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  1. Brazil has a bunch, I believe
  2. I get that
  3. Eff Jase!
  4. So why is the point of selling your house for more than it's worth, so you can buy another one for more than it's worth?
  5. I don't buy anything online that I can't afford to replace when it doesn't work, we have people call us who bought brand new ice machines and they don't work, we're not warranty in it, sorry
  6. Or the groin , then you can step on his neck and shoot him in the head
  7. I honestly just don't see what the big deal is, it's chicken , just chicken, except it's a small piece of chicken that's more trouble than it's worth to dig all the meat out of it, how about Buffalo breast strips
  8. I bet you eat wings with a fork
  9. Bite me! You won't even have to kneel down!
  10. I'm guessing nobody learned last time LOL
  11. He's a little...
  12. Great, now that deadhead guy will be in here telling us how they're connected to Sasquatch And no, I'm not concerned
  13. The one I went on had free 24-hour pizza!