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  1. Saw an article with a discussion of Caniglia v Strom. Thought this was a nice summary of what we got done. Red Flag Laws can kiss my ass!
  2. 99+% were already doing that before the vaccine.
  3. Oxymoron if there ever was one.
  4. Who thinks there was an error? It was intentional, it was fraud, deceit, criminal conspiracy.
  5. Save your fantasies for your PM group......
  6. whether it makes sense or not.
  7. But it helps pay the bills here on SOL Almost 140 views per hour is not a bad click count
  8. Can anyone give a plausible explanation as to how the "verified and approved" stamp ended up over printed by the arrow on the form itself? The printer needed someone to proof his counterfeits but he was pressed for time. That's my explanation... It's just a printing error by the outfit hired to make fake ballots.
  9. Simple answer: We don't and we won't for years. I predict cancer, heart attacks and strokes (in a younger population than previously recorded) will skyrocket...
  10. Show us the reinfection rate for those who are unvaccinated.... Sans that, there's no proof of reinfection. The reinfections are of the vaccinated and those with only one shot or if they got the shot within the last 14 days, they are considered unvaccinated.
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