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  1. Calling the bible dumb is blasphemy.
  2. And we don't even have to spend money hauling it out there.
  3. The quality of the daily morning outrage threads is hitting new lows. Admirable that this can still generate some hand wringing.
  4. He's so deep state that even the deep staters don't know.
  5. They don't call him deep state for nothing. So deep that he's filling the empty spaces between both of those sets of ears.
  6. Sounds like a great outrage generator. Just go with it, like you usually do.
  7. Beat me to it. Alex has perfected the "proud to be an A-whole" persona.
  8. So little Ronnie will go to his corner and cower because he doesn't want to anger big mean Donnie? That's some pathetic party dynamic going on there. It's like effing middle school.
  9. Anyone who thinks this particular event is taking him "down" is an idiot. Sadly, it will make his scumbag worshiping cult declare him a victim yet again. They will send money. His other pending legal issues may be a different story.
  10. You have a strange affinity for this dude.
  11. What if they're giving out free pizza?
  12. The team getting their arses kicked usually calls the time out, as evidenced here.
  13. They are a sophisticated bunch. I'm sure they realize this.
  14. good choice