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  1. Wrong, they stopped them from taking Russia, We, us and England DEFEATED Germany,
  2. Because if you read the new testament it is quite obvious that these kind of acts are not approved of or encouraged, it damn sure doesn't say kill the Jews, which only makes sense since jesus was a jew. Which is quite different than the Koran that repeatedly says to kill all non muslims, when a muzzy blows up a bunch of innocent people just because they weren't muslims, be is doing what his religion is telling him to do. When a Christian kills z bunch of people in the name of God he is obviously a ****ed up individual and should be put down like the rabid dog he is, because he is going against everything jesus ever said But you already knew that....
  3. All of those examples are of third world ****holes and /or centuries ago Apples to oranges
  4. No, that is butter stuffed in those cuts, This is done
  5. Did Germany "boil " Europe in the name of christianity?
  6. How many years ago were the crusades?
  7. Smoked beef ribs
  8. Looks ok to me....
  9. And the double post button! For ****s sake!!!!
  10. Those look good
  11. Smoked cabbage
  12. I have a galaxy s9 plus, I was trying to take some pictures of fire flies , the yard is full of them, it was a full moon and I either got this, with the isolated? On 10 Or this on any other setting Is there anything I can do other than buy a real camera? Those little white dots are fire flys, thats less than half of them!
  13. I noticed that...
  14. If hes over 12yo it really is sad... I bet he cried at the end of the nerd show...
  15. The whole area is in the shade 23 hrs a day , so the grass doesn't do so well