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  1. I have a little used (great condition) black Tibor Riptide spool to offer for $150 delivered. Or I'm willing to look at trades for a gold one same condition. This spool is the original porting standard sizing.
  2. No ... just a PB Centerfold will do
  3. The 9 weight BVK blank is much stiffer ... too stiff to be any fun IMO. Why the departure I don't know. Usually 10wt rods (for Tarpon) are a departure point in terms of stiffness. With the TFO BVK it's the 9wt. Read Yellowstone Anglers review of rods ... year in & out they like the BVK 8wt. which is available as a blank. Also you will build a nicer rod then the factory version if you want a larger cork handle and better reel seat, etc.
  4. I would get a TFO BVK 9ft 8wt. 4 piece blank and build on that. They warrant the product against breakage and the rod is often recognized as a best casting value in an 8wt. I would not recommend the 9wt blank.
  5. Deceivers .... when built right they have that "oh so subtle" undulation that seduces a strike. I do prefer flat wing deceivers ... but Classic Lefty Deceivers work as well (all the same). I'll fish these in 3 basic "flavors" . Black @ night, Chartruese & White @ change of light and Natural colors when the light is up. By "Natural" the fly would be a mosaic of pastel colored buck-tail over white. A touch of yellow, light blue, and light olive on top. I've tied these with just buck-tail on top / top wing ... but recently decided that for most ties peacock herl makes that pattern better. My last Spring time Striper (two days ago) ... was caught on just such a pattern.
  6. There is a fan base here at SOL for the NXG-93. And I'll say up front that I'm one of them. If money is a non-issue ($350) ... the ODM Genesis rod(s) are as good or better than most. Some people prefer a 70/30 or 60/40 rod split over the 50/50 with the Genesis series. I've found there's NO difference in action or feel really ... and like the improved portability of a 50/50 rod. The ODM Genesis NXG-3 with a Shimano Saragosa SW 6k is near perfect in my mind. I'd have that reel spooled with 30lbs test braid and go to work / surf or jetty. I'm using a Van Staal VR125 / 150 on my NXG-93 .... the sizing is the same as the Gosa SW 6K. That said ... nothing wrong with a Tsunami AE 96-2M ... or an ODM DNA-935 or DNA-82. For Back Bay & Albies the ODM DNA-82 could be the perfect rod but with a lighter smaller reel. So without over thinking this ... get the ODM Genesis 93 .. slap that GOSA SW 6K on it and have fun all season fishing the hell out of it. Good Luck!
  7. I gotta say I'm impressed with this recipe / process reply. Nuke em made my laugh. I'd be challenged though with the "building a mold" part of this recycling formula. Thanks for the comment.
  9. Interesting ... I've bought some and haven't tried it. So I guess I should keep it and try it out. Thanks. Lee Wulff Triangular Taper "Bass" taper which is a 28 foot head I believe. Simply put it's the best casting floating line I've found ... albeit by happy accident.
  10. So I found the name of this fly and some instruction as to how it's tied. Some Aussies call it the DNA HOLO Ghost. Because I suppose DNA Hollow Fusion Fiber is used. It's a pretty easy tie. You make a football shape or half of one ... you drape fibers and glue them in with Soft TEX or Flex UV epoxy. It's a very effective fly with great shape, swims well and catches fish. I would call them Caspers (the user friendly HOLO Ghost) ... for short. FYI
  11. Okay I'll accept that offer. A personal check that clears and the rod is shipped .... or send a Postal Money Order and I'll ship upon receipt. I'll PM to you payment details and address, etc.
  12. I am offering a St Croix Tidemaster Travel rod for $175 delivered. This is a lightly used rod in excellent condition as the pictures show. This Medium Heavy Fast rod throws lures up to 1.5 ounces. It's a versatile rod, well built and beefy in the butt. MSRP is $260 new. Made in the USA. Thanks for the interest and Catch a Big One!
  13. Also I am getting early next week a Scott L2H 11 foot 6wt to employ on Spring time Schooligan Stripers. They (Scott) rates the rod using Skagit & Spey line lingo ... so maybe I'll give some a try. But out of the gate I'll be using RIO Outbound, for sure.
  14. I've been fishing a LOT with a 10ft 6wt Sage XP ... also with a Sage Z Axis 11ft 6wt. On both I use RIO Outbound lines both Short (30ft head / 265 grain) & regular Outbound that has I think a 35 foot head / 275 grain (on the Z Axis). I have no need or desire to try out Skagits and such. Both rods cast well with the Outbound lines ... or Wulff Triangular Taper Intermediates. Sorry if this was not much help. Catch a Big One!
  15. Sorry for the inconvenience but I'm going to close this thread. I took pics of the rod and started comparing it to other set ups I have ... I've decide it's a keeper. Should make for a really nice boat plugging rod. Thanks or you interest. Thread is closed.