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  1. where in the hell do these wierdos come from...
  2. you got the aids from drinking that gay ass booze
  3. that's not rape. that's just a prize you win for playing stupid games
  4. yes....
  5. the ones that actually look like women do....
  6. but we're the side with guns
  7. those damn French will pee in the corner in a heartbeat...
  8. I didnt even know it was happening, pretty cool you guys made it special
  9. I was at 87 this morning and down to 214 lbs, I had a Nestle crunch bar for breakfast...
  10. same as crank, harmless if you snort it.
  11. Sounds good to me
  12. I would like to apologize to Wayne, I hit a damn Turkey broad side this morning..... he just walked away....
  13. that was tonight?
  14. I put it on fried fish, it is freaking hot though lol