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  1. The very same laws enacted by Obama to stop this type of thing from happening again are under constant attack by Trump's administration. Deregulate!! Stop hindering business!! Letting Big Biz and banks run amok like drunken Vegas gamblers using other people's money is not a good thing. It will happen again.
  2. Probably did it to make Dubya "look bad", just like they try to make pumpkin head "look bad". I guess if you can see Trump favorably, you could go for that theory too.
  3. That's a stretch even for today's repubs.
  4. Do you mean the one that happened when Dubya was pres?
  5. The one with the bloated orange melon.
  6. People who have to constantly include some gay reference as part of their insult arsenal might secretly enjoy as little "sausage partying" themselves.
  7. Trump always points to the DOW when it's doing good. Run a chart from 2008-2016.
  8. Well Trump is obsessed with outdoing everything Obama so maybe that's why he's working so hard to surpass that corruption thing.
  9. The economy was also doing great before pumpkin head came along. Can you admit that?
  10. Tom, I'm not saying he's targeting the Hudson, just that back in the day that crap was ok to do. We've made huge strides in all environmental protections including the Hudson and this idiot has no regard for anything related to the environment. It just gets in the way of business in his little mind.
  11. If you consider yourself a sportsman in the true sense, you cannot abide by what this petty ignoramus has done to environmental regs. If he thought he or some of his donors could make money off it he'd have the Hudson turned back into a flowing cesspool just like it was when I was a kid. It's not an act, he is dangerously stupid.
  12. Out early this am to find bigger birds on bigger bait. Saw a lot of herring taking an unwanted flight. If a bigger class of stripers moves in there could be some great action. Water still cold at about 48.
  13. Out for the first time yesterday in upper bb with the boat. Water surprisingly cold, but schoolies were above average size with a lot of 20-25" fish.
  14. Saw a gull and a cormorant playing tug of war with an eel and neither one was giving up.
  15. Is that a custom fighting belt?