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  1. they've been working incrementally on taking gun rites for 40 + years, now they're growing impatient and are showing their true colors.
  2. no it's about what liberals really think...
  3. ^^^^^ this
  4. cooking a pork shoulder, eff a Turkey!
  5. nope! I get better looking each day!!!
  6. I actually think it was made by scharade or old timer
  7. lol, I FOUND it in 90 91 ? I guess, it has a few years on it.
  8. no, its stamped frontier
  9. the white handle was an imperial frontier model 412 the dark handle was a scharade deer slayer
  10. yes!!!!
  11. yea, above the snow line....
  12. I had soup!
  13. just a fancy heat pump, they work great, until they dont, then they can be a pain in the ass.
  14. ewww
  15. then the shadow walkers will come for you!