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  1. So, the Pubs got rid of the Rino's and the Dem's inherited a new group of DINO's. Is this a bad thing? Someone must have planned this, it can't be just happenstance and good fortune
  2. From what I read, everything was backed on government servers as it should be... Everything is archived.
  3. Examples? I'm asking because I think you are being delusional. None of us think our gun rights are privileges....
  4. Not when it's a simple case of black and white.... but even there, you see grey where there is no grey. You are a lost cause. Conversations with you are akin to conversations with a brick wall. It's an exercise in futility.
  5. More information is needed. We know Hillary broke laws. We know nothing illicit about Ivanka's activities. At least not yet. The Trump's to date have not displayed the hubris we have seen from team Obama/Clinton. My initial reaction to this is that it will turn out like all previous hair on fire incidences. Much ado about nothing.
  6. You have either not been paying attention or you lack the ability to absorb information. This thread is full of examples.
  7. I don't see any arms getting twisted.... As long as they can grow at home, I have no issue with stupid people giving away their money. It's just like the lottery. It's a tax on stupidity. Pot can be grown in a closet.... easily!
  8. Feminized seed just means the seedlings will most likely result in female plants. They will get pollinated if a male is close by and seeds will be produced.
  9. Almost nothing is known yet but that won't stop them from conclusions.... That's usually their downfall. Not once has one of these "Breaking Stories" turned out to have any substance.... In the old days, journalists would investigate it all first and then report their findings. Today, they persecute first, retract later.
  10. Is it possible they were coyote hunting? Racoon hunting? Some game are legal to hunt at night.