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  1. Yes ... I replied via PM on the Wulff Floating line. The Airflo line you're getting is good stuff too.
  2. I have a little used Wulff Triangular taper salt water 10wt floater for $28 delivered. It is a mint colored line whitish / greenish ... 30ft head section. Let us know what you like as there are other offers here.
  3. There is a lot of wisdom in this thread. Big fish will eat small baits. It’s the real joy, excitement and challenge one finds in fly fishing for Striped Bass. They really test your tackle as well, so make sure your hooks are sharp & strong, with knots that are tied well & secure. Nothing beats live bait that is presented properly .... And when nothing is showing on top .... and your hope is dwindling, slap on a bone color Doc Musky Mania Spook. Then slow walk that bad dog atop the sea. Hold on since we’ll revisit the wisdom of big fish testing your tackle!
  4. I have these as white plug bodies ... are you still looking?
  5. Depends on the reel. An 11 foot 9wt fly rod? That's a beast ... is it a Switch rod? What is the reel you are using? A sizable Bluefish ... say 10 to 15 lbs fish could run for a hundred yards under the right conditions (I know this from experiencing it). So yeah ... you need some backing.
  6. Sorry to Herb for "hijacking" this thread a bit .... but you are fishing in Rhode Island... no??? I'll get to fish there the week of 8 June. In the mean time .... Catch a Big One!
  7. Yeah ... Kenny Abrames and the Striper Moon ... For sure this rod is a much better moon unit than the "Stick". The Rhody Flatwingers (like Ray Bondorew) advocated long rods (10ft plus) for casting & mending, with large stripping & snake guides for clearing knots. These Hardy Demon Switch rods have all that. They also flex deeply while being quick / fast on the recovery. And I like all those features as compared to Sage Switch rods as an example (and I have or had those rods too). These Hardy Demon Switch rods are light and balance in hand best with light weight reels. New Fave Shad Zooka ... the Hardy Demon Switch 4/5 10.5ft with an Islander LX 3.4 reel and RIO OBS 6wt. (235 grain 30ft head) Regarding Wulff Triangular Taper lines .... a real innovation IMHO that came on the scene in the late 90s. The triangular taper was a spin on the Scandinavian "Delta" tapers pioneered overseas for Spey rod casting (which hadn't really taken in a big way in the states). All in all I think the Wulff lines are the best casting lines around ... but they aren't the best in really cold water fishing given the fly line materials (plastics) used. But they form tight loops and turnover really well. They are my "benchmark" fly lines. On the 4/5 Switch fly rod above I would use Clear Monoclear TriT Intermediate in 7wt WFI. Or Wulff floating 7wt WFF Indicator line which has a 27ft head ... like its Bass taper lines. On the 5/6 rod I'd go with an 8wt. Hope this helps.
  8. I'll just say this up front ... I'm really liking the Hardy Demon Switch rods .. a lot. I have both the 4/5 and 5/6 rods in 10.5 foot. I'm casting single hand / overhead style. Each rod casts both the RIO Outbound & RIO Outbound Short and Wulff Triangular Taper lines with 30 foot heads quite well. So it's about short heads and relatively high grain weights. On the 5/6 rod which I've only lawn cast ... all of the RIO lines I've mentioned in this thread like older Outbound / OB Short / Musky line ... in 8wt work well on that rod. They all have 330 grain heads that are relatively short (28 to 35 foot head section). With the Wulff lines you might prefer to use a 9wt line ... but it depends if it is a floating line or full intermediate. My "trout spey" Hardy Demon Switch landed this 3 pound 21inch Striper on a brown over white Lefty Deceiver pattern ... a lot of fun on a light weight fly rod.
  9. Is this the Wind cheater popper. Or the swimmers?
  10. Did you try to PM him through SOL? He might still have a hot link even if he’s not active. His surf candies were perfect.
  11. I know I read somewhere that Bill Peabody (back in the day) could be found floating around ... catching Stripers from a "belly boat". Yep ... access around Rhode Island spots is challenging ... so light topwater transportation works (kayak anyone?). This is an old thread (last fall) and a new 2021 Spring time Striper. My first of the year / season.
  12. Without reading the entire thread, I'll offer these points that I'm sure some have already made. 1. Saltwater fly fishing, particularly for Striped Bass and other fish may in fact be the most effective means of hooking up, short of live lining bait. 2. Size matters and being able to present (because presentation matters as well) small baitfish patterns is best done with the magic wand (think rain bait). 3. For sport as in light tackle the fly rod is really light. 4. While manually intensive, when a fish takes the fly it's almost like they are taking it directly from your hand... as your hand is stripping in the line / fly. 5. Back to presentation ... a fly the is swung in a tidal outflow / current is much more natural. With streamers they pulsate riding a current, so the illusion of bait swimming in the current is much more natural. 6. As a fishing tool ... the fly fisherman is much more of a puppet master over the artificial (fly) bait with more control in how it swims in general. A short list of reasons .... summed up in size & presentation not only work ... but more often than not ... when other artificial methods won't. First Striper of the Year 2021 Match the Hatch
  13. A 10ft 8wt Sage X is likely 9wt WF rod ... good all around saltwater rod. The 10’ 7wt would be fun to use in a tidal outflow ... or back bay asan 8wt. IMHO
  14. Without any in hand experience with the Sage Sonics and limited use of a Sage X 5110-4 Switch .... I would guess that the 8wts would be the way to go. I have a Sage Xi2 9ft 6in 7wt custom build. It has light recoil snake guides (lighter than chrome also larger). It casts 300 grain lines quite well. Even the 330 grain 8wt Quickshooter XP line is preferred. The X rods are faster than the Xi2 series hence over-lining is probably a good thing. Hope that helps.
  15. In the late 90s I was just getting into fly fishing and would come up to Monmouth County / Red Bank, NJ for business. I fished Sandy Hook down to Deal, NJ. Fish the fall, find some parking around beaches & jetties and go for it. USE KORKERS (and stripping basket) ... throw a White Water Witch (or a Bob Pop Surf Candy) into some churning surf and hold on for the inevitable HIT!