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  1. I betting it's an iPhone.
  2. Funniest thing is, some here actually believed him
  3. They will probably allow him to turn himself in.
  4. My money is on Kamala Harris as the coach.
  5. That says all that needs to be said. The reason political avatars are verboten is to keep them from the rest of the site. If "most people have no idea what it is" why should anyone in the PG be penalized from using it when outside this forum, "most people have no idea what it is"? This question begs for an answer? Tim?
  6. I agree When the whining lasts this long, you know the nerve center was a direct hit.
  7. He did not do this on his own. He has not been charged yet because more are involved and the police are still investigating exactly who those others are. I'd bet apples to bananas it's some of those elite Dems he''s so close to. Major FUBAR to be exposed soon if I were a betting man. Check his whereabouts with his phone for the weeks before the incident. Check his calls, texts, emails and computer history going back a couple months. No doubt they can ensnare a handful of conspirators....
  8. The tenor of the SCOTUS seems to have changed significantly. Hopefully, we'll see a lot more of this going forward. Can't wait to see them decide upon WOTUS
  9. 18 states are asking NY to drop it's gun suit. LOL They know where that's headed.
  10. Did a little fact checking.... 1996
  11. Photos of the boat and bell from the JFK library So much for that.... From the movie White Squall... that's where the quote comes from.
  12. I was just reading u on that and the author said that it could not be substantiated. Now I'm looking for the article and can't find it. Grrr.... Do you have a reference?
  13. Finally! A ruling for the people and Ginsburg wrote it! I'm glad she's back! She wrote two actually.... the other will soon follow in another thread. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/18pdf/17-1091_5536.pdf