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  1. On a sedge bank this AM. This and a few others on jig head with gulp (whatever name they gave that looks similar to a Fin S). Water was around 45 degrees
  2. Thanks to you and all who made this possible. Was happy to attend and reconnect with some folks. Hope to wet a line in 2022 with some of you.
  3. Was great talking with you today
  4. How did I miss you buddy????

  5. Great to reconnect with some old SOL friends as well as meeting some new ones.
  6. Wow, this guy still exists???? ;-)
  7. My prayers to your and your wife.
  8. Thanks Mike, I had a good 25 year run on the job but since retiring my stress level is nearly non-existent. Working part time now for a friend in completely different type of job that gives me tons of latitude and zero stress. Hope all is well with you. Thanks again Hat
  9. So I finally decided after decades that I had had enough and have been fooling myself. In spite of the alcohol I had a great career which I thankfully retired from and have a loving wife and grown successful and happy daughters. All that being said I was still flirting with disaster with drinking. A friend asked me the other day if I ever read this thread on SOL. I told him "yeah, I think I read it once a long time ago." So today I bring up page one and there I am 14 years ago trying to give advice that at the time I must have believed. Looking back now I have to laugh at myself. What I wrote is bull**** that I was telling myself for the last 14 years since that post. I have made the decision to finally quit and I know in my head this time is different. God willing I have begun a new chapter in my life that I will sustain until I depart this earth.
  10. I've made a few freshwater excursions to shake the cabin fever.
  11. Thank you all for the replies!
  12. Can anyone recommend a battery that would be good for a 27lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor to be used on a small boat in fresh water? Something decent but not a bank breaker. Thanks
  13. I've fished a lot of S. Jersey Lakes but never Lenape. It's on my list of one's to try this year. Curious how folks on here do there......
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