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  1. Why doesn't smokey the bear have any children? Everytime she gets hot, he hits her with a shovel!
  2. Fake news!
  3. This^^^^^ If she finds the invoice hes ****ed! And not in a it's your birthday kind of way...
  4. Because Kate said ****....
  5. Waite until you go all Rambo and throw that at someone and it hits handle first, They're going to kick your ass!
  6. That was pretty simple!
  7. ZING!
  8. Hillary?
  9. Isnt that convenient....
  10. I didn't think biodiesel was really that big anymore.
  11. What did you mean by capitulation....
  12. I like it because it doesn't smell like weed
  13. You just like saying shinnecock.... Besides you just let your fleabsgs stomp your grass down.
  14. He meant he was a racist nazi who hates fags , I believe
  15. SUP

    I used to drift the santee river in one of those , one day I had a 4 ft alligator just drift along with me , about ten ft away, for about an hr lol, I thing he thought I was a giant duck
  16. He cant find a sharp knife....
  17. Yea no ****, we'd be ****ed otherwise.
  18. See it worked!! #triggered ... He's in his crying closet rite now punching his nazi weeble wobble
  19. Lol, I just do it for somebody else's benefit You know it makes him want to go all nazzi punchy and stuff!
  20. Just like guns, rebel flags and Confederate statues, they will never stop until they turn this country into a liberal European style **** hole. Then stand around wondering why every big city is a steaming pile of **** like Chicago or San Francisco
  21. Sieg heil!
  22. Helpful, nice!
  23. Neither has a contract with a company that picks it up free, or pays a few bucks you moran!!!!