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  1. Freakin MSM wants Trump out and the country be dammed just as long as Trump is out. It will be bad news for our country if they succeed because people will react and I don't mean by peacefully protesting.
  2. 26 runs in the three games since Uncle Charlie returned.
  3. The old IRI bridge had supports in the water that held stripers.
  4. Maybe he should help out his supporters like this too
  5. That was a gimme
  6. It continues ... 6 run rally capped by a Harper GS in the 9th. Home record now 37 - 26 which is 2nd best in NL and 6th best in baseball. Unfortunately on 18 of the ramaining 40 are at CBP Go Phils!
  7. I get it. Up is down, left is right
  8. Isn't the DOW up actually?
  9. Rage on Francis
  10. Well said! I wish there was an easy answer. It's just sad that people don't take pride and clean up. What we need are some good "community organizers"
  11. For ones that size just vacuum seal whole, freeze them, and fish them whole too!
  12. Would the big cities be "fixed" if the R's could break the D's stranglehold and get some mayors elected? ... or will the big cities just continue to decline no matter what?
  13. Honorable mention - Larry "release them all" Krasner for policy he supports and laws he ignores. Third place - the Philly P D for sending hundreds of officers and allowing them to get that close when a smaller team up front with guys in the rear providing cover would have been wise. Second place - The non - stop "news" coverage which provided the advantage to the shooter by showing him where the police were so he could maximize the damage as he continued to shoot, like fish in a barrel. First place - Jim Kenney for saying that this is a reason for new gun laws. Hey genius, this bad hombre has had many gun issues in the past, none of which were purchased legally. Got any other "winners" for us to consider?
  14. Well at least they back up in 3rd place. Still a ways to go for getting back in the playoffs picture but a good sign.