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  1. Joe put up a video on this site a few year ago showing his tying techniques, it was very good, worth searching out. JC
  2. I totally sympathize, just got back from the Bahamas, everything went wrong, wind, clouds, rain, complete disaster of a week, no guarantees in the world of fishing. JC
  3. Look up on youtube “welding loops”, or, send back to Orvis, they’ll probably give you a new one. JC
  4. Yes. JC
  5. If turn on your google machine and look up Ed Mitchell, he has site, click on writings, you can do the rest. I've been using a six for over 20yrs, mostly with a Wulff Bermuda Triangle floater which is considerably overweight, but works great when the fish are on the small side and the wind is down, small gurglers are a blast, also makes a good bonefish rod where the fish run small. JC
  6. Not superstitious, black cat just crossed my trail. JC
  7. All I know is, as an old Scott fan, they’ve always done stupid money on eBay. JC
  8. Agreed to above posts, fast and slow are terrible descriptors, it would be much more educational if rods were designated according to where the bend occurs as Orvis has done, calling them tip or mid action, or alternatively, action angle as defined in Common Cents, then there would be no confusion about what’s going on. That being said, I like a rod with the bend up near the the top. JC
  9. Red Ball hippers. JC
  10. LLBean has a light weight goretex jacket for about $200 that’s very good. JC
  11. When looking at the map, pay close attention to Winthrop, it’s a peninsula, so it offers a lot of different exposures within a very short distance, it’s also where Jack Gartside chose to live which should speak volumes. There’s an estuary right where you go onto the peninsula that should be explored. All this is covered in his book. JC
  12. Google Jack and inquire about the Boston Harbor book, the website says it’s out of stock and will be back spring 2018, guess they don’t update very often. It would definitely be worth the trouble to track down a copy, Jack was THE expert on the Harbor. JC
  13. I’m with Herb, and your retrieve rate is exactly the same until the large arbor is empty, after that who cares! JC
  14. You should find one that you can cast with the line you’re thinking of using hoping it will load easily. I think you want a rod that’s not too fast so you won’t be rocking your canoe around while trying to be accurate. The danger is that the way rods are currently rated has become unrelated to being able to comfortably work with a standard weight line. JC