard time leaving the kayak on the beach while I haul all the gear to the truck.
  4. Bikes aren't just for the canal.
  5. I once stepped off a rock into a hole that was deeper than I thought. Got water in one of my boots. I had to walk almost 50 yards back to my car like that. What a nightmare.
  6. If you're visiting our state, please wear your underwear. Just sayin...
  7. Meh. 5 was pretty much my limit for the jetty rotation anyway. More time in the kayak, I guess...
  8. That's what's on them now. First couple times I replaced the hasps with brass(ish) picture hangers. Hey, it was all I could find at the time and I wanted to go fishing. They worked ok, but they corroded the SS nuts and bolts and I still had to replace about half of them every 5-6 weeks. I still have a box with maybe a hundred, out of 250 originally. Now they're replaced with 3/4" SS d-ring hasps (smallest I could find with the single-hole brace) and SS nuts and bolts. Looks stupid as hell, but it works and there is no sign of failure (except for the re-use of some of the previously corroded nuts because I'm cheap). The d-rings are about twice as big as they need to be, but I like them because I can really snug the boots down, which I wasn't able to do with the brass hangers because after a couple weeks or so of use they would be weak. These, coupled with my sandal cleats (with the carbide studs replaced with SS bolts), and I'm stylin on the rocks. And my Simms with about a dozen patches. And my yard-sale rod. And my frankenstein 704. User rolm will now be known as "The Fishing Hobo"
  9. They're entirely made of plastics, all except the pot-metal hasps. I find them to be good boots, all except the hasps (hasps broke first year, laces lasted until 2 years ago). These have IIRC about 5 years in the salt. They would have been good freshwater wading boots, but the LLB pair I had before these (with leather uppers and brass-ish hasps) felt like way better boots but the stitching went first, then the leather started tearing and the hasps started separating. These are good because there's nothing to rot on them... other than the crappy hasps.
  10. I traded in a good pair of leather wading boots (with failed hasps) a few years ago, and they gave me these. The pot-metal hasps lasted almost a year. Now I'm on the 3rd version of these, two years now and no issues yet. Admittedly, I've fished less in the last two years than I was fishing prior to that, but still.... Maybe $20 per boot... noname (4) noname (3)
  11. I have no idea if this is so, but if night-time parking there is anything like North Kingston, Kingston, and South Kingston, the "permit" consists of calling the town police and saying you're going to be parked at X location and will be fishing in the area. As long as it's a legit parking area that's all that seems to be required. In my experience. Maybe I've just been lucky.
  12. Saw a couple of frogs (not peepers) in the pond just before the latest freeze, but didn't see them yesterday. Hope the ice didn't kill them.
  13. Which end you talking about, Dingy? Inside or out? There are some decent rocks (and a super shallow sandbar) on the far side of the inside. And the outside has teeth at the end and a singular approach angle at low tides. Either way, I agree. Some bad poop gonna go down there this summer.