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  1. They're over there playing with their dicks ! AIN'T that just awesome!
  2. Go **** yourself! Too times...
  3. Amazing!
  4. The scary thing is that as ****ed up as you are your one of the "better" ones...
  5. SUP

    The kayak was wierd , I think because you sit kinds low, it was pretty stable though
  6. Their doing fine, thanks for asking
  7. Dogs ,rats and wolves will do the same thing. 90% of them are no better
  8. They're not going to let you in jew heaven....
  9. That does look good, I just dont like creamy cheesy grits,
  10. They come to the house.
  11. He gave me points... Eff him!
  12. Some of them can be feisty!
  13. SUP

  14. SUP

    Yes. Or buy a blow up kayak Or mini pontoon
  15. What the hell does pretty colors have to do with this!