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  1. mine told me to get the **** out, the other day, I went outside, ten minutes later, I open the door "can I come in now" **** you! "great! make up sex" she just walked away...
  2. well geez somebody wants their spot next year....
  3. yes they are needed really bad , it will stand up in the wet grass they are actually a lot sturdier than they look.....believe me !
  4. can I get a picture of the new girls tits....
  5. I have a brother in fort worth that's still mad about not being able to go back and blow up the middle east, I can call him....
  6. you can cross that old red river hoss, that don't mean a thing , cause when your down in texas bob wills is still the king...
  7. I'm not sure what fum is, but you like to play smoke the salami!!!
  8. never dis "sammy the bull" !
  9. once I realized what the" mocking bird" was, AND they didn't kill it I was mad... as a point of order, we never ever in the south kill mocking birds, therefore it was an intriguing title for a young southerner!
  10. this^^^^^ unless you eat Turkey burgers of course...
  11. lol, I picked some way younger, hot out of my league chick one time, banged her in the trk, dropped her off at her house, got to the store to get cigs and more beer, there's a credit card, a sock and a pair of panties on the floor, so, I go back to the house and nock on the door, some dude answers, oops , i hand them to him, "so and so dropped these in my trk" as I'm walking g away that would explain why she didn't want me to pull in the drive way...
  12. we lost you won , Baltimore and Philadelphia,
  13. **** you!!!
  14. I think they all did, after the first couple hundred k, lol
  15. this explains alot in school we read to kill a mocking bird for whom the bell tolls lord of the flies. you know good books , about real life....