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  1. Payment recd and item shipped. please close this thread
  2. Sale pending payment from bluecat
  3. Bluecat its yours! Payment can be anyway you want. I do have paypal. I guess you can pm me info. Where you at?
  4. Well maintained older reel, as expected some boat rash. Comes with box and all paperwork. Selling due to an upgraded. 100.00 and I will pay for shipping.
  5. After looking at reel its a 400 not 400B. RU still interested? Will sell for 100.00 plus shipping
  6. One available with box 7/10 and works perfectly selling due to upgrade
  7. Have one willing to sell for 100.00 plus shipping
  8. Please explain! You redeem voucher for any home game seats are available in those sections? Any additional fees?
  9. I will meet in the middle at 70.00. If no can get more on fleabay, just thought I would give someone here a break. Andrew
  10. TTT once
  11. Saw someone listed silver a while back and found this while cleaning up. 1966 Bahama Island coin set. Coins are $5.00,$2.00,$1.00, .50, and smaller dominations. Real value is in the silver content. 5.00 & 2.00 are .925 silver, 1.00 & .50 are .80 silver. For comparison US coins are .90 silver (90%). Listed total weight is 2.87 oz. Saw one guy selling this on fleabay for 100.00 PLUS. Silver is ~32.00 an ounce. 32.00/oz. x 2.87oz. = ~92.00. Includes velvet case. Willing to sell for 80.00 this includes shipping. [ATTACHMENT=8252]1966 bahama.JPG (140k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  12. So, 100 for 2 and 60 for one. NO THANKS! GOOD Luck with sale.
  13. R U willing to split them? If so will c if daughter is interested?
  14. This thread is why I LOVE THIS SITE GREAT GOING GUYS