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  1. Makes no sense, but what does these days?
  2. 14,600 isn't nearly enough!
  3. I've been somewhat concerned about that scenario for some time now. Hopefully we'll get to 53 or 54, though I'm not laying any $$$ on it
  4. Russia Russia Russia ... oh wait, I mean China China China. Where's the FBI when you need them?
  5. Not an obsession, but merely an observation. Nor is it an attempt to justify violence, as I am quite displeased at the way the current administration is fanning those flames at every turn! Understanding history helps one to understand the future, at least to some degree, does it not? I support candidates that value God, family, and freedom. Some folks view that as being on the extreme end of the political spectrum, but I don't believe that you're one of them
  6. Indeed. Do a search and you find that C&P word-for-word in a great many places. Is that not proof that it's an opinion
  7. Wrong, we don't like that you cannot at least provide your take on a topic without a C&P being most or all of the response! Maybe consider citing references after you've provided your Cliff Notes analysis of whatever site you are using as a reference? Just a thought ...
  8. I think that's true. Don't worry, it'll take an awful lot of libs to flip that state!
  9. Nothing brings you back from fentanyl ... nothing!
  10. The first time? Really? No, of course it is not, but who even suggested that? It's the frequency, magnitude, and trajectory that are important to pay attention to, but the sheep think that it's all going swimmingly. If you'd have been around and carried any clout back in the colonial days, you'd have had a chance to derail the "insurrection" that gave us our freedom and propelled this country on it's way to greatness. Nice C&P job, as usual.
  11. China... quick trial followed by execution for drug dealers.
  12. Very well put. You go to the head of the class! I believe a lot of folks, myself included, believed that we were possibly headed towards something along the lines of our civil war from the mid 1800's. However, yesterday I decided to do a little refresher on the American Revolution and after a half hour of reading it seemed like a good discussion topic for the PG. Sure, I realize that there are many differences, but the similarities are in key areas! Anyone who would say that there are no parallels is probably lying, as it would be hard to believe that it was an honest opinion, but rather just in denial of anything that makes sense.
  13. I'm thinking that many people have a poor understanding of early American history and culture. I was very interested in the topic and may have pursued a career in education if I hadn't latched onto something that was just emerging ... Information Technology.