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  1. shadup!! adults talking...
  2. just checking the river hasn't even come up a ft since the hurricane, God loves cottageville
  3. haven't seen a hint of a flood, I'm right on the edge of the looming calamity, thx for axeing
  4. I was inviting him into are happy familly and telling him we'd love for him to visit.... you, not so much
  5. country wimmins can be quite bitchy...
  6. you're being a burden... dibbs!!!
  7. comeback more often, do you like turtles or rabbits and do you fish out of a boat?
  8. thanks for the concern doc, I'm doing fine, I actually just sprung a buck eighty on a new pair of redwings boots, so my feet wont get wet every damn day! col. red redfish, esq.
  9. stroll into hr with bowl in hand and ask the girl if she wants to "go out back at hit this, "
  10. @TimS raider said you sucked... it was in a pm...
  11. oh yea, I gots da saim **** two!
  12. and dumber than you!! poor kid
  13. Is there any way you could Actually piss test people, if you hire Jamaicans