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  1. Wow, this guy still exists???? ;-)
  2. My prayers to your and your wife.
  3. Thanks Mike, I had a good 25 year run on the job but since retiring my stress level is nearly non-existent. Working part time now for a friend in completely different type of job that gives me tons of latitude and zero stress. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again Hat
  4. So I finally decided after decades that I had had enough and have been fooling myself. In spite of the alcohol I had a great career which I thankfully retired from and have a loving wife and grown successful and happy daughters. All that being said I was still flirting with disaster with drinking. A friend asked me the other day if I ever read this thread on SOL. I told him "yeah, I think I read it once a long time ago." So today I bring up page one and there I am 14 years ago trying to give advice that at the time I must have believed. Looking back now I have to laugh at myself. What I wrote is bull**** that I was telling myself for the last 14 years since that post. I have made the decision to finally quit and I know in my head this time is different. God willing I have begun a new chapter in my life that I will sustain until I depart this earth.
  5. I've made a few freshwater excursions to shake the cabin fever.
  6. Thank you all for the replies!
  7. Can anyone recommend a battery that would be good for a 27lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor to be used on a small boat in fresh water? Something decent but not a bank breaker. Thanks
  8. I've fished a lot of S. Jersey Lakes but never Lenape. It's on my list of one's to try this year. Curious how folks on here do there......
  9. Derrick, did my package arrive?
  10. speaking of pairs, nice profile pic SB59
  11. I have pairs stashed all over the place
  12. and Keith Richards outlives yet another one.