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  1. Last bump before closing. $85 delivered. Thanks for the views to date.
  2. Bump. $95 delivered in the USA. This 7ft spinning rod is in NoVA.
  3. The Billy Pate Salmon reel is a Classic … Awesome Reel. My DD left hand retrieve version holds 200M of Hatch GSP backing and most any 8wt. Fly line. It balances out lots of fly rods but is particularly good on newer (lighter) 10 foot rods. With 200M / meters of 65lbs test backing it will handle just about any fish you might hook into & catch. IMHO.
  4. Well the Danielsson reels are finely engineered with excellent ergonomics (like changing a spool out). And yes the price point is excellent as well. I have both a F3W 4seven & 7ten ... thinking about getting the L5W eight12 for a 10wt fly rod I have. Light weight reels that balance well hanging on 9ft fly rods. Lots of fly fishing things these days are high priced. Like $1000 dollar Sage rods ... and $100 RIO fly line. The old school stuff above ... not so much ($200 G Loomis built rod & a $193 Danielsson F3W seven10 + 200M of Hatch GSP $52 = $445 without fly line). The perfect Albie set up? Pretty much so.
  5. I'm offering a new (unregistered) Fenwick HMG Inshore series Spinning rod 7ft MH up to 1.5 ounce lures. A well made rod but I have a few in this class already (next size down). MSRP is $165. My offer is $105 delivered in the USA. Thanks for the interest.
  6. On the fly? From shore? Short answer Hobe Sound FL ... Jupiter FL. If you want a more detailed answer and to avoid spot burn ... send a PM.
  7. What DZ said. The current rod / guides design trend best / fully accommodates GSP lines and results in many relatively small diameter rod guides (8mm to 6mm). The smaller guide train set up reduces "wind knots" potentially (wind knots are also reduced by GSP line coatings / relative stiffness). But if you're of the mind to use a "shock" cord (a thicker line of 15/20 ft.) ... larger diameter guides help clear the line. I put about 20ft of 50lbs test Sufix GSP atop a spool of 20lbs test GSP line on my spinning reels ... to help a bit in casting and better survival of the GSP line around the rocks. This shock cord approach I carried over from my monofilament spin fishing days. If you're going for Albies and / or want to have a clear long leader ... the old school rods make casting the monofilament to GSP line set up .... that much easier.
  8. The rod & reel size you mentioned would be good light tackle ... back bay type rod & reel, primarily. But for a general purpose Striper Bluefish rod I would recommend a Shimano Spheros SW 5/6K reel hanging off an ODM DNA 93 (9ft up to 3oz lure) rod. A Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6" 2M is good multi-role rod too. Essentially you want to be able to sling 2oz lures (Super Strike poppers / swimmers, etc) a good distance ... or throw buck tails off a jetty etc. Bigger gear for bigger fish is what I'm recommending ... to compliment a 7'6" or 8' rod with a Daiwa BG 4000 reel. IMHO
  9. Pictured are 3 unused (2 new in package / bone) Rebel Jumpin' Minnows. 2 must have bone color units & one teal blue back classic. The bone lures weigh .6 oz & the blue one .7 oz. Asking $7 X 3 = $21 plus $4 to mail .... total is $25 delivered. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  10. There's a newish 10ft 7wt Pulse at the big auction site for around $450.
  11. The biggest size being 3/4 ounces?
  12. I spent my Roger High school summers … after double sessions football practice … fishing & catching those Slammers. I never tire of fishing for them. Lots of respect for the mighty Bluefish.
  13. Yes that’s a great fishing life one could easily “take for granted” . Access to the water front / fishing spots is the first challenge and fighting the crowds the next. The solution I found was to get out on the water by first light … and get a small center console boat.
  14. Yeah TFO has quite a spread of fly rods, particularly when one considers the different types offered over the years. What’s true about the company is their price / performance ratio is the best in the biz, warranty / customer support great, and rod builds are decent / acceptable (custom built BVKs are much better than what you get from the Korean factory). I would find a store that carries TFO rods and try (at least handle / wiggle) some out. Otherwise bird dog eBay and / or saltwater fly fishing sites for the 9wt BVK … eventually a TFO will show up … cheap enough to try out. Good luck in your search.
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