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  1. Now that is funny!
  2. Nice comparison piece. I too have the Ross Reels Evolution R Salt in the 9/10 weight version (Platinum) ... way expensive. I did a little buying & selling of another reel (at a profit) and applied it to a new Ross. So I'm into the Ross ER Salt for about $575 (still expensive). And I just sold off a blue Tibor Riptide to offset that $575 (too many reels ... not enough time). I do really like the Ross and it weighs just right on several of my rods. That said ... the Danielsson reels are easily winning the "bang for the buck" wars amongst finely made fly reels. And yeah ... fly lines at $100 bucks are obscene. But I felt that way when they were $50 bucks.
  3. DHL is fine. They have good service & communications with the client recipient overall. It really just depends if some one is around during the expected delivery timeframe.
  4. The differences can be viewed (YouTube videos) at their website. Yes weight (beefier), drag stack, dimensions etc.
  5. I'm sure this set up would be great ... but I went with the Tsunami SaltX 6K reel on my 11 foot TAE rod. It' a little lighter than the Slammer you've mentioned.
  6. I am well pleased with the Danielsson L3W 4seven I recently bought & used this spring. The large arbor design, fit, finish and functionality are excellent, especially for the money. I've had in hand many different reels over the last couple of decades. But I'm at a point in life where I'm keeping only what I consider the best in class and how they "balance out" a fly fishing outfit (rod, reel & fly line). I have old Islanders,Tibors & Billy Pate, a new angle Ross Evolution Salt, a Bauer CFX and now this Danielsson reel. I may get the L3W 7ten for light Striper / Albie fishing (on a 9wt) ... though Bauer CFX5 currently fills that niche. The Danielsson L3W 4seven is a keeper! Perfect on the custom Sage HD Trout Spey rod I lucked into this year. The Danielsson replaced a Bauer CFX3 reel which was pretty sweet as well (but off to eBay with it). And before the Bauer CFX3 I had a Lamson Litespeed G5 which was a nice design (and bought on sale at Sierra Trading Post). The Danielsson L3W 4seven tops them all. In the field (on the river bank) I was able to easily swap out spools with my new L3W. Going from an intermediate to a floating fly line. A very simple operation that I fully appreciate (the Danielsson reel design).
  7. Thanks for the pm ...
  8. I have two new ones in the larger 1.5oz size. Blue back & Green Alewive. $16 a piece plus shipping (either first class or priority mail).
  9. A great reel for sure. Mid range pricing with high end feel. It’s just not sealed which is a cost driver and can be over rated.
  10. Actually it is the lightest reel in its class me thinks. VR75 more of the same.
  11. Yeah that was my question. Given the boat / standup board rigs … I’m thinking back bay somewhere … like Barnaget NJ or Long Island etc.
  12. While not owning either of these rods …. This looks like really good advice. The Sage Maverick rod is well received, highly reviewed, and fits the price point.
  13. My VR50 & 75 look like that with 20lbs test GSP.
  14. One of the biggest challenges when fishing Rhode Island spots, is actual access / parking when getting to those spots. So boats, kayaks, float tubes & wet suits can be good investments. But overall there’s enough access via car or bike to get one onto the water.
  15. As far as surf rod companies go, in terms of no-fault warranty replacement etc., my personal experience with Temple Fork Outfitters has been great. I had two different TFO GIS rods broken in shipment. Then got factory direct (Supply Warehouse) full rod replacements, received within a week or two. I think I just paid shipping costs.