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  1. I've been told to use a bit of clay to keep the eyes in place, personally though I found that way too much work. Instead of pre-bent eyes I nowadays use welding wire, much simpler and feels a lot more secure.
  2. That sounds definitely weird, probably wasn't pewter. I use an electric hot plate for melting pewter and tin, works fine - with a bit of patience lead ingots will also melt. I have yet to find pewter that melts at a higher temperature than lead - so my guess is that you had something else- Mostly my jig head are roughly 50/50 lead and pewter, been thinking of making a few pure tin heads since I came across 10 lb of tin for free (some kind of industrial pure tin).
  3. Sent a request to ABU and they replied within a few hours with the schematics attached. Side plates for red 5501 CS Pro Rocket 23 00 Left: 13211801 Right: 13211798 Side plates for black 6501 C 23 00 Left: 1318916 Right: 1318913 There are also some similar plates, if you got to the PF japan website. The red side plates for the CS have a matte finish, I'm not quite sure but I believe the JDM 5501 C 21 00 has slightly glossier side plates and a slightly brighter red colour. L: 1239628 R: 1239626 PS. Also replied to your thread at the Swedish forum
  4. Usually you'll find two groups of numbers, I'd expect the "85-0" to be followed by a similar looking group, something like 85-86. The first groups is basically the design year, in this case 1985. The second group would tell you that the reel was produced between summer 1985 and summer 1986.
  5. Two common causes I know of, though KenD can probably come up with a whole bunch more 1) Lack of lubrication under the clutch arm (#22807) 2) Bent or worn tip of the clutch arm, see pic below.
  6. The first number looks odd, are you certain it's a CS Pro Rocket? As far as I know there was a 11... - # (Silver colored side plates) but no 12... #. Doesn't quite compute with production date either, says manufactured in 2005, week 29 (July) - however since the next design of Pro Rocket launched in 2003 it seems improbable that an older design was still produced. Could it be a "regular" Rocket? I found that the CL Rocket exists in a 12... # (Sunset Orange), just insert Rocket at the ABU website schematic search. The 130015/47 ought to be a Black side plates reel (2-pin C-brake if I remember correctly), designed 2003, produced 2005 week 47 (late November). Next color change came during 2006 and was Bronze (goldish color).
  7. They sold those off quite cheap around here last year, the equivalent of $100. Had a friend who bought two, personally I only use lefties so I didn't get any. If I pass the store I'll have a quick look if they still have any left.
  8. I've heard it called Helping Hands, also Soldering Assistant. You can look at eBay, I've seen them there, search for either of the terms above and you should get some hits (if you mean the item I'm thinking of).
  9. The spindle shouldn't be fixed to the spool, you should be able to pull it out, and by the sounds of it replace the bearings.
  10. Should be easy enough assuming everything works as it should Loosen both of the spool adjustment knobs so the spool can move freely, tilt the reel so the handle side is down and tighten the handle side spool adjustment knob until the spool is centered (using your eyes). Next you tighten the opposite spool adjustment knob until there is barely any side play. There should be a thin metal washer with numbers that you can rotate so the small arrow on the knob points to "0", this is useful to do. If you're out casting in windy situations you might want to tighten the left knob slightly, but avoid using this kind of mechanical spool brake excessively as it tends to make the bearings wear out faster.
  11. Current inventory: 60 Baitcasters - 53 Ambassadeurs, 2 Shimano, 4 Penn, 1 Daiwa. 2 Fly reels - 1 Orvis, 1 Vision. 6 Spinning reels - 3 ABU, 3 Penn. Don't have enough rods for all the reels though, especially the BCs I have to rotate so they all get some time by the water. I think 25-30 rods in all. A more detalied list of the Baitcasters below: ABU 12, 2x Ambassadeur 1601C IAR, 2x Ambassadeur Mörrum SX 1601 C Hi-Speed, 2x Ambassadeur 2601 C Elite, Ambassadeur 3500 CS Rocket, Ambassadeur Mörrum SX 3601 C Hi-Speed, 2x Ambassadeur Mörrum SX 3601 C Mag, Ambassadeur Record RCN 41, 3x Ambassadeur 4501 CS Pro Rocket, Ambassadeur UC 4601 C, Ambassadeur 5001 C, Ambassadeur 5001 C TGC Special, 2x Ambassadeur Record RCN 51 C6, 2x Ambassadeur 5501 C3, Ambassadeur 5501 CL3, 4x Ambassadeur 5501 CS Pro Rocket, Ambassadeur 5501 Inshore, 2x Ambassadeur 5600 WS, 2x Ambassadeur 5601 C4, Ambassadeur 5601 C JB, Ambassadeur 6001 C, 2x Ambassadeur 6501 C3, 3x Ambassadeur 6501 CS Pro Rocket, 2x Ambassadeur 7000 C, 3x Ambassadeur 7000 CS Pro Rocket, Ambassadeur 7000i CS Pro Rocket, Ambassadeur 7000i LCm, Ambassadeur 7001 High Speed, 2x Ambassadeur 7500 C3 Chrome, Ambassadeur 521 XLT Plus Left, Ambassadeur XLT 2 Syncro LH, Ambassadeur Revo Inshore-L, Ambassadeur Revo SX-L, Daiwa SeaLine 400, PENN 113, 2x PENN 113H, PENN 49L Super Mariner, Shimano Cardiff 301A, Shimano Curado 201E7
  12. My 5 cents: Check or possibly replace #22077 (or #22807 depending on your reel). It has a habit of getting worn at the tip, can be temporarily cured with a slight adjustment - but you're better off with a new one.
  13. Ah, a mix of different formats 84-2 86-87 is (as far as I know) interpreted as: Design year 1984, 2 revisions made to the original design. When looking for a schematic it's just 84-2 that's of interest. Production date between August 1986 and June 1987. You can find the schematic at ABU's website, search for "6500C", it's on page 4. 831100 should (again, as far as I know) be interpreted as: Production date November 1983, original design (i.e no revisions). The ABU site only had 81-08-00, hopefully it's close enough. Hope it's of some help.