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  1. There are exceptions to most rules. There are 13 Republican mayors running the 50 largest US Cities.
  2. Our older daughter lived in north Fishtown and then west Port Richmond, both areas border Kensington. We're happy that she moved to rural northern California, and so is she! K&A is unfortunately been a bad place to live for many decades.
  3. Brilliant idea!
  4. Maybe just lock up a few big city mayors who have created or otherwise perpetuated the problem? Start with Kenney. Sanctuary City champion. Now he is calling for the statue of Frank Rizzo to be removed. Rizzo was 10 times the leader that Kenney is, but dims like to remove statues and any other remnants of the past that they don't like.
  5. So why do people think this is an acceptable way to protest? Hmmm, maybe some paid protesters filtered into the mix ...
  6. Now THAT is funny! .
  7. Sorry for your loss. We will never know how many sad stories there are, but I'm sure any number assigned to it will be claimed as fake or part of a conspiracy theory. Stay strong ... for yourself and for those who you can help.
  8. Bingo. Being able to make it work financially is no longer even necessary, not a corporate goal, not even considered, and that is the problem. The MSM somehow has only one goal, which is to put the left back in power. Can we get someone or some group to "sponsor" a non-partisan media? Is there no interest in funding this? The current group of "reporters" are not really doing anything close to what reporters used to do, right? They only seemed to be tasked with making up chit and trying to come up with ways to convince us that their chit is reality ... all the while tagging Trumps Tweets as fake. I'll bet that Twitter would think that it's fake when Trump said he was being spied on back in 2016 and 2017, and the media is STILL trying to convince us that it's fake news ... that Obamagate is a right wing conspiracy. Someone please come up with the solution!
  9. Thank you so much Tim! This "how you count them" crap is as lame as any topic the radicals (on either side) have gotten all in a fuss over. But you correctly point out that it's the media ... the EFFIN MEDIA. Who put them in charge anyway? I say we need to destroy the media. I mean totally destroy them, to the point where they are hated and tossed aside... spit on and stepped on. If I knew how we could do that I'd start the ball rolling, but it just baffles me why people let the media do this chit to us, you know? I was just thinking, while watching the evening news, that this just has to end. What happened to the days where news was largely news with a smidgen of opinion? Hey, opinion can be fine, but getting 95% left leaning opinion just plain SUCKS, does it not? You have to look very closely to find that 5% of actual news, and it's not anything important anyway. The important things ... I mean ACTUALLY IMPORTANT things are not on the network news. They haven't been on the news for so very very long, that you may not even recognize what real news actually looks like at this point! Anyway, your question is "so how is it controversial?" Answer: Everything is controversial. Everything is politicized. That's what THEY want you to believe, because if they actually give it to you straight, actual news without the controversy, you wouldn't pay attention ... what a load, right? That way THEY take your attention away from the chit that really matters. The MSM and social media are driving this train, and the sooner we find a way to derail them the better off we will be as a country.
  10. You got some good genes I'm thinking! As for the sick, if only they were easier to identify, but a third of them are unfortunately flying under the radar. That fact could be the biggest snag in this whole cluster f _ _ _
  11. Because there's an election coming up ...
  12. Agreed, but it seems that often with the folks who have not had covid19 impact family and/or friends, there is a tendency to downplay the danger. I'm not referring to you or anyone else specifically, just a trend I've personally witnessed. Perhaps you "get it", but some folks that were downplaying it felt much differently once they'd lost loved ones.
  13. Very sad that politics is even part of the equation. This country is so eff'd ... .
  14. I'm thinking you haven't had any friends or family get it?
  15. I don't think I am in any fantasy world. I am saying that the political spin is all about getting the economy going, at the cost of who knows how many lives. Politicians are not concerned about people getting sick for the most part.