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  1. Hand out chalk and mark the crap out of all the tires. Make a mess of them.
  2. He keeps it in the coop with the chickens...
  3. Carter Page was working with the CIA.....
  4. I take it my sarcasm was a bit obscure.....
  5. Can't find them on the chart.... am I looking in the wrong area?
  6. The storm has been here gathering strength for months. Started as cloudy skies and then rain. Now a squall is forming..... I'm waiting for the tornadoes along the outer edge to form and start wreaking havoc as they careen inward taking out swaths of wrongdoers in their paths.
  7. Turnabout is fair play. Remember that next time he turns the tables and spare us the hypocrisy.
  8. Shoes on the other foot and it feels uncomfortable. Go figure....