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  1. Thanks again for the interest.
  2. Thanks for the interest. No on the Stella ... a VS VR 50 would be intriguing. But cash is king.
  3. I liked it. Funny dog pic above
  4. I have to say that the Bauer people are very good at product support. So if you have a question about the drag ... give them a call.
  5. So for my SOL Fly Fishing friends I'm offering a "New Old Stock" second generation porting, glossy black Tibor Gulfstream Fly Reel for $500 delivered in these United States. I'll ship internationally but the that's likely to be an additional $50 USD in costs. This unit currently retails at $725. This reel is rigged with 300 yards of 20lbs test Dacron and set for right hand retrieve. It's been lawn cast a few times and is MINT. With this offer you get blank warranty / nameplate paperwork, blank nameplate, box & reel booty - NEW "other" condition. Thanks for looking!
  6. A Tsunami 9'6" Airwave Elite M paired with a Shimano Spheros SW 6000 may be the best all around bang for the buck set up one could assemble at this point in time.... using 30lbs test Power Pro Slick 8 braided line. Just a thought.
  7. About the only thing I would really zoom in on is your Avatar post.
  8. I know this is NOT a useful response .... but bar none the best Peanut Bunker imitations are achieved using Saltwater Flies ... nothing else quite nails the mark. But from a spinning rod point of view Rapala Shads / small Storm rubbers / or Hopkins tins can be effective.
  9. After playing with and fondling most every manner of saltwater reel available today (and yesterday) ... what I have and use ... what I'm left with ... in this order are Tibors (Freestone to Riptides), Islanders (FRs & LXs) and a Bauer (CFX5). That is where I've put my money per my mouthing off. Cheers! ... and Catch a Big One!
  10. Very Good ... the items are sold.
  11. I'll counter with $20 plus First Class shipping or $24 delivered.
  12. I have (from a collection) 2 new in packaging / old stock MegaBait Pencil Poppers to offer for $27 delivered in the USA. These plastic lures have nice detailing and cast very well. They are just at 2 ounces in weight. One sports a Mackerel pattern and the other is a hot Yellow bait fish. Thanks for looking!
  13. My math skills are lacking $78 ... Send your PayPal info when you get a chance. Thanks Tony
  14. HI Herb, Thanks for the deal! I would like the Rio outbound long head floating running line with clear intermediate tips section. In the following ONE each: 6wt. 9wt. 11wt. At $73 for the lot if my math is correct. Tony
  15. In the spring, if you can find a river that supports a spawning run .... you'll really get hooked. In New England find a tidal / river outflow .... like from a salt marsh or salt pond. With the fly rod in hand, doing drifts with Streamers and / or Clousers ... will get you many more Stripers than Sea Robins. Enjoy the journey! Catch a Big One!