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    commercial refrige tech

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  1. I do miss the good ole days,life's kinda boring now lol
  2. Go visit the "bay" Get an autograph from Lil white
  3. Like when my friend kenny's wife storms into his bar screaming she going to kill all of us, Rick was gonna break and run, Kenny says don't move , if you move she might hit you. Emptied the gun and missed all three of us lol
  4. Did you finally bash the kid?
  5. Swwweeeeeet! I want one, is that yours
  6. Explain that to them! Haven't caught crap anywhere last 3 or 4 weeks lol
  7. The lake is a mud pit The river by my house is 8ft deeper than its supposed to be And inshore fishery is fresh water now lol
  8. First off, it's a sheetzoo, if you don't mow them they start to look like @Bergallmaster! Nobody wants to look like him! Second: @Mokes will never visit because I don't have a coffee robot and he'd have to drive 30 minutes to get a cumdumpcinamon latte! Third: and most importantly, I'm never far from my weed!
  9. Do not! The fishing sucks rite now , all this rain has everything messed up, the inshore is diluted, I can't catch Reds or flounder in my favorite spots either.
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