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  1. Heading up to the beautiful Kennebec in 3 1/2 weeks and love hearing about what's happening with you mid coast guys. We stay at Cox Head and kayak around from Back River down to the fort and have a great time every year. Keep after them boys and thanks for the reports.
  2. Yeah, I did eat a couple of fresh scup for lunch last week and they were quite good. We had some sea bass already so we sent that guy back.
  3. we did
  4. Hey GY, glad you guys got over to me when you did. He was still a little shaky when we got back to the house. Went out with others and I don't know where they were at the time.
  5. Thanks for that fish monkey, not the most flattering view of my buddy in the water, but it captures the moment.
  6. While fishing for sea bass up near Phinney's, one of the yakkers comes up to me and tells me a guy is flipped a short distance away. I run over and sure enough this poor fella is in a tough spot. I get him hauled into the boat along with his kayak, get him back to our places to get him warmed up. Turns out this was his first day fishing, first day kayaking and I'd guess first time swimming in 50 degree water. Thank God he at least had his vest on. Anyone over there today knows it was pretty sporty out there when the wind kicked up and no place for a first timer. Could have been bad, but turned out ok.
  7. Hey reel doctors, I've got a fin nor ahab 12 which, when I hold it straight up with the spool nut facing upwards, it will not oscillate up and down. Can hear and feel some movement in there but not sure by looking which part needs to be replaced. Nothing seems overly worn in there. Thoughts?
  8. So it fits ok around the trunk area? I'm about a 32 waist, but only 5'8 at best and shrinking every year! Sent a pm. let me know what you think.
  9. I'm about 5'8 and 160. If you're pretty sure that will fit on me, I'll take it. Shoot me a pm.
  10. Google totman cove and take a little spin up there in your yak. Skeeters can be brutal up there too.
  11. No, I wasn't equating the video to the potential for disaster. Just noting that they don't seem to be detrimental to the fish population. As an aside, I meant that a disaster to a windmill would probably be nothing compared to a disaster on an oil rig, as we've seen.
  12. NE fishing season 2 episode 6 block island
  13. Saw a good video on fishing the wind farms off of Block. Looks like they are fish magnets, just like oil rigs. Trying to say they cause more harm to the environment than oil rigs potentially can sounds just stupid in my mind.
  14. There is a "Just Racks" thread in the Tavern. Maybe helpful?