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  1. they have a pattern like that to
  2. it seams pretty well made
  3. Now you know why there's only a handful of Greek restaurant
  4. just picked up at the post office
  5. he was a peaceful man!
  6. went to get in the trk at the store, didn't notice this when I left the house
  7. 22 , I dont need a big gun, but i do have a hammerless s&w 38 in my back pocket
  8. I allways end up in segregation
  9. no wonder you eat frozen shrimp
  10. Of course! I love frozen shrimp barbecue and bacon pizza
  11. off to Charleston to work weeee
  12. but its fun!
  13. yea, because sometimes I buy precooked frozen bbq and warm it up in the smoker....