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    commercial refrige tech

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  1. I have feelings, you big bully!
  2. Why the **** did they blur his face, scared someone might see his teeth and cry. ****.
  3. I was told by my girl shekie , "yous the blackest klansman I ever met" Recie told me I talk like one lol
  4. That would have been a very helpful suggestion 30 years ago, now not so much.
  5. He'll yea, funniest ass whooping I ever got
  6. When I was a lot poorer and more manly it was a 30 minute job, plus I lived in the sticks the closest tire store was 20 miles away and closed on weekends lol
  7. I think he was Russian, chicken Ala vodka, or how ever you say that
  8. We was drunk riding around seen a new bar downtown, stopped in for a drink, place was full of chicks and just a couple guys , hell yea! Then we noticed the girls dancing with each other and most of the guys were actually chicks, David blurts out this is a fag bar! One of the manly ones says "What did you say?".... The rest is history! For the record high heels hurt like a bitch lol
  9. You can lay the tire down and drive over the edge of it with another vehicle to break the bead,then use tire irons to take it off
  10. Me and my buddy David got are asses handed to us by a bunch of dykes in a lesbian bar one night lol
  11. I'm sure we're sending them money, let them all starve
  12. You can patch them from the inside too
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