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  1. The crowd is pleased and so are you. It's a win-win
  2. Hmmm, yes I thought an actual discussion could have broken out, but in truth it's not a topic that excites me much!
  3. Sounds like you're on the fence here ... how do you really feel about Kry
  4. Only if you could "bring rain"
  5. Probably not. Tonight is a double header caused by having to make up one of the two rainouts this week. Game one is two thirds done with the Phils currently trailing 2-1 ... game 2 is set to start at 7:05, but we will see if that one get's rained out or not!
  6. Is this what you mean by trying to kill a thread you don't like, which supposedly others do to your threads? Just curious ...
  7. Regarding sleeping in the back of a 4Runner, I take the rear passenger side seat out, the part that you sit on that is removed easily, and made an extension out of wood to run up against the back of the front passenger seat when it is all the way forward. This extra foot of space allows me to stretch out and I am 6 foot. I prefer the tent but this is a great second option if the bugs are around or if I am too tired or lazy to set up the tent.
  8. Brian you are one tough hombre to go without ac this summer. My 2006 ac went late last summer and I lived with it until two weeks ago and gave in and spent the bucks. I have 265k miles and will be looking for a replacement but I will go look for a used one for 20k and save over the cost of a new one.
  9. Do you have a magic 8-ball with these quips that you throw out there so frequently?
  10. Hmmm, and Watergate was when? Hillary's emails will never stop being talked about, whether or not she is ever charged with anything related to them.
  11. Not a chance. It's what keeps him going, otherwise his rhetoric would be the equivalent of the tree that fell in the forest with nobody around to hear it
  12. False ... ... they are ALL liberal
  13. And when democrats encounter this or other issues they stay put and get a wrist slap
  14. Exactly! It's all relative!
  15. Nope, Dude just gets it!