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  1. I guess so. You sure have a lot more done than I would dream of. We have some very similar pieces. You've taken it to the next level.
  2. I like the style. This is still child's play though. I'll post mine when the roses and banners are over your heart like mine are. That needle on the collarbone separates men from whiners.
  3. Just watch out for the rocks at high tide like Tlacey21walden said.
  4. Why don't you just give the poor guy a sabiki?
  5. I got an electrician out here this morning. The main breaker from the meter was arcing and fried. They replaced the entire panel.
  6. For the past week or so I've been experiencing some electrical anomalies around the house. The power has been randomly going out. The house has a generator on an automatic transfer switch which takes over and everything is fine until the power "comes back on". We have reported the outage to the power company who sent a ping to the meter and told us there was power at the meter. The have come out twice and changed connectors on the transformer and checked out the meter. When things are running normally, the utility side of transfer switch shows 240 volts. When the generator takes over, the utility side still shows 120V. The strange thing is that turning on the clothing dryer (220V) restores utility power to the house whenever it is out and the load is transferred back from the generator to the meter. Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting?
  7. Have fun tomorrow boys. I wish I could make it.
  8. I just traded my Ford for another at 197k. All my Fords have outlasted the Dodge and Chevy that I have owned, both body and mechanical.
  9. I wish I could join you but it's just too far of a drive now.
  10. Tell them not to let their coolers near their rod tips. Pro advice.
  11. That would be amazing. I'd love to see it with my own eyes.
  12. Stop fighting and start fishing!
  13. A chart plotter is definitely recommended. As someone said, launch an hour before dead low to learn the river. Be careful of the old training wall. You can see it at low tide but not at high.
  14. Good looking out! I caught this huge rainbow today.
  15. I won't be around either. Too much to do too soon. Enjoy it though, boys.