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  1. The shimano speedmaster rods are very good.
  2. The is a Spiny dogfish, note the spines on the bases of the top two fins. Bottom is a smooth dogfish.
  3. I drove a 4cyl 4x4 MT 09 tacoma on DE beaches through 2019. They work great. 18psi was the sweet spot. That truck will float over the sand. I currently drive a 4cyl outback. Airing down is key.
  4. How often do you find BD hit the top hook? 1:3
  5. I use spider hitch to either a no-name or Albright. I double over the line from the loop then cut. Trying to keep the knot to knot connection under 2-3 inches. With 4 pieces of line the leader knot has plenty to grab and will not slip as long as it's conched properly. When i first started using shock leaders i found this thread: Been using it ever since, no reason to change.
  6. Fished the past two Wednesdays and was able to get one both times. Both toward the end of low tide, the first on a spot head the 2nd on a kingfish chunk.
  7. You're not doing anything wrong. They are in the DE bay now. Charters are getting them on clams.All good advice. Keep trying. I finally got 1 on a sandflea after a half dozen trips. It hit the top hook of a tnb rig that had 2 fleas on each hook, 2/0 hooks. Some folks like to tip their fleas with an orange colored fishbites crab, sandflea, shrimp.
  8. I'm a huge fan of those reels. Do they ship? Do I call or online?
  9. Don't overthink the reel most casters coming from a spinning background have a snappy power cast that will blow up a coventional reel. It's all about being smooth, start with a lob and build up for distance. You won't go wrong with most of the reels reccomended. I would buy a Penn Squall star drag and be done with it (landed my biggest surf caught fish on a squall 15). It's a solid reel with external mag controls. You'll be able to adjust speed as you learn. Old squidders and such have dreadfully slow retrieval speeds with low gear ratios, not fun once you start hitting the outer bar on Assateague.
  10. Zman's are like the UGLY stiks of soft bodies cheap and durable. Love them.
  11. I have 2. Nice rods. Used them for carp over the winter and schoolies in the Spring. Capable sturdy rods.
  12. Bobby Garland scent wigglr and Lake Fork Baby shad in one of the chartreuse colors. I fish them on a 1/16th oz jig head. During winter months i love to fish for crappie and panfish, it is not uncommon to have a bycatch of pickerel. I have found that these particular plastics seem to attract them WAY more than my other crappie shads and grubs. The past few years i have started to target pickerel specifically and have found that, in my waters, also out produce spoons, spinners and larger soft plastics.
  13. My understanding is that hobie is offering a flat nylon type strap to install to cinch the hatch down tighter. Anyone else hear anything about that?
  14. I'll fish with ya Marty! I love IRI.
  15. Seems like NJ and north focus in artificials and DE south likes bait. Check out the DelMarVa forum. Those dudes have bait fishing down to a science.
  16. Ravens, if you are using 65lb braid as your mainline don't worry about using a shock leader. Tie good knots and check for fraying every now and then. If using a ff rig use a mono rub leader 3-4ft.
  17. I like the white plastic deck chairs. They don't fold but last a long time, clean up good and most importantly sit up high so I can get to a rod quickly.
  18. Very cool. Thanks you for the explanation and photo. Are the tubes glued in place?
  19. Thanks. Looking forward to it. Never seen one rigged like that.
  20. Sounds interesting. Could you please explain a little more or with a pic? I have seen some rigged weed less with a treble dangling off of the shank of the worm hook.
  21. Where I'm from plugging from the surf is uncommon. It's almost exclusively bait and wait. The most popular method when chunking is big circle hooks(8/0-10/0), point exposed past the barb, with the drag set at fish fighting tension. If the drag is too loose the circle won't turn properly with potential for a gut hook. The last thing you want to worry about while fighting a fish in current, pounding waves, over and under other lines is your drag.
  22. When bait fishing I use braid on my spinning setups and mono on my conventionals. Braid to mono gets the FG knot. Mono to mono gets a spider hitch to no-name. No-name goes on a shortened section of the doubled line from the spider hitch, not on the end of the loop. It isn't a tiny not but very strong.
  23. Tomkaz- line stretch is not a big concern of mine. Many fish have been landed using only braid. When plugging most only use a small section of mono for a leader. Why would it not work for bait fishing as well? I do not believe anyone is advocating not using any mono at all just the bare minimum to maximize the advantages of braid. The majority of my bait soaking setups are conventional with mono main line and mono shock leader. My spinning setups have braid main line with braid shock leader. Both work well.