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  1. In the world of trout, ground breaking works by Vince Marinaro, Swisher and Richards, LaFontaine, Schwiebert, Caucci and Nastasi, the people who introduced close observation of the trout’s world as the key to successful fishing. JC
  2. Fancy expensive reels make me nervous, I’m happy with my old Bauers, they’re indestructible, reliable and have the minimum moving parts. JC
  3. I would try something sitting in the surface film rather than high floating, it’ll be more visible to the trout and look more vulnerable. JC
  4. Congrats, best wishes! JC
  5. Looks like an amazing trip! Great pics! JC
  6. I haven’t fished this river but a friend did and described how he caught fish, I don’t remember which fly, tiny for certain, but he definitely did as title guy said w/o indicator and watched the fish to know when to set the hook. JC
  7. This is an excerpt from an article published by Midcurrent 11/14/17. JC The new Bahamian Prime Minister the Honorable Hubert Minnis, who is a physician, was elected in May 2017 in a general election that swept the old administration out of office and into the history books. Minnis is as intent on improving the Bahamas’ image with anglers as the new Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Dionisio D’Agular, who dispatched Pratt as his special representative to the BTT Symposium to allay fears and encourage engagement among stakeholders and tourists alike. “Because of the confusion, there will be no enforcement of the past regulations until new legislation is drawn up,” assured Pratt. He informed his audience that a cabinet level committee is reviewing the January 2017 regulations, with a view towards achieving stakeholder equity, protection for the natural resources and a welcoming environment for traveling anglers. Pratt couldn’t promise when it would be finished or what exactly it would look like, but said that a commonsense regulatory update is an immediate priority of the new administration. He made a passionate plea for booking agents and angling customers to continue supporting the nation’s economy by planning fishing vacations to the islands this upcoming season.
  8. ^^^ I’m surprised you even waste your time looking at fly bins in shops, what I see in the bins for SW is generally crap. JC
  9. From everything that I’ve gathered the new government in The Bahamas has suspended all license requirements until such time as they figure out a reasonable solution. This after many of the lodges suffered huge reductions in bookings due to uncertainty about what fishermen were allowed to do and not do. JC
  10. The only way you can know the weight of the line is to look it up on the makers website if they list it, or call in and request the weights. A lot of the SW lines are over weight, some by a lot, some by a little, if you can weigh your old lines which are presumably right for rods, then you’ll have a head start toward knowing what you’re looking for. Best of luck. JC
  11. Now we need to find a lid for Sally Hansen HAN. JC
  12. Never heard of aphids on the water before, but they are practically everywhere so it makes sense some will end up being eaten by trout and probably misidentified by anglers who see them. JC
  13. As sns said, and I don’t think there’s much doubt it’s a midge (Diptera). JC
  14. First of all, there is no beauty to this thing, aesthetics count, nobody is going to say, “Hey, that’s a cool looking rig!” At $300, a rod with a plastic thing to wind your line on is a joke, this is a sub $100 idea, and it doesn’t have the charm that Tenkara has with the compact telescopic rod and total simplicity. The plastic spool takes up more space than a cheap little composite reel, and probably weighs as much, what’s up with that as an innovation? There’s nothing new with the rod except that it will only accept the spool and nothing else, no reel seat. You need to think up something better than this if you want a product that will sell. One last note, the line WILL TWIST going on, and coming off, that’s a simple fact that cannot be argued. Sorry. JC
  15. Zero for wife and family! JC