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  1. Glad to hear all is going well.
  2. Striper or bluefish?
  3. really? not even Sudsy??? LOL
  4. I love looking at old fishing photos that bring you back to an early time in your fishing life. This is me holding a stringer of fish sometime in the 1970's with my youngest brother standing by. Let's see your old photos. It'll help to get us through the winter........
  5. For thicker stuff I prefer the scumfrogs but if there is enough open water around the pads, grass etc then I am a sucker for the old school chug chug chug of the Jitterbug. Been catching bass on Jitterbugs since I was a kid in the early 1970's. Too much fun not to use for me anyway. No matter what, top water is where it's at. ;-)
  6. she's 58 and a mother. Do you expect her to look like she did when she was on One Day at a Time? She was 15 when that show debuted. Besides, a little extra is better than not enough. LOL
  7. I targeted and caught some stocked trout last year. It was something I just wanted to do since I hadn't done so in nearly 40 years. Anyway, used a yellow Roostertail just as I had in the old days and caught multiple fish in a South jersey lake.
  8. don't think I've been that hammered since then. I believe that was Brewroom's fault for supplying kegs of such good beer
  9. Good times. Seems like a lifetime ago
  10. good to have. Thanks Sudsy...
  11. I rarely stop in the Tavern anymore but seems on those rare occasions I do I always find at least one post like this and am reminded why I avoid it.