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  1. I just had that rod in my hands (albeit I sold it, once again here at SOL) ... it's a really nice rod. When I say you have to let the rod cast the fly line for you, I mean you have to adjust your timing (while hauling) as compared to shorter & faster rods. But that makes for a very easy & fluid cast (almost laid back) ... And with the #3, it's nearly effortless to throw 105' of Wulff Triangular taper in 8wt WF formulations. Or RIO Outbound WF 8wt for that matter. When hooked up the rod will handle bigger fish better than a lot of other 8wt rods will as it flexes deeply and one gets the full "power" of the rod as leverage on a fish. I've had and resold these rods for a couple of reasons. Mostly because I have other rods that occupy the "niche", namely, G Loomis IMX, Sage Z Axis and T&T Vector rods (one of each). The other reason is a little more personal. Years ago (90s) I met Kenny Abrames by chance at the SWE (it's the local shop that Kenny worked & sold stuff out of ... SWE still does). I'll just say my encounter with the guru was less than positive. So while he's promoted a style of fishing that I admire and a clear point of view on tactics & techniques that anyone can benefit from ... I don't need a reminder in my hands of the chance meeting, when other rods will suffice nicely. Again the SalmoSax rods are nice and will really provide a lot of enjoyment should you buy one. Good Luck in your search.
  2. The #3 or #2 my be all that you could need for fishing the salt
  3. Send note to “the fisherman” here at SOL. He has the most experience I believe fixing the rod. They are nice units with a progressive rod action. Easy to cast a whole fly line length if you let the rod do the work.
  4. I just had one spooled in a shop with blue power pro slick 8 V2. It held exactly 250 yards of 30lbs test PP V2 Slick 8
  5. The rod is on its way via USPS Priority Mail. This thread is closed. Thanks!
  6. Note to self .... It's only fly fishing which is suppose to be fun. I'm not running a business ... just a hobbyist, "If you're not having fun then you must not be doing it right." a wise man once told me. Good words to live by.
  7. Yeah .... actually I thought I was on the thread, but I was distracted at the moment I pulled the trigger, as my wife was pressing me to be on time for a wedding rehearsal dinner. I saw the offer, the only offer at the time and accepted it. Usually I verbatim cut and paste between threads and PMs so the buyer gets a consistent message and other interested parties on the forum know the deal is struck (the part I forgot). After shipment, I usually close the thread and announce that as well. Surfguy238 responded pretty quickly to the initial offer .... Me? I didn't get to it until 13 hours later ... not because I was waiting for other offers. But as I said I had family events and actual fishing events (along with work emails) colliding last week. If you want a new SalmoSax rod (albeit I only saw a #1 & #2 on the rod rack) ... contact SWE in Middletown, RI. Finally ... had your offer been made in the 13 hours it took me to respond to Surfguy238 ... I would have accepted the better offer .... naturally. As it stands the rod ships today to Surfguy238. Thanks for your interest.
  8. I have some Sonar 300 grain sink tip in lawn cast / newish condition (not fished). Can't get it to you until next week as I'm traveling tomorrow / Sunday. $35 delivered.
  9. I thought I did ... but obviously not. My bad.
  10. Yes mint means it has the long handle option ... but the deal was struck with Surfguy238 first ... so the rod is no longer offered. Thanks for the interest. Thanks SOL.
  11. Hi Sportsfans ... I'm offering a legendary Kenny Abrames designed SalmoSax #3 fly rod that is in mint condition for $245 delivered. This rod dials in as an 8wt IMO, but the range of grains is 160 to 320. Pick of the litter (3 versions) for most of your swing line / streamer fly fishing needs. Thanks for looking.
  12. Generally speaking ... to get to bigger fish you have to go deeper if the water column allows. So sinking lines and perhaps larger flies will "cull" through the small fish up top. But even cows can prefer small minnows or sand eels if that's what is "hatching".
  13. Great price but I already have one ... and just score a VR50 from SWE.
  14. Short answer to the bigger question .... NONE.
  15. Fished off Newport "out front" from shore Ocean Drive, yesterday morning (7 to 10am). 15 to 20 knot SW wind (been blowing that way for 3 days) so the water was "right" rough, tide falling & low. Scored a big skunk. Did not see anything, could not raise anything on poppers (mostly). Tried a small Savage Sandeel in a very reliable pocket for Schooligans ... and got nuthin' (other than seaweed every cast). Now it's near zero wind / breeze and glassy water, we'll see. On Saturday I expect to fish the upper bay by boat, where I'm told it's Smallsville. Wet a line and Catch a Big One!