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  1. That’s what’s in my picture in their newest iteration, the short shank is perfect for most of my needs. BTW those are #1’s. JC
  2. Find the new ones.
  3. I would posit that the Mustad Signature hooks and their successor, the Alfapoint (Sp?) are the equal to any of the other popular brands, and the new hooks are matt grey, not shiny, which I view as a plus. I personally think the Tiemcos are crap, Gamis are great but more money. JC
  4. That’s complete BS regarding Dacron, I have no idea about braid. JC
  5. The signature hooks are excellent, sharp, very small barb and strong. JC
  6. Imitating peanuts effectively has long been a frustration, and I really haven’t seen any that I like that aren’t complicated ties. Lately I’ve been playing around with EZ Body Braid and this is what has evolved from that, just 4 materials, arctic fox, african goat, EZ BB, and Loon UV resin, tied on one of the new Mustad Alfa point hooks C68SAP. JC
  7. But should be very slight, I just spun a Bauer M5 as fast as I could with drag off and drag on tight, I doesn’t spin for as long, but it’s not noticeable just cranking the reel. JC
  8. I think it’s certainly not normal, with drawbar style drags, the whole stack including the spool is being compressed, so if there is a bearing that’s failing it would likely cause friction in the retrieve direction. So check all your bearings, if you stick the end of a ball point into the bearing and turn it between your fingers, you’ll feel it if it’s bad. JC
  9. Using short shank hooks like Mustad shrimp hooks would help, they’re a lot lighter, so they flip more easily. JC
  10. I think you’re talking about hickory shad. JC
  11. Oh? It isn’t the rod, it’s the angler, you either know how to use the rod or you don’t. JC
  12. I’ve been watching this thread for a while now and thinking about my approach vs what’s being posted. I have a few comments, first is in attaching the eyes I put a pretty substantial bump on the hook first, put the eye on and then bolster it with a bump right up against the back of the eye, second is I tie them a LOT more sparsely with nothing on the top of the hook, I want the fly to be very translucent, I generally fish in shallow clear water from shore, third is I use small lead eyes, I want the fly to sink quickly, I have other patterns for slower sink rates. JC
  13. I can’t imagine what your arms must have felt like! JC
  14. I experienced a miniature of your Blue Angels experience last spring while fishing on Cape Cod, there was a WWII plane right over me doing all sorts of acrobatics by a very accomplished pilot, it was great, never seen anything like it! I think the Blue Angels right overhead might upset my stomach. JC
  15. I think you need to try some lines on your rod and figure out if it needs a true to weight 6, or something heavier, I have a 6wt rod I use in the same situation you describe, and I use a Wulff Bermuda Triangle 6 and an SA bonefish 7 on it, both are obviously overweight. Six weight rods can are all over the spectrum of power, from strictly trout rods to SW specific and the grain weight they’ll cast comfortably, mine will cast the Wulff line at 210gn perfectly, but that is the AFTMA spec for an 8wt, if your rod isn’t capable of throwing an overweight line I think it might not really be up to the job. JC