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  1. If you call Bauer repairs in Ashland OR you can find out if they have something that will fit, I got a star for my Little Mac, but that was many years ago. JC
  2. I’m a Wulff BTT fan since they first came out. JC
  3. Don’t cut 5’ off right away, start with 18” and see what that does, the simple exercises that sms suggested should be very helpful. When you get to the point of being able to continuously false cast the head you’ll be able to play around with your loop, tightening it up and slowing it down, it will greatly enhance your feel for what’s right, I believe it’s the best exercise you can do. JC
  4. Ask Pete Gray which vise he likes best within your budget , he has one of each. JC
  5. Charlie Fox was Vince Marinaro’s fishing partner and wrote a book called This Wonderful World of Trout, I would look up the story, but I passed on all of my books to a young guy last winter, The book was published in 1963, so the experiment was probably done in the fifties. JC
  6. It was actually Charlie Fox, but it is a great piece of research that I often reference. JC
  7. Get some new jaws for your Regal, the stainless steel are really nice for trout flies. JC
  8. Tin Boat has obviously seen how it was and how it is, too bad. JC
  9. In addition to what Crunch said, an eight wt line could be as heavy or even heavier than a standard 9wt. JC
  10. Dick, as a person who fished almost everyday, and then chronicled it, gave the people who don’t fish so often a feeling of almost being there, it was a great contribution to his readers and It will be his legacy, a great one. RIP Dick. JC
  11. Yes, I think it’s ideally suited because you can pick it up and reposition without retrieving so much line. I’ve never found that it was a temperature was a problem with this line, I like the stiffness. JC
  12. I actually took my six wt out on a bayside flat the only day we had flat calm and caught breaking fish that I could cast to in the 20-24” category, the six made it more fun, but the idea that a six was the appropriate tackle is depressing. jC
  13. For saddles on eBay try there’s an Iowa grower that lists stuff under the name tradehigher, they’re not Whitings, but if you select carefully you’ll find some good capes. For the most part I think that color is not that big a factor to the fish, the action and the length are what’s important. JC
  14. Joe put up a video on this site a few year ago showing his tying techniques, it was very good, worth searching out. JC
  15. I totally sympathize, just got back from the Bahamas, everything went wrong, wind, clouds, rain, complete disaster of a week, no guarantees in the world of fishing. JC