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  1. The collar that holds the bearing has a seal but there is still no seal on the pinion and that is the most vulnerable part. I've been trying to find some seal that will fit.
  2. I actually just did the same thing to my ssv4500 last week. The pinion bearing collar from the clash 4000 fit my ssv4500 without needing a shim. Also been tinkering for a while to make the 4500 brainless.
  3. The beaches are producing, but it's still smaller fish. They are getting bigger everyday though, and there are some nice fish mixed in.
  4. Thanks everyone. There is also a bait shop 5 minutes from the cottage. I'm thinking, since ill be next the water, of always having a line out with a shinier to up my odds.
  5. Just booked a cottage in Grand Isle, VT June 13-16. We will be staying on the west side of the island and the cottage is right on the water. I can see Cumberland Head across the lake from the porch. I will have my kayak with me so I will have some on water mobility. Any tips on location (no sideburns), bait/lures, or species to target would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Went out last Saturday. Only managed 1 fish about 12" long. My son was happy to try out his new waders and hat.
  7. My wife had an appointment that required me to take a sick day, so I took my oldest fishing again. Outgoing tide on salt marsh creek. Fished a couple hours, landed 4, and hooked up more than I could count. These are 3 of 4 we landed.
  8. Brought my 5 year old son out today for a couple hours, and put him on his first stripers. Caught 3 within 45 minutes at the end of the outgoing but then the bite died with the tide. All fish were sub 12", but good sport on light tackle. Also stepped into a soft spot on the marsh and almost lost a shoe. My reel seized due to a screw I forgot to tighten.
  9. I've spent some more time trying to get the gears to mesh properly and it's a no go. Plus In now have a newborn on top of a rambunctious 5 year old, so my free time is non-existent. I think I'" send it in. What's the address?
  10. I always like to mention the LL Bean Surf Classic. $100 for the 9' rated 1-4oz. I toss 1oz bucktails and SP minnows up to the 2 3/4 SS popper. Its backed LL Beans warranty and they have replaced mine for a snapped tip and cracked guide. It pairs well with a 4500 Penn, but has a Torque 5 on it for now. As far as I can tell its a rebranded tsunami Trophy.
  11. No the gear is a different size on 4500
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm leaning toward the Battery Tender Jr. The price is right and it's been around for a long time.
  13. No shims were left over. I tried every combination I could. One on each side of the main gear is the least rough. It is still rough with the rotor on it.
  14. I have a SSV4500 that I recently tore down to clean and regrease. It was fairly smooth turning before hand,but now it turns roughly. It feels like the main gear isn't meshing properly. I made note of the order of the shims when I tore it down and have tried them in different combinations, but I still want get everything to mesh properly. Any ideas on what to do or should I just send it in.