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  1. Every once in a while you’ll pick up a rod to try out and instantly know that it’s something different, the challenge is to be able to recognize a great rod when you cast it. Good technique is the key. All the advertising hype in the world is of no help. As an aside, I had the experience of finding a clearly different rod quite a few years ago when I picked up the actual rod Herb mentioned, and that Mike still uses today, I can relive those moments still. JC
  2. JonC

    hip waders

    I’d buy a cheap pair of stocking foot waders, cut the legs off, glue some straps on them, and Bob’s yer uncle. JC
  3. Must have loosened up and then hinged. I busted the tip of a CTS clumsily trying to insert in the boat rod holder tube, stupid. JC
  4. I am very familiar with described behavior, just keep trying, I use small artificial material clousers, once in a while the village idiot comes along. If you get a follow, drop to your knees, it really helps. JC
  5. Been on the Cape since 9/28, 10 days of the slowest fishing I can remember. JC
  6. I didn’t bother to take a picture, but it extends to the Cape. JC
  7. Launder according to manufacturer’s instructions. JC
  8. So tell how you did it. JC
  9. After 2 weeks on the Cape I usually find that I’ve used 25-30 flies in 4-5 patterns plus loosing or ruining a few, I do this twice, spring and fall. Every year I tie more flies, fill more boxes, some of the old flies become obsolete, I give away a whole bunch, but they just keep adding up, now in addition to a pile of boxes, I have 3 large plastic bags full of little plastic bags full flies, I think this is diagnosable as some kind of madness. JC
  10. That’s the pinnacle! JC
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