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  1. no
  2. It was the dew!
  3. I took a bath, And I will be wearing a button-down collar and a tie to the dinner party
  4. Bad wheel speed sensor
  5. and we're off!
  6. much better Laguiole?
  7. I have never had to paint a mobile home
  8. we love every one!
  9. in consideration of Tom's hoity toity neighbors we will be arriving in this with a thousand watts of wiz kalifa playing, your windows should start rattling when we turn off of 95
  10. I'll wait!
  11. Sammiches is fine
  12. There's a Creek like that off of the Cooper river, Sometimes it's a little nerve wracking in a 14' Jon boat
  13. is not
  14. just be glad I'm bot driving the 86 Ford with the 1000 watt amp and the "white trash " banner across the wind shield. yes maybe probably not