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  1. It was a actually supposed to go in January when I put down my hardwood floor (that never happened)
  2. My porch that's made from ground contact wood is rotting FFS.
  3. So I need to hire terry then
  4. Stop it, I pulled that up lol
  5. Got the old one out
  6. That to, its cyclical? Humidity-rain forest-humidy-rain forest...
  7. Probably
  8. Its 94% rite now
  9. It is noticeably more humid this year, just plain icky and sticky, I thought it was just me being old and fat, but my kid noticed it too, I'm starting to think that its because of the growth around here, they had to have doubled the amount of paved surface around here, Causing water to evaporate into the air versus soaking into the ground?
  10. You're 3 years late, so...
  11. Get the **** up and mow the grass you lazy ****!
  12. It's a dog bed, ask them!
  13. I might dust that, it's on the list!
  14. That's a giant CD player!
  15. Or this....