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  1. Hey, did it arrive yet?
  2. Bingo. Been plenty of places where boats off in the distance are manned with folks with binoculars and they are watching the shoreline. If you have them with you sometime when fishing is slow, take out your binoculars and watch the boats for a while and I'll bet you find one that isn't really a recreational fisherrman. I've had opportunities to chat briefly with "the man" after someone has gotten popped, and learned their tip came from their guys way out there (pointing to boats off in the distance). I'm sure they don't catch a high percentage of violators, but a lot depends on where you're fishing, and also depends on the types of fishermen that frequent the location.
  3. I'm trying to think of any spot, at least out front, that hasn't changed in terms of what fish are around. Reasons: a. Beach replenishment & dredging b. Different (or no) food sources c. Bottom structure changes Some spots will still produce, mostly due to having good structure, proximity to deeper water, or amount of available food sources.
  4. Good stuff, and true too!
  5. Ah, the subtle hint of bunker chunk aroma after you've taken a big bite out of a TastyKake butterscotch krimpet
  6. They could have gotten a lot for him if they'd have traded him and kept Nicky-6. Imagine if they'd gotten some serious weapons in exchange for Wentz, providing Nick with a couple more title shots? Coulda-woulda-shoulda
  7. Trade him for a 5th rounder, maybe a 4th. Or how about even-up for Nicky Six
  8. I was a fan of the buzz-baits back when everyone threw spinner-baits. Newer "toys" catch fishermen and sometimes some fish too
  9. I'd have traded Wentz for him a couple years ago. I'm not sure you could get even a #2 for Wentz now though
  10. +10 Without a doubt. Even my grandpop thought so Regers could have won multiple SBs had he played with the Eagles in the same timeframe as McNothing, Say what you will, but Wentz could have fetched a couple 1's a few years ago when they let Nick walk! He had that play down pat
  11. Looks cool There's a guy named Jimmy at Captain Steve's in Chincoteague. He drove a Sidekick on the beach for years! I woudn't have believe it if I hadn't seen it. That thing really handled the sand great for such a little vehicle!
  12. Some car sites have good info on good/bad years. I go to auto forums. The downside there is most auto related forums have lots of theads/posts regarding mods to wade through before you find what you're looking for. If you join such a forum and give some advice you will often get some advice back in return
  13. Funny story ... a buddy and I drove in there once to give it a try. Parked right next to the cooling towers Since nobody was at the guard house when we entered, we walked around looking for someone. We found a guy and asked if it was okay for us to fish (knowing it probably wasn't, but what the heck). He was borderline pissed as he asked us how we got in there. When we told him that the guard house didn't appear to have anyone there he told us to leave. Yes, this was late 1990's, so pre-911
  14. Well, back when the Crombie power plant (trash to steam) was discharging 90 degree water into the Schuykill above Phoenixville, I spent many a cold snowy day enjoying the warmth of the water hitting my waders and the steam coming off the water. I'd fish about 30 yds downstream where the discharge water was mixing with the water coming past the plant, so maybe 50 degree water. Below dams was my backup plan during the winter due to the fish tending to school up there. Winter fishing can be great once you find where they're at