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  1. Too bad Mueller was not paying attention to the real collusion that was going on!
  2. Good things come when you hold an opponent to 12 points in the 4th quarter!
  3. Dumb and Dumber comes to mind
  4. Interesting to hear an out-of-town perspective!
  5. Only 5 times in history has a starting pitcher given up 8 runs without recording an out.
  6. 10 runs in a game is nice, but 10 runs in the first inning is priceless They finished with 14 runs on 13 hits. Their efficiency this season has been impressive. Many games with similar run & hit totals ... comes largely from getting some walks and not stranding many runners.
  7. Not going to read anything about it, except for what is here in PG. It's not going to really tell me anything I don't already know, so not gonna waste my time. I will however enjoy the exploding heads
  8. Definitely!
  9. Fer sure!
  10. Enjoy the victory while you can Nancy ... it will be short-lived as the house will likely flip back the other way in 2020.
  11. Guys like that are worth every penny! They were smart to lock him up, presumably for the remainder of his career.
  12. Good game, except for Phillies errors, both early (passed ball) and ending the game on Hoskins at first base.
  13. I watched fox until maybe late 2017. They have changed from being acceptable to now being who knows what!
  14. Because they are enraged by anything he says or does. Democratic mayors thought they were sticking it to Trump with declaring their cities as "sanctuary cities", well now put up or shut up you mayors and all that are now objeccting, because you've basically called his bluff and lost ... ...bigly
  15. Okay, not really Actually what I should have said is that nobody SHOULD watch Fox news, or any of the other major networks because clearly they all are lame. Get your real news here at PG